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  1. My rankings: 1. Asttina Mandella 2. Veronica Green 3. Tayce 4. Tia Kofi 5. Ellie Diamond 6. Sister Sister 7. Lawrence Chaney 8. Ginny Lemon 9. A’Whora 10. Bimini Bon Boulash I actually like this cast, even if Bimini and Tia have been hot messes every week
  2. My rankings now (vs. Start of season): 1. Symone (+3) 2. Tamisha Iman (+3) 3. Denali Foxx (+5) 4. Rosé (+2) 5. Joey Jay (-4) 6. Gottmik (-3) 7. Utica (-5) 8. Elliott with Two T’s (-1) 9. Olivia Lux (+1) 10. La La Ri 11. Kamora Hall (-2) 12. Kandy Muse (+1) 13. Tina Burner (-1)
  3. Nelly is really about to B*bby B*nes this season, isn’t he?
  4. lol well I either they just realized there’s no way they’re stopping Nelly from making the Top 4
  5. That routine was a mess. I stg if they give him a 30 for *that*
  6. I probably would have voted for Brooke of this group but I love Alyssa, Monique and Kim Chi too.
  7. VOTE TO SAVE: Jimbo vs. Latrice Royale Jimbo - Dee, Andy, Derek, Lily, JC, Andrew (advance) Latrice - Wallace, Tom, Sola, Chris Tatianna vs Kim Chi Tatianna - Andy, Wallace, Sola, Lily, Andrew Kim Chi - Dee, Tom, Derek, Chris Jaida Essence Hall vs BenDeLaCreme Jaida - Dee, Andy, Wallace, Derek, Lily, Andrew (advance) BenDeLaCreme - Tom, Sola, Chris, JC Katya vs Brooke Lynn Hytes Katya - Dee, Andy, Derek, Lily, JC, Andrew (advance) Brooke - Wallace, Tom, Sola, Chris
  8. I’m going to bring back... Sasha Velour
  9. Bringing Back: Joe Biden Eliminating: Donald Trump
  10. And the nominees are... Alexis Mateo Blair St. Clair Darienne Lake Naomi Smalls Nina Flowers Ongina Pandora Boxx Trinity the Tuck Valentina Violet Chachki
  11. Waiting for my husband to come home and update the first post before I nominate
  12. Well, time to add another IOI contestant to the “cancelled” pile
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