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  1. I was refering to Blake yeah. Wendy is super talented and would be a great winner ofc.
  3. its not fake - at least a hundred people saw and are complaining all over twitter lol
  4. I disagree tbh. With idol at least, a big part of the audience are young people so they react much better to current stuff than The Voice's audience or at least the people who react better to it are a decent part of the audience to the point where it doesn't feel worthless to try to go that route. That's why every contestant who makes lives there usually ends with +100k followers and the frontrunners can even cross 300/400k, etc.
  5. If Hailey was trying to show how current she is with this set.... the only thing she accomplished was to show how inauthentic and unoriginal she is - it can't get worse and more generic than BOTH a Olivia + Billie songs LOL hopefully she'll enjoy 4th place.
  6. What a weak opening. I don't get why she picked this song. Her head voice is horrendous. At least she did justice to Olivia Rodrigo's vocals - which isn't a compliment.
  7. Jershika/Joshua were my fav performance of the night. That was so fun and fresh.
  8. exactly. they're giving her all the help they can in order for her to get a PV.
  9. the show is making so blatantly obvious that hailey isn't getting the votes they're expecting/want her to get. announced last during last weeks show always performing on the 2nd half and now partnering with the frontrunners for her duet wouldn't be surprised if she ends up in the IS tomorrow.
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