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  1. I think it's between Karen, Nathan, Madison, and Bryan. Probably Karen honestly. Nathan could get it too considering he is John's tco, and has the highest numbers out of everyone so far.
  2. I agree completely about this. I think part of my issue with her was also her enunciation which made it hard to understand. I had trouble with that.
  3. My top faves 1. Asher 2. Karen 3. Nathan 4. Mafe 5. Bryan 6. L 7. Madison 8. Zoe 9. Maddi 10. Kyle Really like a lot 11. Tae 12. Nadege 13. Josh 14. Anya 15. Jackie 16. Serenity Solid 17. Olivia 18. RLetto Don't care for Mister Borings. 19. J&J 20. Kamalei
  4. I was thinking of Fluttershy because of their personality
  5. Happy she made it through! Perfect song for her and she slayed as always. Maybe she could have a career in country music if she wanted?
  6. Val, Gene, Dani, Alyssa, and Frank were the most disappointing for me because they all deserved to be in the playoff. I enjoyed their knockouts quite a lot. It hurt a lot losing them in the knockout rounds. Gene and Val deserved to stay on John's team. Imagine if John had Val, Gene, and Mafe/Nathan/Bryan top 3. That would have been super strong and would be similar to Parijita, Kim, and Omar top 3.
  7. Best knockout for me: Val Best pairing for me: Val/Nathan I would give the knockout rounds an A.
  8. 1. Triston - He's already won the show and he's very consistent. 2. Abi - She's the best vocalist and who the producers are pimping to win the show. 3. McKenna - I think it's clear that the producers wants her in the finale as they are pimping her and giving her great slots. 4. Will - He could make the finale if he stays consistent. However he's falling behind on Facebook lately but I think he's making the top 5 regardless, so he lands here. 5. Emmy - She is Loretta's granddaughter and Minivan loves her enough to make the top 5. The producers are pimping her enough for her to make it this far. 6. KB - I think she's also one of the producers favorites. She's getting enough pimping from them but I don't see her making top 5 or finale. 7. Mia - I think the producers seems to love her so far and is getting great edits. She's been very consistent, and if she stays consistent she might have a shot of making the finale. 8. Julia - She's getting lots of pimping from the producers. I think they are trying to push her to make the top 5, but I don't think Minivan agrees with the pimping. She lands here in top 8. 9. Kayko - I'm not sure how much the producers loves him or not, but he could go far. However I think Minivan and casual fans are growing tired of his originals. At some point he's going to have to do covers to get Minivan fully on board with him. There are grandmas saying they want him to sing covers. Even a lot of people are waiting for that. 10. Roman - He's got a shot of making the top 10 if he delivers a fantastic performance and enough pimping. However I don't see him going further than that. 11. Jack - I don't know honestly? He sounds the same on every song with different lyrics. I think people are growing very tired of him. I'm not sure if the producers wants him in the top 10 or not. He is going to have to bring something new to the table because right now Triston and Will are the favorites of the guys with guitars. 12. Jayna - I think she lands here because I see her lasting one more week with votes. She won't get past top 12 no matter how talented or how well she performs. People aren't digging her style. 13. Nya - She is a great arranger, but let's be real. She has zero chances of getting voted through. Minivan just doesn't like her or her arrangements. They won't recognize her style or what she does. And they are calling her a screamer too. 14. Jordan - He is very talented, but has no shot of getting through. He was voted out by fans, and they aren't going to vote for him over their favorites.
