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  1. Not surprised about Suni being there. She’s been good but very forgettable the last few weeks.
  2. Bottom 2 should be Kenya and Cody but will be Kenya and Melora with Kenya going.
  3. Lol the votes closed before they even went to commercial
  4. lol at them nitpicking that routine when it was ten times better than Cody’s
  5. Iman being the second person to get a perfect score
  6. I found her costume distracting and hard to see her footwork and also she felt kind of stiff in moments. I’d give her an 8 but agree with Carrie that I want more and different from her.
  7. I felt like Val out danced her. Still a good routine but she didn’t shine in it. 8 from me.
  8. Petition for @FrogLenzento reinstate Ballroom Dancer Hayley Erbert in the SYTYCD Rankdown
  9. Jimmie’s best dance so far. Not perfect but moving. This one deserves 9s but they’ll probably give him 10s.
  10. 9s?! Yikes. I was expecting 8s. That is way too high.
  11. I never feel like I get what I want from Cody. I always expect more and he lets me down. 7 from me.
  12. Agree with the judges that Jojo has to push herself further because of her dance background and she did. I’d give her a 10.
  13. Kenya looked like she was thinking too much the whole time. The best moments were when she kind of let go and gave into the routine. Probably another 8 from me. Maybe even a 7
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