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  1. I will send mine later today and remind my husband to do the same.
  2. Next round will be @Elliott & @JC's picks. The rankers that will be cutting/saving are @Alex95 @*Chris @*Diana @Solaris @NGM @Weedy_Speedy @1234567890 @FrogLenzen The contestants are: Ayla Brown Brad Estrin Breanna Steer David Radford Garrett Jacobs Johnny Keyser Jonny Brenns Jordan Sasser Josh Holiday Juliana Chahayed Kory Wheeler Leslie Hunt Liahona Olayan Logan Johnson Matthew Metzger Michael Simeon Nicholas Pedro Nick Merico Reed Grimm Sarah Mather Spencer Lloyd Thomas Stringfellow Tim Halperin Wyatt Pike I will post the round tonight at 7PM EST (an hour and a half from now)
  3. Updated list:Amelia EisenhauerAnn Marie BoskovichBecky O’DonohueChip DaysDavid WillisDominiqueEric YoderEvelyn CormierHaley JohnsonIsabelleJanell WheelerJoe MunozKate BarnetteMarque LyncheNasheka Siddall 24 hours has passed, which means any of the rankers can make their cuts and saves. Remember, for each cut, you must save 2 contestants. @*Chris hasn't posted his writeups yet, so his cuts/saves aren't official. @Alex95 @Elliott @JC @1234567890 @Weedy_Speedy @*Diana @Solaris @NGM @FrogLenzen
  4. I love both of these women but. One of them I love more. Cassadee Pope - TVITT, MJ, Andrew Hannah Huston - Lily
  5. Well, I’m going to choose Chloe Kohanski
  6. Jeffrey I love my sassy gay ginger. Part of why I love Season 9 so much.
  7. Juliet Even though she wasn’t my number 1 during S2, she was definitely the rightful winner and one of the best singers ever on the show.
  8. YOU CREATED THIS FORMAT! I didn't want to cut anyone!
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