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S21 Top 11: Favorite Performance


S21 Top 11: Favorite Performance  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Wendy Moten - Freeway of Love
    • Girl Named Tom - More Hearts than Mine
    • Holly Forbes - Alone
    • Jershika Maple - How Can I Ease the Pain
    • Lana Scott - I Hope
    • Joshua Vacanti - The Show Must Go On
    • Jeremy Rosado - Reckless Love
    • Gymani - Diamonds
    • Jim and Sasha - Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
    • Paris Winningham - Use Me
    • Hailey Mia - Elastic Heart

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Strong night! Too lazy to do individual writeups though:



1. Jershika Maple (9.5)


Ok MAYBE you actually did that!

2. Joshua Vacanti (9)


Awesome job!

3. Paris Winningham (8.5)

4. Lana Scott (8.5)

5. Girl Named Tom (8.5)

6. Jim & Sasha (8)

7. Hailey Mia (8)

8. Holly Forbes (8)

9. Gymani (8)


Just a tad bit disappointing

10. Wendy Moten (7.5)

11. Jeremy Rosado (7.5)


And again, none of these were bad 🙂


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I voted Hailey right after performance night, but I wish I could take back my vote and give it to Joshua.


They showed UP! 🙇‍♀️

1. Joshua Vacanti - Didn't think the song choice would go well for him at all but... he keeps proving me wrong lol.

2. Hailey Mia - As I said in her fan thread, this was her Carter Rubin "Rainbow Connection" moment.


Y'all did great 👍

3. Jershika Maple - I personally thought the song was pretty boring, which is what keeps this from being higher, but she did excellent.

4. Girl Named Tom - This is average for their standards but I still enjoyed it a lot. Not perfect but I felt the connection.

5. Paris Winningham - Some of the high notes were a little too much for me this time, but besides that, this was awesome.

6. Gymani - Cool arrangement, and the song fit her tone nicely.

7. Holly Forbes - She couldn't quite pull off the big high note but the verses were beautiful and the choruses were surprisingly decent.


Hmm idk

8. Wendy Moten - She held back way too much here. We all know she could've gone off but she was just there... without much energy.

9. Lana Scott - Probably did decent enough but I can't stand this song.



10. Jim & Sasha Allen - Congrats not being last for a change!

11. Jeremy Rosado - Your blind was excellent. 

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11. Lana Scott 

10. Wendy Moten 

9. Jeremy Rosado



8. J&S Allen 

7. Holly Forbes 



6. Girl Named Tom

5. Gymani



4. Jershika Maple

3. Paris Winningham

2. Hailey Mia

1. Joshua Vacanti

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Stacked night.



1a. Jershika - Fantastic as always.

1b. Joshua - I still can't believe he actually pulled this off. Chills.



3. Hailey - Credit where credit's due, this was excellent.



4. Paris - Some very impressive moments here.

5. Gymani - Another great performance, but please retire this song.

6. GNT - My least favorite performance from them (I wasn't a fan of Josh's solo and I like them more singing folk), but still solid. 

7. Wendy - Obviously great but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed. I keep missing some passion or emotion from her performances.

8. Jim & Sasha - Their best live performance BY FAR. 

9. Holly - She somehow survived this, actually doing a great job with it, but imo it's a terrible song choice for her. 



10. Lana - Not as good as last week, and I don't like the song at all.



11. Jeremy - He has been losing steam since his KO, and while he hasn't flopped yet, he hasn't done anything interesting either.



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1. Joshua - I knew it. I knew he could pull it off. Drama and fantastic vocals served on a plate.

2. Paris - Rasp, lows, and that falsetto. Killed it all around.

3. Hailey - Credit where its due: This girl has been consistent since the POs, and I wouldnt be surprised to see her in the finale.

4. GNT - Really enjoyed it. Not their strongest but really consistent. Dont get the criticism here.

5. Jershika - Old school R&B. Very good. It would be very unfair if she is at the bottom.

6. Gymani - Good job with an overdone song. Liked the arrangement changes and the ending was terrific.

7. Wendy - Great as always but that ending was anticlimatic, plus she held back. Still, great job.

8. Jim and Sasha - By far their best live effort. Not bad, their blend actually worked for the most part here.

9. Jeremy - Rough start, he eventually recovered but the whole thing was messy.

10. Lana - Her tone here didnt work for me at all.


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1. Joshua Vacanti - The Show Must Go On
2. Jershika Maple - How Can I Ease the Pain
3. Hailey Mia - Elastic Heart
4. Paris Winningham - Use Me
5. Gymani - Diamonds
6. Holly Forbes - Alone
7. Jeremy Rosado - Reckless Love
8. Wendy Moten - Freeway of Love
9. Girl Named Tom - More Hearts than Mine
10. Lana Scott - I Hope
11. Jim and Sasha Allen - Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

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