  9. 1. Abi Carter - Abi is someone I will never give constructive criticisms to because she never disappoints. This was her best performance and the best performance of the season I've heard this season! That was such perfection and flawless performance and she sang that with ease. Really angelic and beautiful. And her belts? Yes ma'am! I love her belts as it sounds powerful and angelic at the same time. She deserves to win the show. I threw all my shoes for this and my wigs were snatched. This was a perfect song choice for her voice and she slayed it. Very ear pleasing. She reminds me of one of my favorite characters from My Little Pony. 2. McKenna Faith Breinholt - McKenna keeps on delivering her best performances of the season throughout her run. This woman so far hasn't disappointed. She knows what she's doing. That was stunning! She's also great at belting when she needs to on some songs she's done as well. I love seeing different sides of her. I also love this song! 3. Julia Gagnon - Loved this song choice! She honestly deserves to be in the finale. Perfect song choice and she slayed that! That was really fun from her. You better sang! 4. Mia Matthews - She is growing a lot this season. Very consistent throughout her run. If she stays consistent, she could make the finale. She chose a perfect song for her voice at the right time. I think she's also peeking at the right time as well. 5. KB Richens - KB is awesome! This is a great song choice and I loved seeing her rock out. This was really different to see from her which I loved. This was honestly my favorite from her. 6. Roman Collins - This is the best performance Roman has done so far. Perfect song choice at the right time. He delivered that flawlessly and had me up on my feet. I felt like he took me to church. 7. Triston Harper - He is growing every week a lot. Always solid, but he is much more solid than Will the past few weeks. I loved the song choice for Triston. He deserves to go far and could win the show. This was also his best performance of the night. He knows who he is and what he's doing. He isn't one of my favorites, but I am rooting for him to go far and wouldn't mind if he made finale. 8. KAYKO - What a great songwriter and arranger! He's very creative and I really love his song. It's so emotional and I could relate. This was his best he's done so far. I'm not sure if he will make the top 5 or not because producers. 9. Jayna Elise - This was honestly Jayna's best performance she's done so far. She has a lot of balls taking on Paramore. It still isn't as good as Abi's version of it but still amazing. I respect how she goes for risky song choices that are out of her lane. 10. Emmy Russell - I love her song! I'm a big fan of Emmy. This wasn't my favorite performance from her, but she still sounded fantastic regardless. I could honestly see her making the finale if she keeps picking smart song choices. She's radio ready and very marketable. Loretta would be proud of her. I'm rooting for her and excited to see her next performances. 11. Will Moseley - This is a great song that he wrote. He's a great songwriter and he's always solid. Great performance and he could make finale if he gets back on track with Minivan. 12. Nya - I love Nya and her arrangements! I honestly didn't like the song for her, but loved the arrangement of it. I didn't think this was her best but could have done better. There were definitely parts that I really loved from Nya and she deserved to move forward. 13. Jack Blocker - This was much better than his Sunday's performance. It was a better song, but I needed more. He sounds the same on every song with different lyrics. I need him to do something challenging. He needs to dig deeper and challenge himself because he is doing exactly what Nick Fradiani did. 14. Jordan Anthony - Jordan is really good and has a wonderful tone. I think this was better than his Sunday's performance. I wasn't in love with it, there were parts that I loved in the song.
  10. Top 14 Reveal Template Quintavious - Make It Happen by Mariah Carey - 8 McKenna Faith Breinholt - Tumbleweed by Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl - 10 Jordan Anthony - Attention by Charlie Puth - 7 Jack Blocker - Feeling Whitney by Post Malone - 7.5 Kennedy Reid - Somethin' Bad by Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood - 2 Jennifer Jeffries - All I Want by Kodaline - 7 Ajii - Call Out My Name by The Weekend - 9.8 Mia Matthews - Burning House by Cam - 10 Kayko - What If? by Himself - 10 Nya - Water by Tyla - 8.5 Will Moseley - Gone For Good by Himself - 9.4 Abi Carter - My Mind by Yebba - 10 Odell Bunton Jr. - Wait On You by Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music - 10 KB Richens - Zombies by The Cranberries - 10 Mackenzie Sol - False Alarms by Lawrence ft. Jon Bellion - 9.4 Emmy Russell - Skinny by Herself - 9.5 Julia Gagnon - Need A Favor by Jelly Roll - 10 Jayna Elise - All I Wanted by Paramore - 10 Triston Harper - 'Til You Can't by Cody Johnson - 10 Roman Collins - It's A Man's Man's Man's World by James Brown - 10
  11. Knockouts - Episode 2 Maddi Jane - New Rules - 9.8 Kamalei Kawa'a - All of me - 3.5 Gene Taylor - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - 10 Mafe - Almost Is Never Enough - 9.8 Karen Waldrup - Georgia Rain - 10 Ducote Talmage - She Got the Best of Me - 7 Justin and Jeremy Garcia - You Are the Reason - 7.8 Zeya Rae - River - 8 Alyssa Crosby - I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues - 10 RLetto - Stay - 8.5 Jackie Romeo - Love On the Brain - 9 Zoe Levert - Cowboy Take Me Away - 10
  12. Glad Emmy made it! She did great on her performance!
  13. Congrats McKenna! She slayed as always!
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