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  1. That was a CLEAN open-ice hit by Trouba on Dal Colle, and everyone knows it. What PATHETIC move by Pageau to start a fight with Trouba over that. #FOH #ServeThoseFishsticks
  2. ShortstopVM

    NBA Thread

    With the Dunk Contest wrapped up, here is my annual Scorecard: First Round: 1st Dunk: Dwight Howard: Statue of Liberty. Solid dunk with some difficulty, but he missed the first attempt. 7.5/38 Derrick Jones: Love the setup (“Happy Birthday to You”), but again, he missed the first attempt. If you want to be generous, I’d give it an 8.5, but as it is… 8/40 Pat Connaughton: Jumps over Yelich, takes the ball from him, and sends it in. Gotta give him credit for getting it on the first try. 10/50 Aaron Gordon: Under-the-legs crossover, and then the reverse jam. Very difficult dunk, but he missed his first attempt. 9/45 2nd Dunk: Dwight Howard: Took his jersey off to become Superman, honors Kobe with the #24 and the snakeskin ball, receives the ball and then jams it in the first time. Love the theatrics, but it’s a bit too easy 9.5/48 Pat Connaughton: The same thing as his first dunk, but with Giannis. Credit for difficulty due to height. Missed his first two attempts though. 9/44 Derrick Jones: 360, under-the-legs, one-handed jam. Made it on the first try. Job well done. If I could bring out an “11” paddle, I could. 10/50 Aaron Gordon: Jumped over Chance the Rapper, snatched the ball from him, did a pump axe-handle slam – all on the first try. That should be an “11” dunk. 10/50 Finals: 1st Dunk: Derrick Jones: Not only did he jump over TWO people, he put the ball under the legs before slamming it through the hoop – all on the first try. Well done. 10/50 Aaron Gordon: The tik-tok girls did nothing for me. This was a repeat of his first-round dunk, but from the top of the three-point line in front of the basket. 9.5/47 2nd Dunk: Derrick Jones: Varied his dunk by having the person he was jumping over bounce it off the backboard to him – and the ball was way out behind his legs. Degree of difficulty was a 5+ CAN WE GET A “15” PADDLE IN HERE?!?!? 10/50 Aaron Gordon: Pretty much ended any chance of winning the Dunk Contest by missing his first attempt – which is a shame, because he caught the pass one-handed and slammed it home all in one motion. 9.5/49. Dunk-off, Round One: Derrick Jones: Took the pass off the backboard, before going under-the-legs and threading it in. Of course he made it on the first try. 10/50 Aaron Gordon: This was the same dunk as his two others that took off from the three-point line, but from a different angle. 9/45. Dunk-off, Round Two: Derrick Jones: Attempted to recreate the Jordan Dunk – but it was just a bit in front of the free-throw line. 9.5/47 Aaron Gordon: A two-hand dunk over the seven-foot tall Tacko Fall. *In Alessia voice* Okay, okay, okay… 9.5/47 ---------- The Final round was close, but a missed attempt by Gordon and more difficult dunks by Jones were the difference. Derrick Jones it is.
  3. Wow... The Sox are probably ending their season before it even began...
  4. WELP... That sucked... However, Mahomes and Reid (at long last) got their Rings, and Spags got his second ring. I can't be mad.
  5. 49ers 23 Chiefs 20 Super Bowl MVP: Raheem Mostert
  6. Hey, Dominc Thiem! #NoNoNo I wonder which Choke Job was worse: Today, or the DelPo match at the US Open?
  7. Hmmm... The one who eliminated Coco Gauff from this year's tourney (and Madison Brengle from the 2018 US Open) or The one who prevented Venus from winning Wimbledon that one year...
  8. What a comeback by Alex Eala and Priska Nugroho! They lost the first set, 6-1 and then [after winning the second set] trailed 7-1 in the match tiebreak. They won six consecutive points to win the match, and they will now be playing for the Junior Girls' Doubles title! #ComebackKids
  9. Seriously, who told Tennys that he was allowed to be mad?
  11. No, no, no, Tennys; no, no, no!
  12. Somebody default Fognini's a$$… This is ridiculous...
  13. Ons Jabeur, PLEASE beat Sofia Kenin in the next round!
  14. I second this; can we get our Sports subforum back? It was one of the more active subforums on the "old" IDF
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