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  1. Yeah, Josh Allen is a -boy for that...
  3. Yaasssss nEw YoRk'S oNly TeAm are getting their clapped!
  4. I like Diggs and Quinton Jefferson is also a Terp but.... Buck the Fills.
  5. So... The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are about to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium... Good Luck to them on Super Sunday - as they are the NFC representatives, I definitely know who I will be rooting for.
  6. Springer to the Jays for 6 years/$150 million. Good; let him be Toronto's distraction; let's finish off the Offseason by signing JBJ and Brad Hand.
  7. And gone he is. I'm glad that Cohen fired his a$$ that quickly. Get that outta here.
  8. Get Porter outta here To keep him would be inviting a distraction (and bad karma). Ideally, he should be fired before I wake up in the morning... Anyhow, since he hasn't been here for long (and Sandy has been pulling most of the strings), it shouldn't affect our long-term game plan that much. Find a replacement, and keep the train rolling.
  9. Four, including himself? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH There's a reason his last name sounds similar to "dim-wit"...
  10. ...I guess JuJu was right when he said that "The Browns is the Browns"
  11. Facundo Campazzo? You mean -you-ndo Campazzo - I haven't forgotten that beef he started with Melo at the Olympics
  12. That third period was a defensive masterpiece. *chef's kiss* It wasn't just Spencer Knight making saves in goal, but his teammates blocking shots and cutting off passing lanes. According to the NHL Network's pundits, USA had the tougher path to the Final and were more battle-tested. Yeah, the helmet ads are a no-go for me... Speaking of defense... I wish the Rangers could play some right now. Down 3-0 TO THE FISHSTICKS AFTER THE FIRST PERIOD OF THE SEASON?!?!?
  13. Hopefully Don Drysdale was there to greet you at the gates to Dodger Heaven. Thank you for all you did for Baseball, Tommy. May your soul Rest In Peace.
  14. A little birdie tells me that the Sixers want some cheese with their whine...
  15. Sean Payton taking a different kind of Gatorade bath after the game...
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