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S21 Top 11: Favorite Performance


S21 Top 11: Favorite Performance  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Wendy Moten - Freeway of Love
    • Girl Named Tom - More Hearts than Mine
    • Holly Forbes - Alone
    • Jershika Maple - How Can I Ease the Pain
    • Lana Scott - I Hope
    • Joshua Vacanti - The Show Must Go On
    • Jeremy Rosado - Reckless Love
    • Gymani - Diamonds
    • Jim and Sasha - Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
    • Paris Winningham - Use Me
    • Hailey Mia - Elastic Heart

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1. Joshua Vacanti

2. Jershika Maple

3. Hailey Mia

4. Paris Winningham

5. Girl Named Tom

6. Holly Forbes

7. Wendy Moten

8. Jeremy Rosado

9. Gymani

10. Jim and Sasha

11. Lana Scott


Strong night. A lot of performances I enjoyed and nobody was below meh for me

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1. Hailey - Definitely her best so far.

2. Jershika 

3. Gymani 

4. Paris

5. Joshua - He's voice is a bit thin for the song but overall it was better than I thought.

6. Holly

7. Girl Named Tom

8. Jim & Sasha

9. Jeremy

10. Wendy

11. Lana - OMG! Tragically bad as always.

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Strong night! Too lazy to do individual writeups though:



1. Jershika Maple (9.5)


Ok MAYBE you actually did that!

2. Joshua Vacanti (9)


Awesome job!

3. Paris Winningham (8.5)

4. Lana Scott (8.5)

5. Girl Named Tom (8.5)

6. Jim & Sasha (8)

7. Hailey Mia (8)

8. Holly Forbes (8)

9. Gymani (8)


Just a tad bit disappointing

10. Wendy Moten (7.5)

11. Jeremy Rosado (7.5)


And again, none of these were bad 🙂


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I voted Hailey right after performance night, but I wish I could take back my vote and give it to Joshua.


They showed UP! 🙇‍♀️

1. Joshua Vacanti - Didn't think the song choice would go well for him at all but... he keeps proving me wrong lol.

2. Hailey Mia - As I said in her fan thread, this was her Carter Rubin "Rainbow Connection" moment.


Y'all did great 👍

3. Jershika Maple - I personally thought the song was pretty boring, which is what keeps this from being higher, but she did excellent.

4. Girl Named Tom - This is average for their standards but I still enjoyed it a lot. Not perfect but I felt the connection.

5. Paris Winningham - Some of the high notes were a little too much for me this time, but besides that, this was awesome.

6. Gymani - Cool arrangement, and the song fit her tone nicely.

7. Holly Forbes - She couldn't quite pull off the big high note but the verses were beautiful and the choruses were surprisingly decent.


Hmm idk

8. Wendy Moten - She held back way too much here. We all know she could've gone off but she was just there... without much energy.

9. Lana Scott - Probably did decent enough but I can't stand this song.



10. Jim & Sasha Allen - Congrats not being last for a change!

11. Jeremy Rosado - Your blind was excellent. 

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11. Lana Scott 

10. Wendy Moten 

9. Jeremy Rosado



8. J&S Allen 

7. Holly Forbes 



6. Girl Named Tom

5. Gymani



4. Jershika Maple

3. Paris Winningham

2. Hailey Mia

1. Joshua Vacanti

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Stacked night.



1a. Jershika - Fantastic as always.

1b. Joshua - I still can't believe he actually pulled this off. Chills.



3. Hailey - Credit where credit's due, this was excellent.



4. Paris - Some very impressive moments here.

5. Gymani - Another great performance, but please retire this song.

6. GNT - My least favorite performance from them (I wasn't a fan of Josh's solo and I like them more singing folk), but still solid. 

7. Wendy - Obviously great but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed. I keep missing some passion or emotion from her performances.

8. Jim & Sasha - Their best live performance BY FAR. 

9. Holly - She somehow survived this, actually doing a great job with it, but imo it's a terrible song choice for her. 



10. Lana - Not as good as last week, and I don't like the song at all.



11. Jeremy - He has been losing steam since his KO, and while he hasn't flopped yet, he hasn't done anything interesting either.



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1. Joshua - I knew it. I knew he could pull it off. Drama and fantastic vocals served on a plate.

2. Paris - Rasp, lows, and that falsetto. Killed it all around.

3. Hailey - Credit where its due: This girl has been consistent since the POs, and I wouldnt be surprised to see her in the finale.

4. GNT - Really enjoyed it. Not their strongest but really consistent. Dont get the criticism here.

5. Jershika - Old school R&B. Very good. It would be very unfair if she is at the bottom.

6. Gymani - Good job with an overdone song. Liked the arrangement changes and the ending was terrific.

7. Wendy - Great as always but that ending was anticlimatic, plus she held back. Still, great job.

8. Jim and Sasha - By far their best live effort. Not bad, their blend actually worked for the most part here.

9. Jeremy - Rough start, he eventually recovered but the whole thing was messy.

10. Lana - Her tone here didnt work for me at all.


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1. Joshua Vacanti - The Show Must Go On
2. Jershika Maple - How Can I Ease the Pain
3. Hailey Mia - Elastic Heart
4. Paris Winningham - Use Me
5. Gymani - Diamonds
6. Holly Forbes - Alone
7. Jeremy Rosado - Reckless Love
8. Wendy Moten - Freeway of Love
9. Girl Named Tom - More Hearts than Mine
10. Lana Scott - I Hope
11. Jim and Sasha Allen - Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

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