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  1. Rose Ayling-Ellis & Giovanni Pernice - "Raspberry Beret" (Cha-Cha): 9 Tom Fletcher & Amy Dowden - "Fly Me To The Moon" (Foxtrot): 6 Tilly Ramsey & Nikita Kuzmin - "Diablo Rojo" (Paso Doble): 7 Greg Wise & Karen Hauer - "Macarena" (Samba): 6 John Whaite & Johannes Radebe - "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)" (American Smooth): 7 Rhys Stephenson & Nancy Xu - "Butter" (Salsa): 6 Sara Davies & Aljaž Škorjanec - "Por Una Cabeza" (Tango): 9 Dan Walker & Nadiya Bychkova - "U Can't Touch This" / "Super Freak" (Cha-Cha): 5 Judi Love & Graziano Di Prima - "Hero" (Waltz): 5 Adam Peaty & Katya Jones - "Tango in the Night" (Argentine Tango): 5 AJ Odudu & Kai Widdrington - "Don't Go Yet" (Samba): 9
  2. This post is live apart from the Krystal shade. I don’t understand why people think she’s boring. I just don’t think she’s the loudest person in the room and very similar to Crystal Methyd, Kameron Michaels and Bimini in that respect. She doesn’t try to take all the air out of the room because people like Kitty, Vanity and Charity have that covered.
  3. It’s my only hope of getting a certain person advanced anywhere near the final round.
  4. Can we have a round where it’s just me and Wally please?
  5. Me, Elliott and Megan have nearly always agreed on SYTYCD so I’m not mad.
  6. Queen Kailah is returning? I really hope she brings the drama along with Jemmye. Kailah is such an underrated player on The Challenge. Definitely one of my favourites! Jemmye is a confessional queen and social mastermind. So glad she’s returning to give us her quit wit. Happy to see Jordan return.
  7. Krystal is a star and I’m glad she’s doing so well in the competition. Her looks are so polished and she brought some incredible moves this week which was totally unexpected considering she struggles with choreography. I thought she was by far the best of her group. 01. River - Absolute shining moment for her. Great looks and her verse was by far the best this week. 02. Choriza - She’s hilarious and she brings it every week. I hate the underdog edit she’s been given because she’s a frontrunner. 03. Krystal - She’s a complete star. They’d be stupid to eliminate her any time soon. The insecure kid who has grown because of drag. I stan! And those looks. Amazing. 04. Vanity - Vanity looks the same in and out of drag. The only difference is that she wears a wig. I genuinely don’t think she can paint and her looks are cheap but she did great this week in the challenge. I just wish someone would call her out on her makeup. 05. Ella - I expected more and was so underwhelmed by her looks, performance and voice. The show and Ella both built her up to be this amazing singer and we saw none of it. She was the weakest member of her group. 07. Charity - I don’t like Charity but I did enjoy her pushing herself this week. I don’t think that it’s fair to blame queens for cohesion when they don’t know anyone else’s wardrobe? She’s a great dancer and she definitely won that lip-sync. Scarlet should’ve 100% gone home and would’ve deserved it. 08. Scarlet - Terrible week, terrible performance, terrible attitude, terrible runway, terrible lip-sync. She’s really grating on me and should’ve gone home.
  8. Adele’s new song - fantastic. Halloween Kills - Even better.
  9. I think I might nominate all males to see how it turns out.
  10. I second this since we’re obviously the best two rankers.
  11. Allison and now Travis. I miss when people had taste!
  12. If @sublymonal has changed his mind then that’s fine, we can change. I was just going off what we had discussed previously to get this thing moving again.
  13. We had decided on a Natalie & Ivan’s contemporary but that was already advanced. Andrew had also mentioned about liking Travis & Benji’s routine so I chose that. All of those apart from the Jessica & Jaymz routine are what we had discussed. I added that one to round it off because I thought it’d be the least offensive after us cutting so many Donyelle and Benji.
  14. Darius was one of my favourites but I get the not connecting with him. I love him solely based on his routines but never connected on a personality level.
  15. Well maybe if you tried fixing this rankdown so it went my way a little bit then we could talk about some lovin’.
  16. I thought I was genuinely over my pettiness when it came to games including my favourites but I think SYTYCD brings out the worst in me. I’m getting all those feelings from years ago when I saw my favourites getting ditched.
  17. The Melissa Mitro love I just can’t bring myself to not love you.
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