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S21 TOP 10: Rank the performances.


S21 TOP 10: Rank the performances.  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Holly Forbes - Last Dance
    • Wendy Moten - Jolene
    • Jeremy Rosado- Freedom was a Highway
    • Jershika Maple - Ain´t it Fun
    • Lana Scott - The One that Got Away
    • Joshua Vacanti - If I Ain´t Got You
    • Jim and Sasha Allen - Stay
    • Paris Winningham - Amazed
    • Hailey Mia - Peter Pan
    • Girl Named Tom - Viva la Vida

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Overall not as good as the last live show imo.

1. Joshua - I was so ready to hate the song, but I'm glad I didn't. It stood out enough from the other versions I've heard.

2. Wendy - She flubbed one lyric, but it was still a beautiful performance.

3. Jershika - Out of the box song choice for sure, and I love every second of it. It was so fun.


4. Paris - I don't like cheesy songs, but he just sang the hell out of it. So no further complaints.

5. Lana - I prefer the studio version. There were some melody changes she did that sounded a bit forced, but still pretty solid performance.

6. J&S - Still don't think their voices harmonize that well, but it's probably their best performance yet. 

7. Hailey - Eh, it was fine, but she seemed shakier than normal.

8. GNT - What's up with two thirds of them messing up the lyrics tonight...? They didn't blend as well as I hoped they would. 

9. Jeremy - He did okay, but the band was overpowering. Overall, not super memorable.  

10. Holly - Yikes, she sounded winded the whole way through, and I was missing the signature big note at the end.

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1. Maneskin -  Even the band was much more interesting than all of these US ones this season when they competed on the X-Factor Italy. 





2. GNT

3. Joshua

4. Paris

5. Hailey

6. Jershika

7. Wendy

8. Jim & Sasha

9. Jeremy

10. Lana

11. Holly

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1. Girl Named Tom - I don´t care what anybody says. That was a concert!

2. Paris - As consistent as ever. Loved the bit of rasp and how he got in it emotionally.

3. Joshua - Bringing the drama and his own flair to an overdone song. Loved it.

4. Wendy - Finally singing country! Loved her storytelling and props for going on stage after the fall. She´s a pro.

5. Lana - The most I´ve liked her all season, props for the creativity.

6. Hailey - Bandzilla´d at times, but good vocals. That being said, a step down from last week.

7. Jershika - Song didn´t benefit her, but she did what she could, and there were some fantastic moments there. Still, her weakest.

8. Jeremy - Better than last week, actually. He did better than expected although the song didn´t do him any favors and it was just a weak choice.

9. Jim and Sasha - Not as good as last week´s Monday, but better than Tuesday and their PO/T13. Still, their time is done.

10. Holly- Gorgeous intro, and then it fell HARD.

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10. Holly Forbes - holly, you might be reading this lmao and i don't want to offend you so i'll just say the opening was okay

9. J&S Allen - some parts were gorgeous, still the harmonies are off and dynamics are barely existent and those few that are ..yikes

8. Jeremy Rosado - karaoke

7. Hailey Mia - the high notes were there and she's a great singer but yeah, bandzilla and a mediocre song choice stood in the way of a memorable performance 


6. Paris Winningham - some off moments towards the end but i like that he showed a more vulnerable side this week

5. Jershika Maple - second half was shaky but props for surviving that song choice, elevating herself from the karaoke lane with it and still giving some impressive vocals 

4. Lana Scott - I think she oversang, keeping it soft would've been a moment, those parts were gorgeous, i appreciate the arrangement 


3. Wendy Moten - she sounded beautiful, not too exciting but beautiful, then again she didn't look one bit invested in that performance



2. GNT - I agree some parts could've been vocally executed better but it was a performance, very inventive

1. Joshua Vacanti - I agree that in some parts, the drama and intensity could've been dialed back but still it was an interesting arrangement, he killed that, also great presence 

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1. Paris Winningham (9) - Damn he really went there, didn’t he?

2. Jershika Maple (8.5) - It WAS fun! I was definitely stressed when I saw the song choice for her but the studio gave me hope. I think this is her least perfect performance so far, but it’s Paramore. It’s permitted. Hayley would stan.

3. Lana Scott (8.5) - A couple iffy spots here and there, but wow. Such a lovely rendition of the song! I was skeptical of her being a worthy country female after several seasons without one, but she continuously proves herself as worthy.

4. Jim & Sasha Allen (8.5) - Wow this was a surprising step up! Honestly I’d loooove to see them make it through for snowflake and meltdown reasons.

5. Wendy Moten (8.5) - This is my favorite live performance of hers I think. I definitely preferred the live performance to the studio.

6. Joshua Vacanti (8) - I’d categorize this as mostly oversung, but it was a solid version. 

7. Girl Named Tom (7.5) - My faves always have an off week, and this was theirs.  It was too inconsistent throughout. The drums were a nice touch, though!

8. Jeremy Rosado (7.5) - Personally I don’t think this was bad, it did feel pretty awkward though. Definitely out of his element and the song itself isn’t that good, but I do hope to see him for another week.

9. Hailey Mia (7) - Not very good tonight, Stale song choice, notable mistakes throughout. 

10. Holly Forbes (6) - Oh Holly… goodness I’m sorry. This didn’t work out.

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