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  1. Love Lies which was a #1 pop song and top 10 on the Hot 100 over 2 and 1/2 years ago continues to show up on the AC chart. 44 34 KHALID X NORMANI Love Lies 38 17 21 0.136 Dancing With A Stranger which was released after it went top 5 but has since gone recurrent.
  2. a bit about Ally's new music in several tweets in the link below. looks like more latin music is coming. https://twitter.com/AllyBrookeOn/status/1391150840816279556
  3. another rehearsal hint. hoping we are in fact getting new music and will be performing at the Billboard Awards on May 23rd as alot have speculated.
  4. thought he might have made it further as well though the three i kind of expect or hope to make it are still there. in the order i am rooting for them Piglet, Black Swan and Russian Dolls. edit mostly rooting for piglet since he was somewhat of an underrated boy band singer in the 90's. *potential spoiler* Nick Lachey
  5. was looking forward to seeing it in the theater. if in fact we are getting a delay we better get new music before the release. edit i think i have an account for Amazon Prime already so should be able to watch it when released.
  6. alot of people on twitter claim to be insiders . always like to see what they say whether there real or not.
  7. i think it is coming but at least she looks good in her pics. edit Normani liked this tweet.
  8. Like I'm Gonna Lose You was performed about a week before Camila left 5H. it was the goodbye we did not realize at the time.
  9. i guess i would not be surprised since she did not seem very happy when talking about her music in recent tweets. Temporary iTunes: #6 Chile #7 Brazil #9 Mexico #14 Philippines #21 Brazil #40 Norway #47 Mexico #110 El Salvador #405 Italy edit charting in the US. Temporary iTunes: #6 Brazil #8 Chile #9 Mexico #16 Brazil #23 Norway #58 Mexico #104 Spain
  10. out officially. Temporary iTunes: #10 Philippines #16 Brazil #135 Malaysia
  11. Camila looks great in all those pics. also she is popular in a chart in Havana. did not know they had charts there. if she was able to tour there someday she would get a great turn out.
  12. the emerald tease might not be music related after all. it was related to the show Normani will appear on. still hopefully we are getting music as well.
  13. so far charting in one country. over 7 hours till the US release. https://kworb.net/itunes/artist/laurenjauregui.html Temporary iTunes: #9 Philippines
  14. it will officially be released tomorrow. edit being released early in other countries.
  15. good show even though there are no new songs . they are giving out awards to the past and current finalists this season.
  16. Lauren is the first 5H girl to release a new song this year. it is not an official single but part of an ep.song is really nice.
  17. Ally with a snippet of a new song.
  18. looks like one of the Normani snippets Gold that leaked recently was released by another artist.the second song Entertaining is better. hopefully we can get that.
  19. if these people are legit . we will have to wait and see.
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