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  1. a song that Lauren originally recorded but was given to other artists . this happens way more than it should.
  2. Ally interviewed a somewhat known actor on her show yesterday.
  3. i just looked them up though still not as raunchy as the host.
  4. wonder if that is one of the songs we got the snippet of before.
  5. Ally interviewed by the comedian she interviewed on her own show a few weeks ago. interesting that Ally being such a nice christian girl would go on a show with a host that says such raunchy things.
  6. Ally appearing tomorrow on a religious show.
  7. thanks i could not find it . that is actually from the clip we got back in February with an extra 12 seconds added today.
  8. excited we might finally get something . it seems the snippet was taken down.
  9. Bad Things iTunes: #334 United States #420 Canada Apple Music: #303 Philippines #1299 United States
  10. Ally teased about new music but again did not give a date . talked alot about her time on Dancing With The Stars.
  11. another snippet while we wait.
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