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  1. The Giants just gave the Eagles too many opportunities at the end. Can't be giving Carson Wentz extra downs with goal to go...
  2. LOL at Evan Engram thinking he is Saquon:
  3. The Invisible Man saved the Eagles six points on that Daniel Jones run... Never mind; Wayne Gallman finally punched it in lol
  4. Another random thought: I just realized that Young Shep is the last Giants player left from the infamous Miami Boat Trip photo. Yeah, I think it's time to amend that and finally wash our hands...
  5. The Ravens just traded for Terp Alum Yannick Ngakoue. Now we know who really won that sweepstakes for his services... Their defense can only get better from here...
  6. Mookie Betts ran base and dodged the 'pen... #JackieRobAndSin
  7. This play cost me my Fantasy game in my other league this week - a week where Deshaun Watson AND Derrick Henry combined to give me 88+ points. I had a 40+ point lead going into the Cards/Cowboys game... #BadBeats
  8. lol I just realized that this World Series will be contested by two cities whose teams have just won the Stanley Cup (Tampa Bay) and the NBA Championship (Los Angeles)...
  9. THE GWINNETT BRAVES OF COBB COUNTY BLEW A 3-1 LEAD! YES! Thank you, Dodgers! I can actually watch this World Series in peace.
  10. DERRICK HENRY!!!! And Deshaun Watson, too. Both you, take a bow. #Fantasy
  11. LMAO! Coach Rivera should've just kicked the PAT. We'll take our first win of the season - and hopefully the first of many for Coach Joe Judge.
  12. "MR. IRRELEVANT" TAE CROWDER! This is who you gave up a fumble return TD to, Washington? LMAO!
  13. Vic's Picks: Giants over the Team To Be Named Later Steelers over Browns Dolphins over Jets Upset Special: Jaguars over Lions Last Week: 4-0! Overall: 17-3 (3-2)
  14. Thank you Rays, and Congratulations!
  15. Who did it better? or
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