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  1. I mean to be fair, your nominations were very specifically targeted at Elliott
  2. I see how it’s going to be from now on
  3. Do you? I’ve seen your faves
  4. 1. Parvati Shallow (+1) - Her confessionals, that smirk during tribal when she was about to blindside Natalie. I friggin' live for her on my TV again. 2. Sandra Diaz-Twine (-1) - Sandra was typical Sandra, though the whole scene of her getting the Idol from Natalie killed me. 3. Nick Wilson - Nick came off looking fairly good after this episode. I think he's positioning himself well for this season. 4. Ethan Zohn (+1) - Ethan looking like a gd hero, like always. 5. Ben Driebergen (-1) - Oh Ben, such a rookie move but it was entertaining and part of the reason I like him. 6. Sophie Clark (+3) - Sophie seems to be playing smart too. I remembered why I liked her when I saw her strategizing. 7. Michele Fitzgerald (-1) - Michele was basically invisible this episode, so she drops one, but hopefully we get more of her (not likely with Jeff around). 8. Denise Stapley (+3) - Just the whole going to tribal then not going to tribal storyline was great, plus her friendship with Adam. 9. Yul Kwon (+6) - Despite being out of the scene for years, Yul is bringing his A game. I'm excited to see what he does this season. 10. Boston Rob (+8) - WHAT A JUMP. Solely for his scenes with Parvati. I'm sure next week he'll be insufferable again, what with Amber being voted out and all. 11. Danni Boatwright (-4) - Even with her epic conflict with Rob, she didn't make much of an impact on me so she drops over people who got more screen time, but I'm sure we'll see more from her. 12. Adam Klein (-4) - He made some amateur mistakes too this week, but aligning with Denise was probably smart. 13. Amber Mariano (+6) - Some of her confessionals and the story behind her playing again won me over before she got the boot. I was actually rooting for her to stay over Kim tbh. 14. Natalie Anderson (-2) - She got played, hard. It seemed like her and Jeremy did nothing to try and strategize with the others and it bit her in the butt. Though her scenes of EoE won me over. 15. Jeremy Collins (-2) - He's going to be insufferable now that Natalie is gone. There really is two sides to Jeremy and I have a feeling having his closest ally voted out will bring out the other side that I don't like. 16. Wendall Holland (+1) - He moves up but only because other people moved down. He really didn't do much this episode. 17. Sarah Lacina (-3) - Every time she was on screen, I wanted her to go away, so I don't think I'm going to be rooting for her this season. She just reminded me how bitter I still am over GC. 18. Tyson Apostol (-7) - Oof, that "poker alliance" edit did not do him any favours. He came off sounding like he had no idea how to strategize and like he was cornered. He might be out of his league, but maybe now that Amber is gone they'll leave him alone. 19. Tony Vlachos (+1) - I mean, I don't like Tony, but his dilemma between being chill and annoying was kind of amusing. He really has zero chill. 20. Kim Spradlin (-4) - Yikes. I didn't like Kim to begin with but that edit during tribal made her seem desperate. Definitely my least favourite player this week.
  5. And people wonder why I nominated all women for so many rounds
  6. Carly Rae Jepsen would like A WORD
  7. Literally what I just said to him
  8. Dmitry Chaplin Dmitry was a ballroom dancer during the show’s second season. He was eliminated at the Top 10, but not before dancing with several of the female dancers that season. His first two weeks he danced a hip-hop and Samba with Joy Spears. They were safe the first week but in the Bottom 3 the second week and Joy went home. In the third week, he danced a Waltz with Wally’s favourite dancer Aleksandra Unfortunately, they were in the Bottom 3 after that and the judges didn’t recognize Aleksandra’s brilliant solo and sent her home. For the next two weeks he danced with Hip-hop dancer Ashlee Nino. The two of them danced a Contemporary and a Pop routine. They were in the Bottom 3 after the Contemporary but safe after the Pop Routine and sailed into the Top 10. Once he made the Top 10, he danced with Donyelle. They danced a Lindy Hop and Samba that were pretty good. In fact, I liked most of Dmitry’s routines but it was clear he was fodder in that Top 10, so the next night he was in the Bottom 4 again and sent home after his fourth trip there. Dmitry has gone on to choreograph lots of routines on the show, including Chelsie and Joshua’s Tango in Season 4. He’s also been a pro on DWTS, with his most memorable appearance being Season 9, when he placed 2nd with Mya. I’m glad Dmitry found success after the show, since I liked him during the season even if he stumbled along the way. I truly only chose to eliminate him because he was my least favourite of the remaining four but I do like him, but this placement is a good one for him even if I like some of the people left less than him. Save: Edson Juarez
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