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  1. I mean I figured she’d be an easy save bc the rest is fodder
  2. Nominations: Brandon Hantz Jeremiah Wood Cliff Robinson Joaquin Souberbielle Ashley Underwood Julie Wolfe Angelia "Angie" Layton Roxanne "Roxy" Morris Laura Boneham Marissa Peterson Morgan McLeod Alexis Maxwell J'Tia Taylor So Kim
  3. just eating dinner then I’ll post my noms!
  4. Love how she went from a “second-tier winner” to someone no one trusts. A true icon.
  5. Wanda Shirk (Palau) Oh Wanda, we barely knew ye. Palau is one of my favourite seasons which, in retrospect, is weird because one tribe dominated the entire time and two people got shafted in a schoolyard pick of tribes, but it still holds up as one of the most riveting seasons in the series. Wanda was a big, bold personality in the first episode - an English teacher that annoyed the ever-loving heck out of her tribe mates by singing at the top of her lungs. But when it came time to pick the tribes, she and Jonathan Libby were left out of the pick and she was sent packing before the game even began. Since Jonathan has already been cut and I arguably liked him more, I’m fine cutting her now since she’s the very definition of fodder. save: Lucy Huang who got shafted by David Wright’s hidden immunity idol in MvGx
  6. This is where #BlameWally came from Even though, to be fair, everyone in that Rankdown was to blame. And me for thinking 12 rankers was a good idea
  7. I mean, Kelly was eliminated last year because no one saved her and @*Wallace was last and had to choose between saving her and saving Jessica Sanchez.
  8. Lisa Keiffer Honestly, one of the biggest “who’s?” on this list. Lisa placed 12th during Vanuatu, the show’s ninth season. She was on the female Yasur tribe, and part of the younger alliance, but quickly swapped sides to the majority alliance. After the tribe swap, Lisa made the mistake of telling Ami she planned on voting her out and Ami and her allies, Eliza, Leann and Rory, voted her out. I wanted to like Lisa because she was from NOLA, but she’s also a born-again Christian so that’s a HARD no and she can go. save: Lindsey Richter
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