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  1. Kelly got her 4 chair turn country guy knockout last season. I feel like she would push for a duo vs trio knockout his season rather than pair them up during the battles
  2. Personally, I believe people can hype up whoever they want. (Everyone has their own tastes and preferences) Just because they stan or are fans of someone doesn't necessarily mean they do not see or appreciate someone else's vocal prowess
  3. I remember Kelly saving her steal to take Preston to the lives until Max came along so if he were to end up on her team, he would have a fighting chance on her team probably
  4. Can someone give a short rundown on the genres of the confirmed contestants this season? I really liked how diverse the cast of season 17 was in terms of genre and I'm wondering if it is the same this season now that the top 48 format is back in action
  5. Just saw a bunch of her covers and her tone is gorgeous Add me please!
  6. I just realized I've never joined a fan thread. I'm planning to join some from this season but I'd like Corey's to be my first Can you add me?
  7. I wasn't referring to pop artists as the "best" lol. It's not even one of my favorite genres. I'm just talking about how I think her influence right now could translate heavily to her getting four chair turns or artists with voting power (Regardless of genre, my bad probably for the poor wording) . We'll see though
  8. Personally, I don't see Kelly winning this season. With Ariana in the coaching panel, she'll have major competition and considering the tremendous success and following of Ariana right now, I think it's highly likely for her to snag the best artists for the season. I am also convinced that no matter what, Blake is guranteed to win or at least be the runner-up. I'm open to be proven wrong though
  9. I just saw a random comment saying that John has five 4 chair turns this season. Is this true or is it just a troll?
  10. They all sang a song that involved saying goodbye?
  11. I only have three as well because I can't find others fitting just yet Destiny Rayne James Violet Keegan Ferrell
  12. I wonder who'll end up with the most stacked team this season. The past few seasons (excluding season 20), John would end up with extremely stacked teams. I remember him basically hoarding most 4 chair turns in season 17 and 18 and it was a bloodbath
  13. Recently, Kelly has been covering songs done by people who were on her team this season on her talk show, I'm just curious to see which you guys prefer Do you guys prefer Kelly's versions or Ryleigh's and Kenzie's Versions?
  14. Ahhh that was fun to watch Flee the facility, I love that game Crazy enough, around April when the blinds finished airing, Zae was one of my favorites post blinds and I was bored on Roblox and was randomly searching the names of my favorites from the blinds in "people". Sure enough, zaeromeo came out and he had a default avatar with nobody friended at the time so I assumed it was some random account made by nobody in particular. Coincidentally, that WAS Zae's roblox account as seen from the video so my mind is blown
  15. Does anyone have a link to the livestream? I'm curious about what went down
  16. I expected Gihanna be your top pick so I'm a bit shocked rn I thought that despite her having less performances than the finalists, she'd still be at #1 like Cami from last season's ranking (Correct me if I'm wrong)
  17. I found this comment on the newest video on 4 chair turns and I found it pretty funny If Kelly did not block Blake, the country boy should be the champion! If Nick did not block John, John should be the winner! So this show is not about how well singing, but how to use strategy! This is no longer a normal singing competition! I hope Ryan come back and choose Blake next season to make everything recover.
  18. I feel really bad because I've been picturing contestants like Kat or Hello Sunday reading IDF and seeing all the negativity. For people so young it really could break spirits. The comments on Hello Sunday's performances on YouTube back then were extremely harsh and unecessary back then, I would see people commenting stuff like "Whenever they sing, it makes my ears bleed because their pitch is all over the place" (Hopefully they were able to get past that and continue doing what they love) I hope everyone can deliver deliver criticism in a more constructive and empathetic manner because we often forget that they are just people trying to make a career or a living for themselves.
  19. I just ruled out Carolina because I don't think you'd rank them this low
  20. I'm pretty sure it refers to Anna. when the 6-10 rankings were posted, Bk wrote about having Ryleigh at 5th but switched it up with someone else after watching their runs. Both Ryleigh and Anna were eliminated in the playoffs and have the same amount of performances (With the exception of the IS) They all did well on each round respectively and both were stolen from the same team in the knockouts.
  21. I loved Jej's audition and as much as I love Kelly, I don't think she was the right coach for him. That's probably the first time I've seen Blake that impressed watching an audition because he stood up the whole time (And from what I've seen, getting a standing ovation from Blake after your performance is pretty rare compared to other coaches) I don't know if it was the producers, or Kelly but IMO I don't think he was able to have moments like his audition and battle later on during that season. Blake's enthusiasm probably led me to believe that if he went with Blake, he could have made it much farther than he originally did in competition.
  22. I just saw the comments on the journey video for Kennedy Holmes and a lot of the people commenting were mad that she didn't win and said that Chevel only won because she was country, despite being monotonous throughout the season. I wasn't around to watch season 15 so did Chevel really only win because of the country fans and was Kennedy robbed of the season 15 title?
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