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  1. 1. Michelle 2. Amanda 3. AJ 4. Anchal 5. Megg 6. Eugena 7. Brooke 8. Melrose 9. Megan 10, Caridee 11. Jaeda 12. Christian 13. Monique
  2. Amen, plus I have already stated that Amanda has apologized. I like Amanda, outside of Elissa she is the only one worth remembering from season 15. Her nominations are noted.
  3. Jennifer Vazquez Yes the evil b-word that sent Kaysar home the second time on BB six. Probably best known for her second last week of the game where she won the pressure cooker competition after being handed it by Kaysar. She used the opportunity to nominate Janelle and Kaysar, which broke the deals she made with Kaysar. To rub more salt in the wound he was the replacement nominate after Rachel came down and was eliminated. Her secret partner that season was April Lewis, who was slightly more likable then her while on the show, and made it further. Jennifer was par
  4. Zakiyah Everette its infuriating for someone who talked a big game and could have been a fan favorite early in the game becomes insufferable due to who she chooses to spend her time in the house with. This happened with Zakiyah. Zakiyah was originally part of the final 5 alliance alongside Tiffany, Da'Vonne, Nicole and Big Meech. She was also closest with Da'Vonne for awhile, and I thought it could carry them far. Well it Carried Zakiyah to being evicted immediately after Da'Vonne in 10th place. Back to what I was saying, being associated with Paulie is what really
  5. oh, must have been what i had cut and pasted
  6. 1 Season 1 Joshua Souza - *Wallace (1) Curtis Kin - Sola (1) Chicken George Boswell - Alex (1) Season 2 Will Kirby - 2 (Moved On) Nicole Nilson Schaffrich - 2 (Moved On) Monica Bailey - 2 (Moved On) Hardy Ames-Hill - 2 (Moved On) Krista Stegall - 2 (Moved On) Shannon Dragoo - 2 (Moved On) Season 3 Lisa Donahue - 2 (Moved On) Danielle Reyes - 2 (Moved On) Jason Guy - 2 (Moved On) Amy Crews - 2 (Moved On) Marcellas Reynolds - 2 (Moved On) Lori Olsen - 2 (Moved On) Season 4
  7. Remaining Nominations: David Alan Grier Holly Madison Denise Richards Kendra Wilkinson its been over 24 hours, @*Lily can step in and make the final cuts. @Elliott and @totes4totes can still make their cuts if they get them in first. at 2 CST, anyone can make the final cuts.
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