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  1. Cam Anthony - “Feeling Good” Victor Solomon - “Freedom” Jordan Matthew Young - “Gold Dust Woman” Dana Monique - “Nutbush City Limits” Pia Renee - “What The World Needs Now” Zania Alake - "Sweet Love" Zae Romeo - "Falling" Cam Anthony - “Stand Up” Raine Stern - “Electric Feel” Gihanna Zoë - “Reflection" HM: Cam Anthony - “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” & "Wanted Dead or Alive" Victor Solomon - “Glory” Savanna Woods - “Black Hole Sun” & "Zombie" Anna Grace - “If I Die Young” Pete Mroz - "Can't Find My Way Home" Rachel Mac - "Foolish Games" & "Rainbow" Jordan Matthew Young - "I'm No Stranger to the Rain" & "Key to the Highway" Zania Alake - "If I Were Your Woman" Kenzie Wheeler - "Beer Never Broke My Heart" & "The Keeper of the Stars" Dana Monique - "Free Your Mind" Corey Ward - "Already Gone"
  2. Pick four contestants you think could make great Voice coaches. Who and why? 1 - Season 20 only 2 - All seasons
  3. Great finish for Jordan! 3rd place in a season with a ton of great, deserving talent.
  4. Well deserved win for Cam. Wishing all the finalists the best in their future careers.
  5. Agree - "Stay" didn't quite translate as well live as it did in the studio recording for me, but it was nevertheless solid and inventive. Jordan killed it on his upbeat song though, glad they let him rock out on the guitar solo. Considering he beat out four highly regarded vocalists (and some serious fan favorites) in the Instant Save, he vindicated himself quite well tonight. Regardless of where he finishes tomorrow (likely a realistic ceiling of 3rd), he had a great season and deserves the future opportunities and successes coming his way!
  6. 1. Cam 2. Kenzie 3. Jordan 4. Victor 5. Rachel Though Victor could easily snatch #3 with that exclamation point to end the season.
  7. A more interesting question might be, "2nd favorite JMY performance" Probably would have to go with Key to the Highway... slide guitar suits him.
  8. Mostly in agreement, on the top 2 at least 1. Cam - No question, he's ready for the big time. Like, "bigger than The Voice", big time. Blake's absolutely right, the guy's a star. 2. Jordan - Didn't have a bad performance all season IMO; even the songs that weren't in his wheelhouse, he managed to make them work. Versatility and experience definitely set him apart. 3. Victor - Despite a couple songs where there was something slightly "off' about his voice (some hoarseness / rasp? song choice? can't put my finger 100% on it), he could knock out a solid performance every week. And what an exclamation point to end the season! 4. Kenzie - No question, Kenzie has a great voice and could be a country star in the not-too-distant future. Big stadiums will suit him better than television though, as there was something about the up-close format that made his less refined stage presence more apparent. 5. Rachel - A little messy / shouty at times for my tastes, but no question Rachel exceeded expectations and put in some great performances, especially (if I recall correctly) her KO. She held her own in the finale as the sole female representative and at just 16 has a ton of future potential. Not a bad run for a 1-chair turn!
  9. John Legend looks like a processing clerk that one would encounter at the entrance to heaven
  10. Even just an extra week added to the current (live) format to allow for 17-13-9-5, with all artists who make the lives having an opportunity to do an IS song, would be an improvement. You could even use the "13" week to have group performances by those that failed to advance during the 4-way KO and Top 17 weeks - there's usually a couple fan favorites who go home in these rounds, another chance for them to showcase their talents could be fun. I like the idea of this, especially because it seems like a lot of the steals are used early (in earlier tapings), and later artists don't even necessarily have a coach that can steal them.
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