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  1. Has the battle tapings always went in order of teams? In every one of them it went Kelly, John, Ariana, and then Blake.
  2. It’s just sooo hard bc her team is still stacked. The KOs are prolly gonna be worse than the Battles.
  3. Holly vs Hailey GNT vs TCS Gymani vs Xavier Kinsey vs Jeremy i really hope and pray that this is team Kelly KO results.
  4. I love how there were 3 Trios and now only 1 stands. Also, how 2 artist (KK and Vaughn) were originally thought to be on Team Kelly and they both ended up on Aris team and battled each other
  5. I say we will find out when spoilers are released this morning.
  6. Yeah, I know that. I was talking about like a notification that will pop up on my phone when I’m off of IDF. Thank you for that info tho!
  7. I really wish there was a notification thing for this thread but then I’d turn it off after every spoiler bc my phone would blow up after lmao
  8. Idk what time they will be posted so I’ve been on here every five minutes since 6:00 AM EST I also check when the last time someone was active and it’s been 4 hours
  9. I agree. The show would and could have been for him but he would have been judged by his stage performance instead of his voice. Most people deliver more when they do what is best for them. I would have rather watched him sit on a stool the whole time and deliver a breathtaking song than to watch him do something that he clearly is not comfortable with and not deliver as much as he could have. IMO I do not care about stage performance on the voice. I wish the world would see that every artist is not the same when it comes to performance.
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