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  1. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST SEMIFINALS EVER! *would be better w/o J&S
  2. Umm didn’t this happen before with Wendy? She belted some high notes in her studio but didn’t do it live?
  3. Hailey’s version will be the best version of Someone You Loved!!
  4. Imagine: PV: GNT HAILEY JOSHUA LANA IS Winner: J&S Carson: There you have it. Jim & Sasha Allen take the 5th spot robbing Wendy Moten, Paris Winningham, & Jershika Maple. This was a great night.
  5. Kelly’s reaction during this moment will be mine when they do win.
  6. I don’t see no one but GNT winning. Wendy may get 2nd but it depends on her performance tomorrow. Paris/Wendy/Hailey are fighting for the 2nd spot.
  7. bringing this to the page we are on so people don’t have to go to far back to find them once they are availiable.
  8. WENDY MOTEN IS NOTHING LIKE KELLY CLARKSON. KELLY CAN SING ANYTHING. WENDY…well I wanna see her try “7 Rings” and sing the hell out of it and maybe smile while she’s at it
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