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  1. good gain on Urban after yesterdays drop because of the iHeart radio festival.
  2. new team and manager .now we need new music.
  3. only a 3 minute video with bits of 3 songs Intro, Ego and Bottled Up.
  4. from what i can see it looks like Dinah did not perform any new songs at her concert yesterday. looks like this video will be available to watch later today from the show.
  5. iHeart radio festival aired on alot of stations yesterday and cut into the spins on this and other songs. POP: 16 17 CAMILA CABELLO Don't Go Yet 6148 6538 -390 13.737 -321 Spins -311 Bullet -0.877 Audience HOT AC: 22 22 CAMILA CABELLO Don't Go Yet 1133 1059 74 3.617 -11 Spins -26 Bullet -0.035 Audience SPANISH CONTEMPORARY: 33 35 CAMILA CABELLO Don't Go Yet 280 284 -4 1.622 -4 Spins -8 Bullet -0.011 Audience TROPICAL LATIN: 30 26 CAMILA CABELLO Don't Go Yet 189 165 24 0.195 -1 Spin -4 Bullet -0.003 Audience
  6. alot of songs were effected by the iHeart radio festival which aired yesterday.
  7. full video is up. a confirmed collab by Latin female singer. she has covered Camila before. https://www.facebook.com/maribecerra22/videos/somethigs-gotta-give-camila-cabello/297323990882101/
  8. it was just on.a good recap from someone at atrl. 4 minutes ago, Venom said: Just started the live feed but I'll write down what I witness until it ends: 1. currently dancing to Don't Go Yet and shaking her ass 2. put on Summer of Love and talking about making vegan ground beef, picadillo, and plantains 3. "Psychofreak" is a song on the album with an exciting feature, she says 4. She keeps saying "it's giving" about everything 5. Bopping to Rosalia and Tokischa 6. Plays Brutal by "O. Rod" 7. Shouts out J Balvin and his new album 8. Plays Camilo featuring Shawn 9. Plays Camilo & Selena Gomez (Says Selena is fire) 10. Twerks to the song while her grandma cooks 11. Says she likes to support her friends' music 12. Plays Troye - Angel Baby 13. Says Cinderella was one of the funnest times she's had 14. Starts singing Troye's song and sounds good 15. Plays Greeicy & Alejandro Sanz - Lejos Conmigo 16. Says she will give a Familia snippet but not today 17. Plays Lil Nas X - That's What I Want 18. Plays Remi Wolf - Sexy Villain 19. Plays Willow Smith - Meet Me at Our Spot 20. "I can't wait for you guys to hear this album. There's some exciting collaborations on it. Catch me at the Billboard Latin Music Awards and watch Cinderella on Amazon if you haven't yet!"
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