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  1. abi addressed in a live she did on ig that she hasn’t released “more originals” bc idol is allowing each contestant to release only 1 original during the season to keep it “fair” so i’m pretty sure everything is fine and was talked it out w production itself.
  2. the way rock & hall fame is almost a free theme bc theres over 400 inductees LOL hopefully no one will pull off a marybeth and do something like dancing queen tho. like you have OPTIONS.
  3. instagram data got 9/10 of the bottom 10 right. julia was the outlier there. so switch her w roman and they would’ve gotten 10/10. kinda shocked roman didn’t make it thru voting when his stats on all social media plataforms were pretty strong.
  4. my ranking of the night so far. i would def save odell and nya so far. abi odell jack mckenna mia nya quintavious emmy kennedy will kayko jennifer jordan ajii
  5. emmy was def very nervous but it wasn’t bad. just a bit shaky.
  6. what kb thot she was doing w that??? this is not a song for her voice.
  7. i don’t mind the gospel contestants. it’s top 20. it’s not like every single one of them will make top 10.
  8. her voice gets raspier and husky in her higher range but that’s just the texture of that area of her voice (which i love, it’s my favorite part of her voice). technically the notes are well supported and on pitch.
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