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  1. We don't have one either (which is fine by me); we're going with six A's for this season. BTW, I just finished watching your Flames throttle the Rangers at home, 5-1.
  2. At the moment, I have JoJo and Jenna running away with this
  3. Vic's Picks: Patriots over Jets Rams over Lions Niners over Colts Upset Special: Seahawks over Saints Last Week: 3-1, correct Upset pick Overall: 18-6 (4-2)
  4. What the was that supposed to mean?
  5. And to think that the newly-crowned NL Champs were behind us in July... I think you can guess who I'm going to root for...
  6. If it's the Marlins or Nationals, I generally wouldn't mind - but there may be exceptions: For example, in 2019 I was rooting against the Nats in the Postseason because I was too upset with them making it while we faltered down the stretch. If it's the Braves or Phillies... Let's just say that I'll only root for them if they play the yankees in the World Series (see: 2009).
  7. Urias = urine If by money you mean, "I do NOT want a division rival - much less one who only made the Postseason because of my team's collapse - to win", then yes.
  8. Damn. Bye, Melanie C... However... The Miz and Witney are still alive!
  9. 32; all 8's. I'll take it, considering that little stumble he had.
  10. Some of the constructive criticisms from the judges seem fair. And Happy Birthday, Witney!
  11. Was it just me, or did I catch a stumble toward the end there? It was fast-paced, but I wonder if it was too fast for him?
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