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  1. Omgg I forgot we get a #GirlNamedKelly Quartet next week!!!!!
  2. TOP 8 Performances Ranked: GNT Jershika Wendy Hailey Joshua Paris Lana J&S Duets Ranked: #GirlNamedMia Jershika/Joshua Wendy/Paris Lana/J&S
  3. See what happens when Ari doesn’t promote her teams studios. They don’t chart
  4. There is a poll on a “NBC The Voice” group on Facebook ask “Who is going to win The Voice” 600+ have answered GNT - 288 votes Wendy - 95 votes Paris - 92 Hailey - 53 Joshua - 35 Lana - 33 J&S - 15 Jershika - 11
  5. Hailey is leading rn in Pop ITunes Chart. Following her is all GNT performances before anyone else.
  6. If we go by the order of The Voice IG story for Duets: GNT Lana Wendy Jershika Joshua Paris J&S Hailey
  7. That will definitely make them NOT vote! They wouldn’t want to hear someone they hate sing with someone they worship
  8. Oh so someone did see it the first time but never reacted or replied to it? I figured y’all just passed it up.
  9. Y’all, didn’t this happen with Wendy before? Where she did big notes in the studio but didn’t do it live? Or did y’all forget?
  10. Umm didn’t this happen before with Wendy? She belted some high notes in her studio but didn’t do it live?
  11. Hailey’s version will be the best version of Someone You Loved!!
  12. Imagine: PV: GNT HAILEY JOSHUA LANA IS Winner: J&S Carson: There you have it. Jim & Sasha Allen take the 5th spot robbing Wendy Moten, Paris Winningham, & Jershika Maple. This was a great night.
  13. Kelly’s reaction during this moment will be mine when they do win.
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