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  1. K but where’s your Paris writeup?
  2. I have complete faith that @totes4totes will choose the right Rihanna song to advance
  3. Just a hundred words and a picture but feel free to use more words or multiple pictures or videos.
  4. c’mon @1234567890 and @Zoey we wanna start the final round! If anyone else wants to do Paris or Pia’s write ups, feel free.
  5. I was debating choosing something less popular to make sure it advances but it would be tragedy if this song didn’t advance to the final round so I’m advancing... B*tch Better Have My Money
  6. I mean it’s the best song from AGLM but I also didn’t have a lot of options by the time I got around to making my cut and save.
  7. don’t count on Zoey to give her a long writeup
  8. Still waiting on the following write-ups before we can start the final round!
  9. Cut: If It's Lovin' That You Want Kisses Don't Lie Advance: B*tch Better Have My Money No Love Allowed
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