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  1. I nominate @BigMac454 for king of fan threads
  2. Maybe we should also divide them into categories perhaps Some of these users excel at certain things. Personally I'd say people like Teraginn are the most dedicated fans and others like Bk and Sydneysam are great at running MULTIPLE fan threads at once per season
  3. I also nominate @Sid Kingsleyand @gihhhh
  4. I nominate @VintageVoice and @Misirlou
  5. What do you think about Ariana and her artists? She seems to be pretty invested in Jeremy too
  6. She became my pre-season favorite after I listened to her cover of "Have you ever seen the rain" but the ones who ended up doing that song were Jim and Sasha
  7. She only got John to stand up which surprised me at first but I remembered how Blake passed on trying to steal Holly. If she had a an amazing moment and she was let go, I would expect at least Blake to try and steal despite not having a chance. (I still liked her KO a lot though, even more than her blind). Do you think Blake would have tried stealing GNT if Kelly let them go instead after that KO?
  8. I looked through Sid's twitter and he liked several tweets that were talking some sense into Marisa/ Opposing her tantrum. It was pretty clear he didn't tolerate what she was doing.
  9. Are GNT and Jim and Sasha the only ones in the top 8 who haven't received a standing ovation in the lives?
  10. I am so proud of you. I hope you enjoy your night out with Holly, Sasha, and Ariana!!!
  11. 1. GNT 2. Hailey/Joshua 4. Paris/Jershika 6. Wendy 7. Lana 8. Jim and Sasha Very solid top 8.
  12. Also, there are 2 from each OG team in the top 8. Kelly had 5/11 OG members but 3 of them were eliminated in the past 2 weeks.
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