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  1. @Deeee Little Toy Guns description is wrong. It was fist released on Greatest hits, not carnival ride.
  2. Shout outs to @~Tom~ @*Wallace @sublymonal and the public for all ranking Little Toy Guns well. Its been such an important song for me <3. I love all 3 songs in this set though.
  3. Little Toy Guns was so close to the Top 10
  4. where is my appreciation for ranking it 3rd.
  5. i know that feeling. Last All-Stars when waiting for the which 14 were going into the house, I was so stressed!
  6. Side note, if Andrea and Lauren went to tiebreaker, Lauren had more public votes.
  7. @lily slaying with her ranking of Drinking Alone. I am glad you came around on it!
  8. Drinking Alone and I Told You so out. I love Drinkign Alone so much.
  9. also @lily #teamSolily winning last years draft! I obviously want to go first in whatever draft i wind up in. No more Parvati stealing!
  10. How do you remember this stuff? Also LOL I remember hating Nicole from the pre season stuff. Funny how that changed.
  11. Did I get him default at the end? That sounds like something that would happen.
  12. i know After Elliott stole Parvati in the survivor draft and then saddled me with Adam, I don't know if I can take losing Janie!
  13. Remaining Nominations: Stacey Kimball Jason Siska Jane Bright Tai Trang Christian Hubicki Julie Rosenberg @*Amanda @Zoey @Steven_
  14. I loved them all <3. Except some not as much as others.
  15. Yes I also ranked things lower then it. This whole round was rough. So you hush.
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