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  1. could be radio callouts which helped it reach #1 at Urban and has held up well in recent weeks . not sure about Rhythmic since there are no call out numbers which are public. also Normani now being on the main RCA label as opposed to the offshoot has probably helped.
  2. from a supposed insider at atrl. 50 minutes ago, JustLikeMagic said: Well since we are in an information drought, I heard something of a Psycho Freak today, it's an experimental music style, it has some synthesizers with a light beat, and the lyrics are fun, a bit disconnected too, it opens up about how she feels out of this world sometimes and how she honestly feels about it, also about a thirsty sexual wish at some point too lol, but don't expect a reggaetón or a common pop upbeat track,or something for the radios and charts right away, it's experimental but fun, you will probably remember the lyrics sometimes out of the blue and have fun. As I haven't heard it in full I haven't heard who the collaboration is, but it probably won't be Bad Bunny, I don't see him in this at all and the track is all english apparently, I just say that a lot of people might find it strange on first listen, it's not what you expect.
  3. according to this Camila could be doing several shows with them. Translated from Portuguese by RUMOR | Apparently, Camila Cabello will be Coldplay's special guest on the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” tour of South America in September 2022. According to a Chilean portal, the ad will come out tomorrow and the dates include shows in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile.
  4. up to #12 at Rhythmic today. 9 10 WIZKID Essence f/Tems 3516 3552-3613.329 13 11 POST MALONE & THE WEEKND One Right Now3196 2850 346 7.362 15 12 NORMANI Wild Side f/Cardi B 2904 26122 92 10.023 12 13 THE KID LAROI & JUSTIN BIEBER Stay 2859 3204-345 8.282 back up to #4 at Urban today. 2 1 BLXST Chosen f/Ty Dolla $i...6209 5912 297 18.423 1 2 DRAKE Girls Want Girls f/L...6078 6209-131 21.781 4 3 DRAKE Way 2 Sexy f/Future/...5327 5424-97 20.437 5 4 NORMANI Wild Side f/Cardi B 5244 5204 40 17.748 3 5 WIZKID Essence f/Tems5224 5502-278 19.600 Urban/R&B 48 50 NORMANI Wild Side f/Cardi B 68 66 2 0.418
  5. Camila opening for Coldplay in a show next September.
  6. Normani's speech today . good speech but no hints of when new music is coming. edit todays update. some good pics.
  7. Mediabase update today from Pulse. URBAN 5 5 NORMANI Wild Side f/Cardi B 5199 5241 -42 17.670 -2 Spins -6 Bullet -0.038 Audience RHYTHMIC 15 14 NORMANI Wild Side f/Cardi B 2790 2547 243 9.645 +30 Spins -45 Bullet -0.017 Audience URBAN/R&B 52 48 NORMANI Wild Side f/Cardi B 66 67 -1 0.404 +2 Spins +1 Bullet +0.046 Audience hopefully an interview tomorrow about new music. an interview from Variety is still saying the top of the year. https://variety.com/2021/music/musicians/normani-motivation-wild-side-cardi-b-1235124480/
  8. it is 2 weeks ago tomorrow Camila shot the video with Maria Becerra so most likely that will come first . that would probably be for latin countries and Psychofreak for the others.
  9. Billboard year end charts are out.
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