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  1. I loved all of them but I voted Somewhere as my top favorite performance. That was my all time favorite from her ever.
  2. For me it would be all of his performances but I voted Rhythm Nation because it was the most entertaining for me. It's hard to sing and dance at the same time.
  3. That is honestly hard to choose from because I loved all of them but I voted Hallelujah though all of her performances are my number one favorites.
  4. I think it would be between Jordan, Maelyn, Chris Blue, Girl Named Tom, and Danielle with Jordan winning and Maelyn second. If I were TPTB Maelyn would be my number 1 favorite so I would have pimped the crap out of her and bus everyone lmfao.
  5. I think is this actually true honestly. I think at the beginning they wanted an Ariana win but if things didn't work out Wendy was their second choice and if that didn't work out then Girl Named Tom was their third choice. They were pretty dominant throughout so maybe Wendy ended up being the next choice if they ended up not winning? I don't really know honestly. I think they were their top 2 and my grandparents and parents thought Ariana started flopping hard in the lives. I did like Holly's song choices better than the others on Ariana's team but it wasn't enough to keep her around. Holly needed better song choices that appealed to the demo which none of them did except for her blind. I think if they want an african american female to win they would need a lot more pimping than ever and would have to be more appealing to the demo all around and dominating. I hope it happens at some point but they need to be appealing to minivan I guess. They view all of them as screamers.
  6. I watch the show with my whole family and close friends and their families watch it too and everyone likes to vote. We all gave Wendy like 9999999999999999 billion votes on every single emails. We did the same for all of our favorites. I live in a big family with a lot of siblings and have a lot of cousins yeah. We tend to watch it on tv, then I will post comments basing it off from tv and not from youtube about how well they sang and then vote as soon as possible staying up all night until voting ends. My grandparents are Team Minivan and they wanted Wendy and Girl Named Tom to end up with a tie in votes. They loved both of them equally and loved Hailey, Jershika, and Paris too. They all loved Joshua too and my dad predicted that Joshua would end up winning. He even predicted Maelyn, Cam, Chris Blue, Lauren Duski to win it all as well. My grandparents loved Kyla, Dana, and so many powerhouses and loves country too but prefers big vocals. My parents loved Holly but hated her top 10 performance but loved her instant save performance while my grandparents loved her Last Dance performance and thought she was having fun.
  7. I hope that her surgery goes well for her! She should ignore the haters calling her a professional cause she really never had a successful career that people make her out to be. We are so lucky we got her on the show and it makes me sad that she was an undiscovered talent. I consider every single contestants as professionals and not amateurs.
  8. Congrats to Girl Named Tom on the win! They earned it. They all earned it. I wish the top 8 was the finale and having 5 winners cause all 5 of the finalists are deserving of the win. I was shocked and happy for them!
  9. Congrats on getting third place Paris! What a amazing ride this was!
  10. Me too! I got in more than 9999999999 billion votes last night and was up all night so now I'm incredibly so tired and exhausted and still awake.
  11. Wendy SLAYED both of her song choices! Holy shit I was in awe and had chills all over my body and soul. Both performances were just perfection with no flaws. Perfect song choices for her too and perfect timing in the finale. Good luck Wendy! She might end up winning it all but Girl Named Tom could take the win too. Can we just make it a tie and have them both as winners instead please? Is that possible for votes to end up in a tie?
  12. I loved Paris tonight! He nailed them and brought his A game.
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