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  1. Exactly. Nobody is holding a gun at anybody's head saying you have to watch this season or any upcoming ones
  2. Congrats to Chayce! Had fun watching with you guys this season
  3. I think Katy's over the top behavior of telling people to vote Grace was either because shes doing well and they want her to win, or shes doing bad and they want her to get out of 3rd.
  4. You can say you dont like Grace's song choices, her tone, her performance skills, personality, etc. But coming for her pitch when it was literally accurate doesnt make sense
  5. That was one of Grace's most vulnerable performances vocally and emotionally. I loved the acapella bit too! QUEEN!
  6. The first big high note sounded kinda off but the rest was good.
  7. Cant believe its already the finale ! Manifesting a win for Grace but her making it here in the first place is enough for me. Good luck to everybodies faves!
  8. Im kind of confused on how tomorrow's episode is going to work. Grace said they are eliminating 1 person an hour into the show and the Top 2 will still perform after. Im thinking this means we will get the 2 new performances (Hometown/Judges Pick) in the first hour, and then the Top 2 will do their reprise's (This is how S17 worked, atleast). Anybody have thoughts or theories?
  9. Top 3 Finale Questions 1. Which singer will be crowned as the new American Idol? (100 points) - Chayce Beckham 2. Which singer will be in 2nd Place for this season? (70 pts) - Grace Kinstler 3. Which singer will be in 3rd Place for this season? (50 points) - Willie Spence 4. What will be the gender ratio of male and female singers in the Top 2? 2 males or 1 male, 1 female? (30 points) - 1 Male 1 Female Bonus Questions 5. Will Chayce perform without any musical instrument for any of his performances (competition performances only) (20 pts) - Yes 6. Will we get to see another duet performance from Willie & Grace? (20 pts) - No 7. Will Katy Perry wear any type of necklace this Sunday? (30 pts) - Yes 8. Will any singer (excluding the final 3) duet with any of the judges this Sunday? (30 pts) - Yes 9. How many performance this Sunday, you think will not involve any of Season 19 contestants (Only Judge or Guest Artist or Alumni). Pick A, B, C or D (50 pts) A. 1-3 performance B. 4-6 performance C. 7-9 performance D. 10 and above 10. Will Ryan reveal the total number of votes, before the announcement of who is the American Idol? (50 pts) No
  10. Why is it a bad thing? If anything, I think it increases her chances of winning or getting 2nd since the General Public loves hearing overdone songs like the ones she selected. She also will probably slay them.
  11. Grace singing Celine, Aretha, Chaka, and Whitney all in one night OMGG!!!!
  12. I just said this in her fan thread, but I truly do believe that Grace is the best vocalist of the ABC Idol era with Jeremiah being a close 2nd. That being said, I dont really think she brings much to the competition artistically besides her powerhouse vocals. Willie is in the same boat. Neither of them play any instruments or sing original songs, while Chayce has done original songs before and knows how to play the guitar. I think Chayce is more than likely winning with the real competition being between who gets 2nd between Grace and Willie.
  13. Grace is the strongest vocalist of the ABC Idol era from my POV, so if she cant win Im hoping she can atleast get 2nd
  14. Even though Im not a fan of Chayce, I wouldnt be as mad at him winning if someone like Alejandro/Arthur did. That being said, we have seen in all 3 ABC seasons that the expected winner isnt always exactly who is going to win (Gabby, Alejandro, and Arthur were all expected to win but none of them did).
  15. A robbed queen!!!!!!!!! Im so glad we got to have an artist like her on this season of Idol, or in the reboot of Idol in general. She truly is one of a kind (which honestly, might have led to her downfall since Grace is a generic pop singer, Willie is a generic soul singer, and Chayce is a generic country/rock singer. That being said, I love Grace and Willie still).
  16. Im going to guess Chayce gets 1st, Grace gets 2nd, Willie gets 3rd. Grace and Willie are interchangeable, but Grace has shown more versatility than Willie, has had equal social media stats to him despite his exposure before the show, and better ITunes/Spotify performance with the original singles (even though that could be potentially useless info). If they do the Finale like they did in S17 where the 3rd placer gets eliminated mid-show and voters are allowed to revote on The Top 2, I see the votes from Grace/Willie going onto the other and allowing them to win. If its not like that, pretty sure Chayce is locked.
  17. 1. Casey Bishop - Live Wire 2. Grace Kinstler - Father 3. Grace Kinstler & Willie Spence - What They'll Say About Us 4. Casey Bishop & Chayce Beckham - Break My Heart Again 5. Willie Spence - Glory 6. Grace Kinstler - A Moment Like This 7. Willie Spence - I Was Here 8. Casey Bishop - wish you were gay -------------------------------------------------------- 9-14. The rest Originals were too short to judge IMO, and I didnt care for any of Chayce's songs.
  18. 1. Grace 2. Willie 3. Chayce
  19. I think Chayce gets 1st, Grace gets 2nd, and Willie gets 3rd. It SUCKS that Casey couldn't be there with them but I saw it coming
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