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  1. Is there anyone anyone wants brought back? I have no preferences here.
  2. Lineysha Sparx (S5) If Lineysha wasn't up against Shuga, who I adore, I probably would have saved her. Lineysha is a very interesting early boot from Season 5. In the first two weeks of the competition, she placed High for her Trash Couture Runway Look and won the Untucked Lipsync challenge as Tyra having a meltdown during the wedding challenge. After that, it seemed like she was a front runner, even with such a strong cast, but as a Puerto Rican Queen, Lineysha's language barrier quickly became an issue for her. She managed to do well enough to be safe in both the Children's TV Show
  3. Gia Gunn (S6, AS4) Ah Gia Gunn, great television but not exactly a strong competitor on the show. Gia has given us some of the best one-liners and gifs during her short-lived runs on the show, but I always found her a little grating. During Season 6, she was part of the first half of the premiere and placed high for her Kardashian themed runway. She was safe the next two weeks during Scream Queens and Shade: The Rusical, but was in the Bottom 2 for her Snatch Game performance of Kim Kardashian, which was a big miss for her. She was forced to lipsync against LaGanja that week to "Head
  4. Farrah Moan (S9, AS4) I've never really been a fan of Farrah, but I definitely disliked her more during Season 9, than in All-Stars 4. Probably because I knew she was meant to be fodder from the start in AS4. Farrah is very similar to Gia, who I also cut this round, in that she's a very big personality and makes for good TV but her drag has never really excelled in the format of the show. In Season 9, Farrah made it all the way to 8th Place without every winning a challenge. She was fortunate enough to place High in Week 4 after being on Sasha and Shea's team for Good Morning
  5. I would say it was a predictable ending but with these rank downs nothing is predictable and I’m happy she got the win now because she’ll never win again
  6. I’ll probably wait until after the next season to do the next one so we can include S18 and S19
  7. Winner: Kelly Clarkson Average Score: 6.375 Rankings: Public - 1st @NGM - 3rd @Zoey - 3rd @Elliott - 5th @*Chris - 6th @Solaris - 6th @1234567890 - 9th @Alex95 - 18th
  8. Kelly’s post is ready whenever we get to the bottom of the page!
  9. Runner-Up: David Cook Average Score: 8.375 Rankings: @NGM - 1st @Alex95 - 2nd @Elliott - 3rd Public - 3rd @Solaris - 9th @*Chris - 14th @1234567890 - 15th @Zoey - 20th
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