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  1. Sylvia Kwan Iconic challenge dominator Sylvia Kwan leaves here. Sylvia was a contestant on Survivor Fiji where she placed seventeenth. Sylvia was pretty strong willed from the moment the castaways stepped foot on to their camp and this didn’t go in her favour. She was exiled twice and became the first person to be voted out due to “splitting the vote”. Sylvia dominated the challenges in the two episodes she appeared in. The gif above shows her celebrating winning when she won the immunity challenge single handedly with no help from her tribe. What a queen. It’d be fun for her to return but she’s probably too old now and the producers like to have young males dominate the challenges nowadays. Sylvia can’t be seen to shown them up. Saving Sherea
  2. Save Sherea Cut Sylvia I won’t be able to do a write up for a bit so I’d appreciate it if no one stole my picks lol.
  3. The only one I’m sad about is Pia. Jena is eliminated on the other hand?
  4. It wasn’t my nominations. Tina vs Sue? Choices.
  5. I hope the show offers support.
  6. BOA. I loved her personality and a lot of what she brought to the show. She was a wildcard and was excited what she’d bring rather than being predictable like some queens. 01. Lemon 02. Priyanka 03. Scarlet 04. Jimbo 05. Rita 06. Ilona I read somewhere that Ilona was going through coming out as trans and transitioning throughout the filming of the show. That puts some of her attitude in to some context. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to show three sides to you and still not be completely living as who you’d want to be.
  7. Week 1: Brittany Week 2: Brittany Week 3: Brittany Week 4: Brittany Week 5: Brittany Week 6: Brittany Week 7: Brittany Week 8: Brittany Week 9: Brittany Week 10: Brittany Week 11.1: Brittany Week 11.2: Brittany Final Runway: Brittany Winner Pick: Brittany
  8. Death Proof (Megan) vs Hatchet (Zoey)Happy Death Day 2U (Megan) vs Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (Zoey)The Purge Anarchy (Zoey) vs The Cabin in the Woods (Megan)Resident Evil: Retribution (Megan, Zoey) vs Joy Ride A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child (Megan) vs Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Zoey)
  9. I did. I literally know nothing about these people so I’m excited to watch an All Stars season with no backstory.
  10. 01. Nicole A 02. Christmas 03. Bayleigh 04. Ian 05. Kaysar 06. Kevin 07. Keesha 08. Da’Vonne 09. Enzo 10. Daniele 11. Cody 12. Nicole F 13. Janelle 14. Tyler 15. David 16. Memphis
  11. That was a strange premiere. I’ve never really come across Julie Chen before but why her as a host? I’m baffled. She’s probably attached to the show after so many seasons but she’s such a robot. Where’s her personality? She’s like a Stepford Wife. I need to get used to the challenges as that’s not something I’m used to with Big Brother but it’s part of the reason I wanted to watch it this time around. There seems like some really great characters this time and I’m excited to see how it plays out. I haven’t really seen another reality show that relies on a social game other than Survivor, so I’m looking forward to it. 01. Nicole A - I love her already. She’s adorable and I want her to do well. 02. Christmas - I love a strong woman and it looks as if she has a really strong social game to make it to the final three with a broken foot in her previous season. I’m hoping she can show some challenge dominance. 03. Bayleigh - I know her from The Challenge where I ended up stanning her so I’m hoping she can do better than her previous game. 04. Ian - He’s probably the most adorable person I’ve ever seen on television. The handshakes and not hugs stole my heart. 05. Kaysar - I like that he’s confident without being cocky. He was in his VT anyway. I’m confused as to why they’ve brought two previous All Star players back a second time? 06. Kevin - I remember him! I love my gays and I already love him. 07. Keesha - Shes so cute. I’m interested to see how she’s going to play the game after admitting she was far too trusting when she last played. 08. Da’Vonne - I like her but I get the feeling she might be a bit too much. I’m reserving judgement hence the middle of the road ranking. 09. Enzo - I also remember him from clips and he looks so different. It’ll be interesting how he plays without having his sidekicks there. 10. Daniele - I enjoyed her VT with her daughter but everything else seemed robotic? Probably a great way to be when playing this game but I didn’t get much from her. 11. Cody - He’s obviously a strong competitor after the first two challenges and seems like a pretty genuine guy. 12. Nicole F - She seems cute enough. 13. Janelle - Again, I’m confused about bringing back All Stars who previously competed. I don’t have much of an opinion after the first episode.. she was just there? I didn’t get much from her VT. Seemed to be quite full of herself if anything. 14. Tyler - Seems like a nice guy. 15. David - I barely remember him but looks as if they wanted to give him another shot after last time. 16. Memphis - Same as above.
  12. I have no idea who are the favourites so let’s see what my opinions are! I might start watching tonight.
  13. Three episodes a week? Easy! Those are the ones and I knew they were spelt like that but we’re having a heatwave and I’m melting. I haven’t watched BBUS since that season and you voted online for the popularity.
  14. How many episodes is there a week? I might watch my second season ever. Even though no one will ever top Erica, Jack or Allison for me.
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