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  1. At $5/month, I'm seriously considering Peacock just for the additional English Premier League matches (when the EPL restarted over the Summer, some of their matches were put on the free Peacock)... I also have a hunch that NBC might put some live Olympic events on Peacock...
  2. Don't mind me; this is just a random posting of the Drew Carey Show's theme song...
  3. Also, if the ALCS is somehow Astros vs. yankees... You betcha that I would root for the Astros eleven times out of ten.
  4. Whoops, I forgot to post this American League: Wild Card Series: Rays over Blue Jays in 3 Indians over yankees in 3 Twins over Astros in 2 Athletics over White Sox in 2 Division Series: Rays over Indians in 4 Athletics over Twins in 4 Championship Series: Rays over Athletics in 6 National League: Wild Card Series: Dodgers over Brewers in 2 Padres over Cardinals in 2 Cubs over Marlins in 3 Braves over Reds in 3 Division Series: Dodgers over Padres in 4 Braves over Cubs in 4 Championship Series: Dodgers over Braves in 5 World Series: Dodgers over Rays in 7
  5. ShortstopVM

    NBA Thread

    And the Clippers did just that.
  6. Rangers South Lightning! Congratulations to Tampa Bay, but especially to Ryan McDonagh and Kevin Shattenkirk.
  7. Vic's Picks: Browns over the so-called "Football Team" Titans over Vikings Colts over Jets Upset Special: Panthers over Chargers Last Week: 3-1, incorrect Upset pick Overall: 7-1 (1-1)
  8. Christmas came early yesterday... And Santa left me plenty of coal... The Mets got eliminated from Playoff contention, meaning our season is prematurely over. #EpicFail
  9. The Marlins just clinched a Playoff berth and they are on their way to playing ALL sixty guess... They're legit, I guess...
  10. ShortstopVM

    NBA Thread

    Wow, I totally did not expect the TNT crew to shout-out USA cyclist Chloe Dygert during their telecast. But yes, well-wishes to her for a full recovery (); that crash was terrifying (and left me deflated for the rest of the Women's TT)
  11. For once, Monday Night Football returns to ABC - even if it's just for one night...
  12. "If you don't like it, you can challenge it" #SoundsOfTheGame
  13. Vic's Picks: Niners over Jets Packers over Lions Cowboys over Falcons Upset Special: Eagles over Rams Last Week: 4-0, baby! Overall: 4-0 (1-0)
  14. Losing 12-0 in the opening game of a series that we need to sweep.
  15. Also, the award for Stupid Idea of the Day goes to this guy:
  16. 2020 MLB playoffs schedule, bubble locations and how to watch every postseason game Yeah, this plan is trash. It would be okay if the dimensions were the same, such as NBA, NHL, NFL, but this would nullify the home-field advantage (for the Division Series and beyond) that teams worked hard to earn. It matters that the players get to play in their HOME stadiums, in front of the nooks and crannies that they are familiar with (which is why I didn't mind the Wild Card round being at the higher seed). This is the same reason why I did NOT want MLB to be in a bubble in the first place. If MLB really wanted to do a Postseason bubble, they would have needed to find a ballpark where the dimensions are completely neutral - the ballparks in Texas are hitters' parks; the ballparks in Anaheim and San Diego are pitcher's parks.
  17. ShortstopVM

    NBA Thread

    a) Doc Rivers needs to go. 3-1 leads don't disappear on their own; someone needs to be held accountable for this b) The WCF is the Lakers' to lose
  18. ShortstopVM

    NBA Thread

    Take two, except with "Conference Final" and "Second Round", respectively
  19. I just realized that an Isles win tomorrow would set up another #SportsEquinox on Thursday (alongside the NBA's ECF, Bengals/Browns on NFL's TNF, and Baseball of course). But there's no way that I'm gonna root for those Fishsticks, though...
  20. The clock management in this Titans/Broncos game...
  21. Chima? You mean the same Chima that self-evicted got kicked out from her season? Yeah, her opinion on Janelle is invalid.
  22. It looks like the Steelers are giving the touches to Snell, in Conner's absence. Did they put baby McFarland in a corner?
  23. Random thought: I just realized that with Eli and Zak De Ossie retiring, the most tenured Giant is... Sterling Shepard. That's not saying much. ----- That being said... LET'S GO GIANTS!
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