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  1. I know Nikki tried to apologize on twitter publicly, the tweets are out there I believe.
  2. Yeah I saw this and was expecting her to say something
  3. It was the 2 unreleased songs she did with Esjay Jones, "Indestructible" and "Crash N Burn"... I used to listen to these years ago and one of them came into my head a few days ago and I just couldn't figure out what it was, took me a while to even remember it was a Pia song. But found it now
  4. anyone remember many years ago back when she was still with Interscope (I think?) she performed 2 new unreleased songs on stage? Just trying to find them or remember them but I can't Edit: Found what I was looking for:
  5. The Good Ones moves up to #77 (+23) on the Hot 100!
  6. The Good Ones is now her 3rd Hot 100 entry! Debuted at #100, hope it keeps rising.
  7. Gabby just got her 2nd BB Hot 100 entry, "The First Noel" debuts at #78!
  8. Yes I'm aware, Kelly is also very inflated right now because of her Christmas song, and Gabby + Lauren Alaina are too with their current hits. But I like to look at listeners since they actually listen to the music, whereas followers don't necessarily mean they are listening. I tihnk I'll update the list in a few months to see how things have changed.
  9. So I was bored yesterday and decided to go through Spotify, as I was curious to see which finalists out of them all have the most monthly Spotify listeners. Here are the Top 20 Idol contestants that currently have the most listeners: Kelly Clarkson – 29,852,243 Carrie Underwood – 6,643,385 Gabby Barrett – 4,754,638 Jordin Sparks – 4,161,482 Adam Lambert – 3,818,707 Lauren Alaina – 3,626,404 Haley Reinhart – 2,703,438 Phillip Phillips – 2,598,454 David Archuleta – 2,572,521 Chris Daughtry – 2,508,672 Scotty McCreery – 2,02
  10. I Hope is up two spot to #3 on the Hot 100. That's incredible!!
  11. The Good Ones is #29 on country radio and is climbing (very slowly).
  12. I Hope is up to #5 on the Hot 100 She also broke the record for longest climb to the Top 5, with 45 weeks One of the most successful post-idol single for sure.
  13. I Hope is up to #6 on the Hot 100
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