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  1. Aww thanks! My family loved it as well. My grandparents are also members of minivan and had high praises for Wendy and called her the winner and said if Manny continues to improve like that he could make the finale. And agreed Wendy belongs in the finale and like she said if she isn't something is wrong. I wouldn't mind if she sang Barney song, she's slay it.
  2. Wendy KILLED that! Omg that was amazing! The beginning of the performance sounded great, then middle, then end. The runs was everything and their harmonies was everything I could ever ask for. She took all my wigs, hats, shoes, closets, notebooks, my reading books, my whole house and my whole family. I believe Wendy will be in the finale. Just cancel the show and hand her the trophy already. Manny sounded great too but I think she ate him alive throughout as well haha. I was screaming in joy. Also that song choice? Yes please! I loved the song choice for both of them but Wendy the most. It was just perfect. Best battle I have ever heard in my entire life. I'd give the win to Wendy and hope Manny gets stolen. He deserves another shot. I showed this leak to my family to see what they thought about the battle.
  3. Hailey has an awesome tone and that battle was fantastic! It was hard to choose cause it was very even for me but I leaned towards Hailey slightly.
  4. They were both AMAZING! Brittany was the right pick but happy Samara was saved as she was fantastic as well. I couldn't choose the winner but I leaned towards Brittany due to her range and the runs.
  5. Definitely agree! He's been improving as well as I loved both his audition and battle round so far. He could be a threat for the win. Funny how we think about playing with his hair. I couldn't take my eyes off him.
  6. They all did AMAZING! I loved Bekah's solo parts the best between her and Kinsey but Kinsey did hella great on her parts too. Glad they are all in. Beautiful harmonies gave me chills. Can we just send Girl Named Tom into the finale already please?
  7. I loved KJ tonight! I wish she got a steal. That battle was amazing! I also loved the song choice for them too as it challenged them to the point of them making it their own. It's my favorite Camilla song ever.
  8. Their battle was great! David's tone is heavenly and showed great range there. He rocked the stage with his guitar skills as well. He could go really far. Can I play with his hair? It's sexy when he does that.
  9. Both of them did AMAZING! That was a draw for me and Samuel is a chameleon. I wish KJ could stay so I'm sad for her. I can't wait to see what Samuel does next. He could make the finale as he is John's only hope of making the finale.
  10. They did really great tonight even Peedy, I leaned towards Peedy because he compelled me to and I love his charisma and stage presence. Gentry's tone reminds me of Hillary from Lady A and was amazing. I think the two guys held back a bit but the harmonies were hella gorgeous. I'm sad that The Joy Reunion went home but not everyone can win I guess.
  11. Jeremy and Jershika were both AMAZING tonight! I loved Jershika's low notes and her high notes and I loved Jeremy's smooth tone and his emotional connection. Kelly was very strategic there.
  12. Shadale was amazing! I loved the song choice for her as it's one of my favorite songs ever and I really wish it was covered more often.
  13. That's amazing! And the artwork looks awesome. I am really bad at doing artworks that I quit on it.
  14. Brittany was AMAZING! Her tone is really unique and I can't even think of who she reminds me of but maybe a bit of Dolly Parton with gospel influences?
  15. I thought she did fantastic! For some reason I didn't feel any nerves? I dunno why lol and my dad said she was the best of the night tonight and said if we were coaches she would be a four chair turn. She did seem confident to me with a tiny bit of pitch issues but it was unnoticeable so I ignored it. Loved the song choice for her as well. Great job. I felt that.
  16. Add me please! She was fantastic! Her whistle tone reminded me of that girl who was in the battle round with Gihanna.
  17. She did AMAZING! I freaking stan the song choice for her. Everything about her audition was perfection. Such a queen and a star.
  18. Add me please! She did amazing!
  19. Jershika killed it! She was fan freaking tastic! Loved the song choice for her and the low notes sounded great but I was more impressed with her higher notes. The whole performance was PERFECTION! I was standing up the whole time and throwing all my shoes. My wigs flew to mars and got snatched. Really strong voice there. She could win the whole thing. Her high notes reminded me of Rose Short.
  20. Ryleigh did AMAZING! Her low notes and high notes was gorgeous! Those vocal tricks? Yes yes yes yes! That is how you SANG! All those vocal tricks is what got me impressed and got me standing up. I loved her perfect pitch and her tone. Loved the song choice for her as well. She could win the whole thing. Everything was perfection for me. I have no construction criticisms to give. And when she hit the chorus I threw my shoes and hats. Great job.
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