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  1. not sure what this means. edit website so far is still up. https://www.sonypictures.com/movies/cinderella
  2. speculation on twitter that a J Balvin collab could be happening.
  3. not sure how legit this supposed insider is but Miley seemed interested before in a collab.
  4. Ally said in an interview that things are coming in the next few months.
  5. we should get something soon hopefully . this plus maybe whatever she did with Shawn last week.
  6. Simon getting alot of hate from former contestants and their fans. https://www.newsweek.com/justice-fifth-harmony-jedward-x-factor-exploitation-allegations-simon-cowell-1581247 https://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2021/04/07/2089524/simon-cowell-accused-maltreating-one-direction-little-mix
  7. Ally teasing something . hopefully new music is coming . she so far has not done the Worship Sunday thing we were supposed to get.
  8. though crab was going to drop out. vocally was not as good as last week but i am sort of rooting for him .
  9. movie is over 3 months away . we are still waiting on the trailer .hopefully they release that about the time of the first single. not sure if this is a legit insider or not.
  10. a couple of snippets from Normani have leaked. the second one sounds better to me.
  11. Normani with an emerald hint again . could be because an emerald is the birthstone for the month of May in which Normani was born. maybe we will be getting the single then as well. the Billboard Awards are on May 23rd and if she could get a performance then that would make sense to release it around that date. https://www.americangemsociety.org/birthstones/may-birthstone/
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