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  1. Add me please! He kinda reminds me of Noah Mac in a way.
  2. Add me please! She gives me Rose Short vibes for some reason. She could make finale with the right songs.
  3. Add me please! He gives me Thunderstorm vibes. He sounds like he could go really far.
  4. Add me please! I'm excited for this season and his tone is so gorgeous. Thunderstorm vibes maybe?
  5. Carter was amazing last night! Same with Desz as they both had the best cover and original performances of the night for me. I think Carter is obviously winning based on how popular he is and he seems to be ahead of everyone again? Gave me chills. I'm still voting for them until voting ends so I'm pulling an allnighter. Good luck to the others too. I wish everyone the best.
  6. Agreed I will vote for both of them! I like John Holiday's original too and his cover sounds great. I'll give him a few and the other 2 the most votes.
  7. Desz sounds incredible on both songs. Perfect for her voice! She and Carter seem to be the most pimped by TPTB from what it looks like.
  8. Carter has the best song choices tonight and he sounds fantastic! I loved Desz's too but Carter is winning and deserves it.
  9. Add me please! Her tone is gorgeous and she got robbed.
  10. Add me please! I love her tone! And happy birthday Maelyn or late birthday?
  11. I love Desz! Add me please.
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