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  1. @Weedy_Speedy sent that list, @Steven_ said he didn’t want to cut Carrie’s performance and I said I was fine cutting the three Vonzell performances he suggested because I like Bo’s DLTSGDOM. No shade involved! I also think those are three of Vonzell’s weakest performances.
  2. I mean I was just gonna use the votes from Sunday to pick the wildcards since that’s what the Idol judges seemed to be doing
  3. Also going to update the claims today to correct them per @ScarletDevilCCX’s earlier post. Will let everyone know when I’ve fixed them.
  4. Lol well idk why I thought we’d be voting after Monday’s show but apparently not. I’ll still probably try to post results mid week, but still waiting for @CarmenSandiego, @redwood79 and @*Wallace to vote.
  5. 1. Hunter 2. Casey 3. Beane 4. Chayce 5. Cassandra 6. Deshawn 7. Madison 8. Ava 9. Grace 10. Willie 11. Alyssa 12. Caleb
  6. Madison??? Based on tonight’s performances??? No ma’am. Should have been Alanis and Beane. If they were based on it on LAST night, I could see them picking Madison.
  7. Not a great performance for Alanis but I still hope the judges pick her because I think she has a lot of potential still
  8. God I was really hoping Alyssa would be the surprise B5 contestant but then she could steal a wildcard from someone that deserves it more
  9. So far so good, America. I kind of think Wyatt made the Top 10 so hopefully this makes room for some of the people I’m worried about like Beane and Ava.
  10. @kenboy123 @ScarletDevilCCX @jarmon @kamil24 @Angeles @taylorkat please PM me if you would like to edit your vote to include Willie Spence
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