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  1. Thanks! I loved her performances so much.
  2. Add me please! She is a queen! But her videos aren't available for me....
  3. I will say that I am not a big fan of Kenzie but he is a talented artist so I give my congrats to him on making it this far and made it to second place. He should be very proud of himself and I respect him. I hope Kelly will help him after the show and I'm sure he will grow and get better. Good luck to him and I hope people continue to support him even if they aren't a fan of him.
  4. Congrats Victor on making it to the finale! That was an awesome run and he should be proud.
  5. Add me please! I wasn't a big fan of him before but loved his playoff performance, semi performance, and finale performance. He was a big surprise for me. He did great making it to third place so congrats on making it this far.
  6. I want to give Rachel my congrats on making it this far to fourth place. I do wish she was second place but fourth isn't that bad. I am very proud of her and she should be proud of making it this far. I can't wait to see what she does next and maybe more collab with Nick.
  7. Congrats Cam! I'm really proud of you on winning. Very well deserved.
  8. I would pay to go see Cam, Dana, Gihanna, Zae, Rachel, shockingly Jordan, Savanna, Corey, Victor, Ryleigh, Zania, Pia, Raine, Anna Grace, Bradley, Lindsay, Denisha, Carolina, Deion, Durell, Ciana, Rio, Ainae, Halley, and Gean live.
  9. As much as I love John I think he needs a break to refresh since he only had one win so far and hasn't won after that. I want to see Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Miley return. It could be cool if Kelly Rowland gets asked to join too. I would love to see Kelsea Ballerini coach for a season or two if Kelly does decide to leave. But if Blake leaves I'd love to see Dolly take over but I think some Blakers would want Kane Brown.
  10. Whoa I love Cam's duet studio! They both sounded really epic! Best duet studio I've heard this season so far. Chills.
  11. OMG Cam did AMAZING in both rounds! He was the best of the night in both rounds. TPTB really wants Cam to win so they pimped the hell out of him. Congrats to Cam on winning The Voice and being the most viewed and liked. I'm gonna vote really hard for him.
  12. OMG YES YES YES he got the best song choices! I love his uptempo song and his ballad the best. They really are setting Cam up to win aren't they?
  13. He could get Stand Up song which should give him another big moment.
  14. I can't wait! No matter what songs he gets he'll do amazing! Maybe he'll get Stand Up?
  15. Grace was AMAZING tonight! I loved her performances and she had the best performances of the night for me in every rounds she was in. She is a winner to all of us. Congrats to the other two. Grace is better off being in third as she's free.
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