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  1. Apparently Victoria Scone is Tia Kofi's drag daughter. That's interesting.
  2. 1. Lacey 2. Brittani 3. Fatima 4. Courtney 5. Khrystyana 6. Yaya
  3. the amount of women on that jury that like Azah are numerous. Hannah also just straight up said in an interview she doesn't want Ky or Big D winning.
  4. The just desserts we all (or at least I) wanted this round. 1 step close to azah flopping into that last HoH and voting out Xavier.
  5. She should have been, shes some of the best comic relief this show has
  6. Round 2: Tattoos on this Town Oh! Darling Fortunate Son Beggin
  7. Boy meets world is in the Top 2? No sir. Fresh Prince should have been there instead.
  8. I forgot Erika was rocking the Kris Jenner at the Top 10 round.
  9. Elliott liking my Skylar advancement is not something I expected to see.
  10. It should be. especially if the 200 comes from the non english versions
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