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    Australian Idol 3: Natalie Zahra, Emily Williams
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    Australian Idol 6: Madam Parker
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    Survivor The Amazon: Jenna, Heidi
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    Survivor Vanuatu: Eliza, Ami, Julie, John K
    Survivor Palau: Ibrehem, Wanda, Angie, Steph
    Survivor Guatemala: Cindy, Lydia, Blake
    Survivor Cook Islands: Becky, Cristina
    Survivor Panama: Danielle, Cirie
    Survivor Fiji: Cassandra, Michelle, Stacy
    Survivor China: Sherea, Courtney
    Survivor Micronesia: Eliza, Parvati, Cirie, Ami, Natalie
    Survivor Gabon: Crystal, Ken, Sugar
    Survivor Tocantins: Taj, Stephen, Sierra
    Survivor Samoa: Natalie, Laura. Monica, Liz
    Survivor Heroes vs. Villains: Courtney, Parvati, Sandra, Sugar
    Survivor Nicaragua: Kelly, Fabio, Kelly B, Jane
    Survivor Redeption: Natalie, Andrea
    Survivor South Pacific: Sophie, Edna
    SYTYCD 1: Destini
    SYTYCD 2: Travis, Natalie, Allison
    SYTYCD 3: Lauren, Jaimie
    SYTYCD 4: Katee, Kherington, Courtney
    SYTYCD 5: Kupono, Jeanine, Ade
    SYTYCD 6: Victor, Karen, Noelle
    SYTYCD 7: Billy, Cristina, Robert, Jose
    SYTYCD 8: Tadd, Jordan, Jess, Clarice, Missy

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  1. The CutKelvins Fleur East Jay James Hannah Barrett Dean Ray Danyl Johnson
  2. Gokey >>>>>> Dalton, Don’t listen to the people without taste!
  3. Willard Smith Why don’t I remember anything about him apart from what he looks like and what season he appeared in? I just googled him and apparently he has an unpleasant personality which ultimately contributed to him getting voted off on day twelve. Willard was nearly eliminated on day two of Survivor Palau when the tribes were chosen using a school yard pick. He became one of the final two males and only just escaped getting sent home without competing. His luck didn’t stop there when he did virtually nothing around camp and sat out most challenges due to his age. His tribe decimated the other so Willard made it though by not doing much at all. There was another twist in the game when on day twelve it was revealed that both tribes would go to tribal council and vote someone out. Willard was the easiest option due to his personality and not pulling his weight in challenges/camp. Saving Joaquin
  4. Kristina Kell Kristina was a perfectly fine cast member for Survivor. She was chosen to play Survivor Redemption Island but was sent home in sixteenth place after losing to Matt on Redemption Island. Kristina was a decent addition to the cast. She was someone you could root for early on in the season if you dislike Boston Rob like I do. She made quick work or finding a hidden immunity idol but she just didn’t have the numbers when it came to putting a plan together. Phillip was to blame for that and he ultimately cost her, her place in the game. I think she’d make a good addition to a second chances cast and I do hope we see her return in the future. Saving Grant Mattos
  5. Save Grant Matthos Cut Kristina Kell
  6. Shayne Ward James Arthur Leon Jackson - Zoey Lloyd Daniels Union J District3 - Zoey
  7. E would’ve been Tristan. F would’ve been Catie.
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