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  1. Sola, you can’t vote at this point Wally said. Then Elliott ignored my vote so I’m changing it. Vote to eliminate: Nathaniel Willemse: Elliott Natalie Ong: JC, Zoey
  2. Vote to eliminate: Nathaniel Willemse: Zoey Natalie Ong: JC
  3. Vote to Save Colton Dixon - Elliott, Zoey Jessica Sierra - Sola, Chris
  4. Stephannie Favor I’m cutting Stephannie because I don’t remember her. Stephannie was cast on Survivor Cook Islands where the tribes were split based on race. What did she do? I have no clue. I’ve had a google and it seems as if she was the swing vote when her tribe first went to tribal council. She decided to stick with the girls and vote out the least productive person on the tribe. She then didn’t do much until she helped vote JP out because his attitude was getting on people’s nerves. She then found herself in another mess and was unanimously voted out and left in sixteenth place. Saving the legendary Jane.
  5. 01. Nastasia 02. Leila 03. Alyssa 04. Brittany 05. Laura
  6. Saving Hayley over someone who delivered this.
  7. Jessica Sanchez - Alex, Victoria, Zoey La'Porsha Renae - Elliott, Sola, Chris, Nico
  8. James Clement I’m cutting James here because he just isn’t a good player and hasn’t brought us any good moments. James has appeared on three seasons of Survivor and is viewed as one of the most popular players but I fail to see why. James wasn’t entertaining, he didn’t play the game well and the only thing he was decent at was helping win immunities. Is that a good enough reason to keep him around? Absolutely not. I probably enjoyed him more in China but there were others I enjoyed a hell of a lot more. He’s just another fodder cast member. Saving Nick.
  9. Austin Drage Ella Henderson Ben Haenow Fleur East Shan Ako Reigan Derry Hayley Teal Victoria Ekanoye
  10. No one mentioned anything about not being able to nominate the same contestants twice in a row so I assumed it was fine.
  11. George Huff Chris Daughtry Melinda Doolittle David Cook Kris Allen Adam Lambert Jena Irene La’Porsha Renae
  12. 01. Nastasia 02. Leila 03. Brittany 04. Allyssa 05. Laura 06. Kristin
  13. Rory Freeman Rory was a contestant on Survivor Vanuatu. This season was split in to two tribes of men vs women. I’m still waiting for them to do this again as it was a really good twist. Rory was a member of the Fat Five alliance that consisted of five men. One of which was Chris Daugherty, who I cannot stand so I didn’t particularly care for Rory because of it. I don’t like cocky men and that alliance was full of them. Not for me! I don’t remember much else about his journey so he can leave here as Sherea made much more of an impactx Saving Sherea
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