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  1. out now. NADA iTunes: #1 Chile #3 Paraguay #4 Brazil #8 Sweden #13 Spain #22 Saudi Arabia #26 Ireland #26 Philippines #28 United Arab Emirates #89 Portugal #116 Singapore #346 Austria #373 Turkey
  2. out now. All Night iTunes: #27 Philippines #133 Sweden #179 Ireland #385 Turkey
  3. not sure if this is actually the official lyric video since it has not been released yet in the US.anyway another great song for Ally.
  4. great interview. looks like Camila is going to do more promo for Cinderella than her album.
  5. still gaining a little with All Night coming in less than 9 hours in the US. so far not charting in any country where it has been released. https://kworb.net/itunes/artist/allybrooke.html
  6. already out in a few places .9 hours till the US. https://kworb.net/itunes/artist/laurenjauregui.html NADA iTunes: #38 Philippines #83 Singapore
  7. Kelly Clarkson will be doing a cover of Havana on her show next week.
  8. a couple of weeks ago Normani was doing something with Megan Thee Stallion that was not Diamonds and also SZA was there. it was not a collab of a song but for the cover of Rolling Stone.
  9. instrumental snippet. not really a fan of Reggaeton but this so far sounds good.
  10. new Lauren coming this Friday. a little on the collab artists. looks to be Reggaeton. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._Tangana https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tainy
  11. Ally teasing her concert set list .#7 seems to be a 5H medley also a song called What Are You Waiting For.
  12. My Oh My video has reached 10,029,720 views in a little over 4 days.
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