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  1. #24 on itunes! such a heartfelt performance :'( <3
  2. I was reading through her instagram comments the other day and she answered a fan question where she said that she had an album ready but she wasn't feeling good about the material since she didn't thought that the songs represented who she wanted to be as an artist or what she wanted to say so she discarted it. She said that they've been working on the new album for quite some time now and that some of the songs are already ready so hopefully it'll come out soon. I respect her decision tho, I wouldn't want her to put out something that she didn't felt comfortable with. She's been postin
  3. I knew she was getting one of the PVs from Team Legend. Her facebook numbers were great and they've been consistent through the entire season
  4. they posted every performance on facebook too katie/hoot/marybeth/ricky duran are the ones with most likes
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