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  1. Rudy Gobert, all my homies hate Rudy Gobert! LET'S GO USA MEN'S BASKETBALL!
  2. Ons Jabeur = ELIMINATED in the first round Eff me
  3. Oh damn; Penny Oleksiak out-touched Simone Manuel, in what was a "rematch" of their 50m Final in Rio
  4. And there it is: Chase Kalisz delivering the first Star-Spangled Banner of these Olympic Games.
  5. LOL I figured that Herbert/Mahut would choke, but I did not expect them to get dumped by Andy Murray and Joe Salisbury like that Metkic/Pavic and Cabal/Farah are the class of the Men's Doubles division.
  6. The Men's Cycling Road Race just started; I've got Vincenzo Nibali winning - he's fresher than some of the other contenders (Pogacar, Van Aert), having [purposely] withdrew from the Tour de France a week before its completion
  7. So many wild-a$$ realignment proposals on social media right now...
  8. Not gonna lie, when they brought out the Paralympian Wakako Tsuchida to carry the torch, I thought that wheelchair tennis legend Shingo Kunieda was going to get the torch somewhere down the line.
  9. Those pictogram re-enactments, tho...
  10. I am THRILLED that one of the USA's flagbearers is a BASEBALL player - Eddy Alvarez, who once played for the Marlins (he also has a medal in short-track speed-skating).
  11. With the presence of the Tongan delegation comes the famous Pita Taufatofua lol.
  12. "Twenty-one years ago, in Sydney..." Damn, I feel old lol
  13. Opening Ceremonies = starting now. And yes, NBC are actually broadcasting this LIVE. In the morning.
  14. Remember when Texas was once rumored to be moving to the Pac-12? Good times.
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