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  1. Thank you! I tend to stay away from that and hang around the fan threads and yeah I believe in her. Tons of potential in there and she's gonna go far. I wished she was a 4 chair turn.
  2. Add me please! Gihanna and Halley was incredible! I loved the song choice for Gihanna but the song didn't suit Halley though Halley did awesome too and hit that whistle note. i fear Gihanna won't make finale when Kenzie is there as we get a country artist in the finale every season. She still deserves to make semis though and hopefully finale. She gave me Kennedy vibes.
  3. Zae was AMAZING! Best battle of the season for me. Zae deserves to be in the finale based on that battle alone and that song choice was genius! I am slayed. Lindsay was great too but Zae rightfully won that. He's my pick to win the whole thing.
  4. Amazing! She gives me Addison vibes.
  5. I suggested some songs from tiktok for Zae to sing on the show like Jealous by Nick Jonas could impress Nick, Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald, Amazing Grace, I would also love to hear him sing Godspeed, Let It Go by James Bay, I Am Changing by Jennifer Hudson or that song could be for Gihanna, Golden, Piece By Piece, Home from The Wiz, Home by Michael Buble, Blackbird by The Beatles, pretty much anything really.
  6. Add me please! She was incredible! Best of the night for me.
  7. Add me please! She sounds like she could be a dark horse.
  8. Add me please! Her tone is hella gorgeous!
  9. Holy crap that sounded incredible! I loved the song choice for her voice and she had me standing the whole time and I felt drawn in and mesmerized by her gorgeous tone. I had chills and I was throwing my shoes and wigs. As much as I loved Chloe's version of this I prefer Anna's. She did something different with it. I'd love it if she recorded a full version of that song. There was a slight nerves but other than that it was perfection.
  10. I agree yeah I mean Kennedy started off shaky and nervous but still turned 4 chairs and Gihanna should have been a 4 chair turn. I did the same when performing like this. Performing in front of coaches can be nerve wracking to anyone. I don't think anyone should try to be perfect. Starting off nervous can help them grow and improve in the later rounds just like with Kennedy.
  11. Add me please! Her audition was perfection! Started off really strong from beginning, to middle, to end. I didn't feel any nervous or shakiness from her. She gave me Kennedy Holmes vibes and has a finale kind of voice but I'm scared for her because of Kenzie is a country singer.
  12. Add me please! She has an angelic voice.
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