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  1. Hailey Green vs Lana Scott - GIRL - 8.5 Katherine Ann Mohler vs Vaughn Mugol - Dilemma -8 Brittany Bree vs Samara Brown - Giving Him Something He Can Feel -9
  2. They all love John for the most part. I'm pretty sure despite Ariana's attachment to her original team members, she would've chosen Samara or Jershika to move forward if they delivered in the KOs (Unless she was sure they'd get stolen again)
  3. Also, I just realized that Ariana has been trying to get an AA powerhouse on her team this season but ended up getting rejected multiple times (Jershika, Samara, Brittany rejecting her steals) and Gymani picking Kelly after singing her song. Kinda feel bad for her
  4. It scares me how IDF is able to predict montages with 100% accuracy lately
  5. Bella DeNapoli vs Katie Rae - No More Tears -9.25 KJ Jennings vs Samuel Harness - I Know What You Did Last Summer -8.5 Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose - Seven Bridges Road -9.5 The Joy Reunion vs Peedy Chavis - Joy to the World -8.25 Chavon Rodgers vs David Vogel - Sugar We're Goin Down -9.25 Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple - Hold On -9.5
  6. Also, it seems like IDF is divided between who won Jeremy vs Jershika. Wasn't there a source that stated that Jershika was the clear winner of the battle?
  7. I think I heard Carson say Chavon was available to steal? Weren't there no steals left (except ariana's) when their battle was taped?
  8. He also seems super humble and down to earth like Corey. He seemed genuinely surprised that kelly chose him to move on
  9. Ari tried to hug chavon abd I'm not sure if he didn't see her but he kept walking
  10. Honestly don't mind the enunciation since Patrick's enunciation in FOB may be hard to understand for me sometimes When I first heard this song I couldn't make out any of the lyrics
  11. Yes, it was big back in the early 2000s and is still a thing now
  12. Thank you so much, my stream kept glitching I missed half of what was shown
  13. Minivan is the show's main demographic that votes and tptb means "The Power That Be" I think which refers to the producers
  14. Episode 6: Aaron Hines - Heartbreak Anniversary -9 KCK3 - no tears left to cry -7.9 Tommy Edwards - Drops of Jupiter -8 Shadale - That's What I Like -8 Parker McKay - Slow Hands -8.75
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but I recall someone mentioning a source comment saying Jershika was basically a four-chair turn but Blake and Ariana were full. Did they happen to mistake her with Shadale since Blake basically said the same thing to Shadale?
  16. So you mean they took what he said out of context and made it fit the narrative that teams were almost full?
  17. Why did Aaron say that he knew the teams were almost full but he's still going to give it his all if he was the third person to audition? Did the producers make him say that to fit the narrative?
  18. Does that mean that there are no chair turns each season that we never see because they were never aired?
  19. Episode 5: Ryleigh Plank - Anyone -8 Jershika Maple - Can You Stand the Rain-8.75 Manny Keith - Break My Heart-7.75 KJ Jennings - Put Your Records On-8.25 LiBianca - Good Days-8.5 Sophia Bromberg - Heather -8 Wyatt Michael - Mack the Knife -9 Brittany Bree - Call Out My Name -9
  20. I believe she turned first for Holly (Although it was close) and Katherine
  21. Episode 4: Bella Denapoli - Damaged - 9.25 David Vogel - breathin - 9 Janora Brown - Angel of Mine - 8 Kaitlyn Velez - Please Don't Go - 7.9 The Cunningham Sisters - Never Alone - 8.5
  22. Honestly surprised Kelly didnt turn for Samuel considering how he seems like an alt rock/singer-songwriter guy with a raspy voice and passionate approach to his songs. She was all over someone last season who could fit that description
  23. Honestly, I loved his audition and his voice reminded me of pop-punk frontmen from bands I enjoy. I don't know why his audition isn't getting much love from the arianators because I saw some hate from them on twitter when I checked earlier because he had a great arrangement and twist on the song. Anyways, add me!
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