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  1. For my round 2 picks, I'll move on everything left vulnerable from Shania night
  2. better then the actual winners circle, carry on rankers!
  3. Nice would look better as a 3 by 5 though Thanks very muvch will shove it on the first page! And 4 men is more then you usually get in in an IDF rankdown, so I would say its an avvomplishment? At least a little one!
  4. Still this but 5 days left (including today!)
  5. i liked what you picked for Yaya. I was surprised (not by your choice, but the fact that I liked it)
  6. Love Daeny, they just needed her descent to start sooner then the last couple of episodes so people had time to adjust.
  7. 1. Matthew 2. Khrystyana 3. Laura 4. Yaya 5. Fatima 6. Lacey 7. Courtney 8. April 9. Brittany 10. Melrose 11. Nina 12. Brittani 13. Anya 14. Alexandra
  8. Azah it's not your hoh calm down
  9. Tiffany has her first comp win weee
  10. Derek X and tiff scheming against ratini
  11. Everybody hates Brent segment
  12. ive decided Britini is insufferable, can I change my ranks to put her last even though its based on this week?
  13. Love Heartless and cool to see it winning. Makes me think back to our X-Factor rankdown winner though! This one is still slightly better then Kris'
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