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  1. So, the Eagles wanted to propose a 4th-and-15 in lieu of an onside kick... Yeah, they should not be allowed to propose rule changes from now on...
  2. The Pensacola Blue Wahoos have listed their stadium for lodging on AirBnB. DOES THIS MEAN THAT THE MINOR LEAGUE SEASON IS CANCELLED?!?!?
  3. You know you're live when (2:50-end): lol It's good to see some live tennis back.
  4. How did I miss this thread? There's two big ones coming up:
  5. Alejandro has a livestream on SoFar tomorrow afternoon (or later today) at 3pm Eastern
  6. Yes - because Shad told the rescuers to save his son first:
  7. Oh, no doubt. I have a feeling that she might be back at The Bitter End again... Or even take the stage at Rockwood (where several AI alum have played gigs)... She'll definitely be touring, for sure.
  8. Because of how late Idol announced the Top 2 (less than ten minutes of show left) they probably no time to do that, since they still had to announce the winner and air "We Are The World"
  9. I'd like to be added, too! "Sorry I walk so fast" LOL I can relate
  10. Off the top of my head... "New York State of Mind" by Julia "Como La Flor" by Just Sam Genavieve Linkowski's emotional audition
  11. Lost in all of my jubilation over Sam's win: She is the first American Idol winner to come from The Five Boroughs. #ProudNewYorker
  12. JUST SAM ACTUALLY WON! She earned this; she had been dominant all season and was head-and-shoulders above everyone else - even above my Favorite contestants. Congratulations to Sam! I'm hoping she can capitalize off of this and make it big.
  13. Just Sam is in the Final Two! I'm gutted for Francisco, though...
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