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  1. I mean Heidi had many ditzy moments, can't fake those. But from my understanding she actually had strategic game the editors showed. Who really knows though. Rob, Jenna, Heidi and Deena were the best part of the season.
  2. Fun fact. Heidi has the highest IQ of her season and one of the highest from survivor.
  3. Immune for Amanda's Round: Ben Driebergen Michael Yerger Brendan Shapiro Chris Underwood Vytas Baskauskas Grant Matthos Dan Rengering Joaquin Souberbielle Angela Perkins Lindsey Cascaddan Jeff Wilson Mike Chiesl Julie Wolfe Rebecca Borman Kelly Bruno Cliff Robinson Elizabeth "Liz" Kim Rita Verreos Ashley Trainer @*Amanda can nominate when she's ready!
  4. @*Amanda is next to nominate after Elliott posts his last cut.
  5. Good watch for anyone who likes musicals, or was interested in checking out Smash!
  6. Remaining noms: John "J.P." Palyok (Vanuatu) Rita Verreos (Fiji) Elizabeth "Liz" Kim (Samoa) Ashley Trainer (Samoa) Nina Poersch (Worlds Apart) Aaron Meredith (Island of the Idols) @Elliott @*Amanda
  7. Willing to switch to Fleur if I see votes coming in for her. The CutKelvins Fleur East Jay James Hannah Barrett Dean Ray - Sola Danyl Johnson - Sola
  8. Shayne WardJames ArthurLeon Jackson - Zoey, Wallace, Victoria, SolaLloyd Daniels - Elliott, VictoriaUnion J - ElliottDistrict3 - Zoey, Wallace, Sola
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