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  1. Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100! Never thought I'd see an idol contestant reach that again.
  2. Ugh I always thought she was one of the best country singers the show has produced.
  3. Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine, Pia Gabby was really underrated on IDF but is now winning
  4. Season 11 was honestly stacked... the entire Top 7 had something going for them.
  5. The album is so good I'm shocked! It debuted at #27 on the BB200 and #4 on The Country albums chart. Much better than any idol contestants in recent memory! I Hope is now 2x Platinum... I wonder if it could possibly match Phillip's "Home" at 4x Platinum.
  6. 1. Jessica Sanchez 2. Jena Irene 3. Adam Lambert 4. Katharine McPhee 5. Lauren Alaina 6. Bo Bice 7. David Archuleta 8. Diana DeGarmo 9. Clay Aiken 10. Arthur Gunn 11. Blake Lewis 12. Kree Harrison 13. Crystal Bowersox 14. Clark Beckham 15. Justin Guarini 16. Caleb Lee Hutchinson 17. La'Porsha Renae 18. Alejandro Aranda
  7. 1. Candice Glover 2. Carrie Underwood 3. Kelly Clarkson 4. Jordin Sparks 5. Kris Allen 6. David Cook 7. Trent Harmon 8. Fantasia 9. Just Sam 10. Phillip Phillips 11. Nick Fradiani 12. Ruben Studdard 13. Caleb Johnson 14. Maddie Poppe 15. Scotty McCreery 16. Laine Hardy 17. Lee DeWyze 18. Taylor Hicks
  8. Natalie said she would go on Big Brother, I'm 100% here for that
  9. if EOE remains it really should be done no later than final 10... that would give that last returning player an actual chance to play.
  10. Natalie & Michele on making Final 3 on both of their season Sarah so close.. I think she would have won if she beat Tony in the fire challenge... amazing game otherwise.
  11. 1. Natalie Anderson (=) 2. Sarah Lacina (=) 3. Michele Fitzgerald (=) 4. Sandra Diaz-Twine (=) 5. Sophie Clarke (+4) 6. Kim Spradlin (-1) 7. Parvati Shallow (-1) 8. Tony Vlachos (+5) - great game but I was so close to having my original Top 3 as the actual Top 3 9. Jeremy Collins (-2) 10. Yul Kwon (=) 11. Ethan Zohn (+6) 12. Danni Boatwright (-4) 13. Denise Stapley (-2) 14. Nick Wilson (=) 15. Ben Driebergen (+1) 16. Tyson Apostol (+2) 17. Amber Mariano (-5) 18. Adam Klein (-3) 19. Wendell Holland (=) 20. Rob Mariano (=)
  12. You can say the exact same thing for the entire Top 11 though... in the end they made the decision to come on this show and are aware of the potential outcomes.
  13. I think she has talked too much sh*t about Idol and will likely not get invited back. They have been treating Laine very similarly but he has kept quiet so far.
  14. not sure why Alejandro is being used as an example of success, even Maddie & Laine have more monthly Spotify listeners than him.
  15. damn I didn't realize Julia just got one of the lowest scores of the season Have we had anyone in past seasons get a performance in both the Top & bottom 10 of the season?
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