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  1. Derek commenting solely to react to my comments. Eva was robbed by Yaya and Amanda. That CoverGirl shot deserved better.
  2. This episode was the weakest yet. The challenge honestly felt like three episodes and it wasn’t even that good. I don’t think any of them stood out in the challenge and it was slim pickings for the winner. 01. Kylie - She won because she was the most improved. I thought she embodied Jessica Lange pretty well but I wasn’t thrilled. 02. Ginger - The same character and facial expressions as every character she plays. Eggs, Phone lip-sync and this week. I’m finding her very one note for All Stars. 03. Ra’Jah - I thought her character stood out and she was funny. I don’t get why she was in the bottom tbh. 04. Eureka - There wasn’t much light and shade like they said but she delivered the brief and her runway was great. 05. Jan - She played herself. 06. A’Keria - Her time to go. She was terrible in the challenge. 07. Trinity - I don’t remember a single line that Trinity delivered. 08. Pandora - Possibly the most invisible run ever?
  3. The Red Wedding is some of the best television in the history of television. I watched all of GoT in about three weeks. I couldn’t stop once I’d started because I became so invested in some of the characters and storylines. The last season isn’t fantastic but they had to end it somehow and I doubt the fans would’ve liked any ending. Please watch it! I’ll have my rankings in this afternoon.
  4. 01. Fatima 02. Matthew 03. Courtney 04. Melrose 05. Alexandra 06. Brittani 07. Brittany 08. Khrystyana 10. Laura 11. Anya 12. April 13. Lacey 14. Natasha 15. Nina
  5. Arya Stark Brienne of Tarth Catelyn Stark Cersei Lannister Daenerys Targaryen Jaime Lannister Missandei - 3 (Alex), QK, Diana Olenna Tyrell Podrick Payne - 3 (Alex), QK, Diana. Ramsay Bolton - 1 (Zoey) Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister - 1 (Zoey)
  6. I knew Missandei would be out just before the final ranking.
  7. I went for the aesthetic of the Pinks Hotdog’s shoot with both Fatima and Matthew. Fatima’s shot on the sets background would’ve fit the theme perfectly. I didn’t have time to photoshop anything but I think both shots would’ve been cheapened and looked silly by adding something to them so I’m glad I didn’t.
  8. I’ve never known as many people with COVID on freedom day.
  9. We can’t advance Daenerys without advancing Missandei.
  10. Myself and Alex Will be cutting Stannis, Ygritte, and Euron. We will be advancing Catelyn Stark.
  11. If this is possible please? I can have them in early US time since I’m hours ahead.
  12. 1. Zoey 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Sola 7. Diana 8.
  13. Cutting Lord Baelish, Ghost and Khal Drogo.
  14. I actually can’t still believe Christina, Naima and Kahlen all outlasted Michelle. smh
  15. Thank you for picking Euron! I wanted to choose him.
  16. 01. Matthew 02. Fatima 03. Alexandra 04. Brittani 05. Courtney 06. Laura 07. Melrose 08. Brittany 09. Nina 10. April 11. Yaya 12. Natasha 13. Lacey 14. Khrystyana 15. Anya
  17. F*cking robbed. She had one of the best track records and especially next to Jan. 01. Eureka - She continues to impress me and slay. 02. Akeria - What a comeback! 03. Ginger - The only time I’ve ever enjoyed her lip-syncing. Her runway was one of the best too. 04. Scarlet - She went home why? 05. Kylie - Forgettable because she’s soft spoken but I didn’t think she did anything bad. She just didn’t bring much. 06. Trinity - She did well to keep up with Eureka and Akeria. She was the most human this week when she was being open about her HIV status. One of the few moments I’ve enjoyed from her where she didn’t seem cold. 07. Ra’Jah - Her weakest week by far. I forgot everything she did this week. 08. Pandora - Not for me. Her part in the talk show went no where and her runway was terrible compared to the others. 09. Jan - The crying, the over the top acting and the terrible runway. Girl, go home already.
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