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  1. Congratulations to Duke Ragan on earning the Silver Medal. I was a little bit concerned about how his pro style/experience would translate back into the amateur ring, but he made one helluva run. Hat's off to him.
  2. On a MUCH happier note, how about Gable Steveson? He just won his first match of the Wrestling tournament by Technical Superiority! I feel like he's going to dominate his bracket like Mensah-Stock did hers.
  3. And now Holloway just misses a Gold in the 110m Hurdles. What the is going on with [the Men's side of] the USA Track & Field team? EDIT: Crouser and Kovacs went 1-2 in the shot put; they're good.
  4. the USA Men's 4x100m Relay Team; that was a disgrace. Way to represent your country.
  5. The only downside of everybody getting to see the judges' scorecards after every round: If a boxer is up 20-18, they can just Mayweather their way through the third and final round. But I would rather have that, if it means having transparency in amateur boxing.
  6. When this Boxing tournament tournament started, I think I criminally underrated Richard Torrez. After his first fight at these Olympics, he showed plenty of potential. Now, he's onto the Gold Medal match after picking up a win by medical stoppage - off of a bloody nose that he caused with one of his punches This dude might be the real deal.
  7. Is anyone else watching the Skateboarding - Park competition? Holy ! EDIT: Sky Brown's last run!
  9. WELP... I was rooting for Dalilah Muhammad, but Congratulations to Sydney McLaughlin...
  10. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... TAMYRA MENSAH-STOCK! She absolutely BEASTED all four of her opponents! Actually, her Gold Medal Match was her only close match of the tournament (scoring-wise), but even then her defense made the match not even close.
  11. When you sleep through the Apparatus Finals that happened live at 4am, and you're still waiting for NBC to post the event replay on the website Thankfully I managed to find video of the whole Beam Final... I ain't watching NBC Primetime tonight after that -ery, though...
  12. She is the complete package If we're going to go there though, I've got my eye on Jenna Prandini lol Thanks to the NCAA allowing athlete endorsements, NIL will be a hell of a thing...
  13. In other sports... It was a helluva run by Nesthy Petecio to get to the Final bout... Unfortunately, Sena Irie turned the tide midway through the final round and connected for the last clean punch of what was an otherwise hug-filled round match. Carlos Yulo missed the podium of the Vault event by .034 His first attempt cost him; if he landed a little more to the left on the second try... USA beat Spain in Men's Basketball. I'm glad to see our defense settling in and forcing turnovers; it's also nice to see our guys move the ball into open space, and we finally got the threes to go down in the second half.
  14. Yes, I'm very aware of Christine Sinclair, thank you very much. I'm also aware that Canada are still good. Here's the thing: Nobody expected the USWNT to fall flat on their faces the way they did. I thought that the first game against Sweden was just a blip on the radar and that the real team came out against NZ. Apparently, I was wrong: They ended up going scoreless in three matches at the Olympics. This was definitely NOT the same team that I saw in 2019. Go Sweden in the Gold Medal Game. THIS right here. I had NO reason to think that the USWNT would come away with anything less than a Gold Medal. They were head-and-shoulders above everyone else (emphasis on WERE). They just did not play like that in Tokyo, and the blame has to fall on the players - and maybe even the head coach. We came back down to Earth, and nobody on our side of the fence should be happy about it. #NoExcuses Is it time for #VlatkoOut? Do we need to get younger? I don't have all those answers. What I can tell y'all is, that I can accept the fact that we lost to Canada; we need to make adjustments to our roster so that we don't prematurely exit a major tournament again - the next one being the 2023 WWC.
  15. Not the USWNT crashing out of the Olympics by losing to Canada, of all teams. #EpicFail
  16. Marcell Jacobs. Who knew? Also, two Britons getting DQ'ed from the 100m via false starts in this session EDIT: Barshim and Tamberi agreeing to share the Gold Medal instead of having a jump-off. I didn't know that was possible. #epic
  17. Scenes at Kokugikan Arena, where the Boxing event takes place - Mourad Aliev of France was DQ'ed for repeatedly headbutting the Briton Frazer Clarke - after being warned by the ref not to do so (Clarke had been cut open twice as a result of the headbutting). Aliev was pissed, argued with the ref for a bit, had an outburst in front of a camera, and sat on the edge of the ring for about thirty minutes as the French federation filed a protest. He has since left ringside to discuss the matter with his coaches and boxing officials.
  18. We're USA Basketball; it's Gold or Epic Fail.
  19. How about Lee Kiefer bringing home the Gold in fencing? (granted, she's at UK for med school, but just go with this flex lol)
  20. Naeher saving THREE PK's for us (one in regulation, two in the shootout), and the USWNT are on to the Semifinals! Bring on Canada - and a rematch of that 2012 classic from Old Trafford
  21. Joey Bats still has it - he just put out a runner at home with a throw from left field!
  22. Michael Andrew... *sigh* And it's not the first time we've seen a swimmer blow a lead in the final 50m of a race. This is just SO frustrating. I know that we've won a few Golds in the pool, but otherwise it's been a down Olympics for USA Swimming...
  23. That's awesome! To be fair, many of us didn't know about Suni until the Team Event a few days ago, so you're not alone in that regard lol
  24. So, I've heard that the hot stove has heated up: - Jesus Luzardo to the Marlins, Starling Marte to the A's in return - Joey Gallo AND Anthony Rizzo to the yankees. - Max Scherzer potentially going to the Padres I would like my team to make a move or two, but I don't know who we would give up... Okay, now back to the Olympics lol
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