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  1. They’re not all blonde contemporary women
  2. Cast breakdown: 5 dancers from S14 7 dancers from S15 8 dancers from S16 5 hip-hop dancers 4 ballroom dancers 11 lyrical dancers
  3. If she's even in the cast
  4. Y'all better follow this or else
  5. ASB 7 Background For those that don't know ASB (or "Auditionees Strike Back") was a So You Think You Can Dance redux created by Jimmy (buffmetube). Over the years, the redux featured contestants like Mariah Spears, Serge Onik, Emilio Dosal and runner-up Jaja Vankova long before their runs on the show. In 2015, the redux had started, but never finished, its sixth season. I've decided to revive the redux with a seventh season featuring contestants from the seasons since ASB6 was cast (Seasons 14, 15 and 16). The format will be similar to seasons 8, 9, 10 and 11 where the Top 20 will dance in pairs until the Top 10, where they will begin dancing with All Stars. Cast (to be revealed) Top 10 Guys 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Top 10 Girls 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  6. I mean, at this point Natalie is the only one I can see re-entering the game so we might still get that
  7. I wonder if it factored into their decision at all that the fanbase backlash would be huge if they voted out Rob/Parv, whereas it might be a little more mild with Ethan. He's well liked, but also a bit of a background character to the two of them and he was voted out 6th in All Stars. I mean, at least a guy finally went home though. I haven't really been bothered by any of the boots so far, but I like Ethan so seeing him go made me sad.
  8. Pictured: Ben, completely unbothered by the haters
  9. @*AmandaAre the saves from the last round off limits? (Kayla/Kathryn/Will/Jason)
  10. I can already tell this round is going to go poorly for my remaining faves
  11. My husband and being petty
  12. 1. Parvati Shallow - A Queen as always. Even when her name comes up, she's stays cool, calm and collected. I'll be interested to see what she does next week if she really is being targeted like the previews say. 2. Sandra Diaz-Twine - We didn't see much of her this season, but just her yelling at people in the challenge was enough. 3. Ben Driebergen (+2) - Lol, I know IDF hates him but I found him hilarious again this episode. He's so chaotic, but I think that might be what makes people keep him around. 4. Sophie Clark (+2) - The confessional after Kim gave her the Idol, I screamed. Typical Sophie with the sweet exterior and the competitive interior. 5. Nick Wilson (-1) - We didn't see much of him this episode so he drops a bit. 6. Ethan Zohn (-1) - Oh Ethan, so stupid to blab in front of Ben, but the secret scene with Parv teaching him how to lie was amazing. 7. Michele Fitzgerald - We actually saw her! Even if her strategizing was a moot point, but she might be more visible next week if she's part of the minority of alliance trying to flip the game. Truly impressed how little they're showing of her. 8. Denise Stapley - Finding an Idol and being smart enough to not give it to Parv, we have to stan! Even if my heart wanted a Denise/Parv alliance. 9. Boston Rob Mariano - Masterful tribal council flex with the emptying of bags and creating chaos to ensure he got his way. I may not like him as a person, but he's good TV. 10. Yul Kwon 11. Natalie Anderson (+3) - She rises because a lot of people fell for me this week, but I think she's really making the most of her time on EoE so far. 12. Amber Mariano (+1) - She didn't do much this episode but, again, others did worse so she rises a bit. 13. Adam Klein (-1) - Adam got on my nerves this episode and based on the preview, it's going to continue into next week. I swear to God, if he has a hand in voting our Parv, he's going straight to the bottom of my list. 14. Danni Boatwright (-3) - Not a good week for her and, honestly, I might have let it slide if not for her bitter comments all over social media after the episode aired. 15. Wendall Holland (+1) - He was pretty much invisible this week, but again, others did worse. 16. Jeremy Collins (-1) - As predicted, he was a bit annoying this week with his thirst for revenge, but I'm interested to see how his advantage will play out. 17. Tyson Apostol (+1) - Invisible. 18. Tony Vlachos (+1) - Tony rises because he was entertaining and I'm finding him slightly less annoying than I did in Cagayan and GC. 19. Sarah Lacina (-3) - Every time they show her, I remember why I dislike her. She can go now. 20. Kim Spradlin - Oh Kim. Here I thought that maybe she'd get an Idol and do something interesting to make me like her, but instead she gives it to Sophie who clearly is not her ally. So far, it seems like she's being majorly out played in this game.
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