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  1. ShortstopVM

    NBA Thread

    Phoenix went undefeated in the bubble... And they're still going home...
  2. So yeah... It's safe to say that Juan Soto tested positive... ...for being the best hitter in the National League
  3. Anyone watching this Blue Jackets/Lightning game? #5OTs
  4. No field hockey; no men's soccer (and no volleyball or women's soccer, for that matter)... I'm really going to have plenty of time on my hands Let's hope they don't cancel the Winter sports, either... Attempting to do Fall sports, let alone football, in the Spring will be tricky - especially since most schools have Fall and Spring teams that use the same venues (ex. football and men's lacrosse; field Hockey and women's lacrosse etc.)
  5. If there is any college football this Fall... It won't be in the B1G. They just voted to cancel the season (with only Iowa and Nebraska voting to play) I guess that frees up my Saturday afternoons? lol
  6. SNY announcers talking about Billy Hamilton:
  7. Hot Take: MLB should just delay the Playoffs by a week, so that all teams can play make-up games to get to sixty games played. You mean to tell me that the Marlins could win the NL East without playing one-tenth of their games? #FOH
  8. We already exited our season safely...
  9. And of course BB cuts away right when they were about to hug...
  10. Even Kaysar and Janelle are more legendary than them
  11. "I sealed your partner's fate. I caught the bigger fish."
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