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  1. 1. Victoria 2. Tera 3. Tychon 4. Josh 5. Austin 6. Julie 7. Latoya 8. Breydon 9. Tina 10. Jedson 11. Kiefer 12. Rohan 13. Beth 14. Kyle
  2. 1. Catherine 2. Chantelle 3. Elyse 4. Kristin 5. Fatima 6. Angelea 7. Shandi 8. Eugena 9. Amanda 10. Isis 11. Furonda 12. Liberty 13. Leslie 14. Robin
  3. Tychon killed it, so happy for him! Still only my third fav this season behind Spicy V and Tera.
  4. This really has been a great season all things considered
  5. Yea I think Brey will unfortunately win
  6. Bye tera, hopefully that opens things up for a Ty win
  7. Snorlax I wasn't expecting Victoria and Derek to cave on Snorlax, but I guess they want to respect Steven and Megan's favorites. Snorlax is in my Top 20 favorite Gen 1 pokemon, and I have used it in my playthroughs. Snorlax + hyper beam in Gen 1? Very nice. He also is a reoccurring pokemon for Ash in the series. I feel like I can relate to him. Eat and sleep? Thats a good life. That said, he isn't need for this Top 20. so welcome to 21st place. In the early generations you could get Snorlax via pokeflute. In gen 2 it gained Munchlax as a pre-evolution w
  8. alright sounds like its snorlax i dont mind doing the write up, unless Derek wants it
  9. why is it weird? if Derek votes that way, I am fine with voting Snorlax off the island.
  10. I will vote any of the 5 i listed, so just let me know which way yall want to go.
  11. Its not difficult. There are 2 that Victoria and I can agree on. If you agree with one of these, then that's the choice. No other coordination required. I will wait another hour or so and then my vote will be switched to randomize.
  12. im fine with it. Dereks been on and hasn't confirmed, so I figured this is what it would resort to.
  13. I would think Kiefer gets Canada's favorite houseguest. I am rooting for a Tychon/Tera Top 2, but I do think we are looking at a Ty/Brey Top 2, and a Tychon win. Not a problem with that, but I do not want to see Breydon pull off a win.
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