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  1. Didn't he call her Parvati, but in the exact opposite way? I remember reading that comment and was like, "So diet Parvati no flavor?" That said Ethan and Danni fighting in social media.
  2. Joe Amabile Grocery Store Joe was a bachelorette and bachelor in paradise contestant. He was on dancing with the Stars season 27. He was that bad dancer that overstayed his welcome. Week in and week out people thought he was going home and each week they were disappointed. At least he is hot, that was the only redeeming factor about his stay on the show for me, that and Jenna Johnson <3. jenna Johnson was his partner and she carried him all the way to week 8. His highest and lowest individual scores were for the same dance style, that doesn't happen too often. The first time he did the Quickstep he got a 14, and he raised that score by 10 points when he danced it 7 weeks later. So I suppose it shows that he improved? Save: Willow
  3. Sorry I forgot you liked her. She wasnt on the list you gave me either so I just went with who I liked the least from the nominations.
  4. Cause you know i'm right. I was your team mate, i know you.
  5. Wally we know you are just taking your time to enjoy your limelight.
  6. 18 more. I am excited for the next 16 cut games.
  7. Whitney Hogg Wheatknee. The 4th ballsmasher, and the worst of the 4. She was the only one of the team willing to turn on the others. Good for her I suppose as it kept her out of the crossheirs of the other side for a couple rounds. Whitney was on Big Brother Over the Top, and she was more of a character then anything else. I did start out really liking her, and then it shifted to indifference once she was no logner a ball smasher. She was still better then anyone on the other side except Krissie. She was nominated 3 times and didn't win any competitions all season long. She did not receive a care package either. She was eventually evicted under Danielles second head of household with Danielle as the tiebreaker. Good job whoever got her here, but she is probably the best option to leave from these nominations. Save: Cody & Jessica
  8. hmmm.... None of these bother me at this point. cut Whitney save Cody & Jessica I suppose
  9. me too (without restrictions that is), and not against elliott.
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