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The Voice's Seasons Tournament 2021 (Finale, Round 2 - Top 3. Voting Open, Now)


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Hi everyone. I was thinking about this for a while and i finale decide that it would be cool to do a tournament between every season of The Voice so far, to see which one is IDF's favorite. So let's start now! 

The format will be the following one: 

First round: there wil be "battles" of one vs one, where the winner will pass to the next round. I already organized how the matchups will be, there will be some interesting ones. This round is planned to be made in two weeks (with 5 match-ups each weeks) and each users can vote a maximum of 10 times for their favorites.   

Quarter-finals: The winners of the past round will compete against each others with the same dinamic, in match ups of one vs one, there will be 5 seasons competing left after this round. Also, this round will be made only in one week, with the five match-ups being at the same time.

Extra-round: One of the five seasons remaining will be eliminated, since there can only be four semifinalists. The form of elimination in this round is not decided yet. This will be immediately after the Top 5 is announced

Semifinal: the four semifinalists will compete in matchups of one vs one, just like the other rounds. This will happen in two weeks , with only one match-up each week 

Battle for 3rd place: the two seasons that lose in the semifinals will compete against each other for the third place, which will be announced right before the winner. (the time of voting will probably differ from the voting period for the final round) 

Final: the two finalist will compete against each other for the title for the Favorite Season of IDF. 


The voting will be through Google Forms. I will publish the match-ups and the Form for voting on Wednesdays (except for the extra-round and battle for 3rd place), and i will be publishing the results on Sundays. with the finale results being planned to happen at September 19th, one day before Season 21's premiere. 


Good luck,everyone!! i hope you have fun with this and your favorite season wins 

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The first pairs will be the following ones:  

Season 5 vs Season 1   

Season 3 vs Season 6  

Season 13 vs Season 16  

Season 20 vs Season 7 

Season 4 vs Season 11


I will publish the form for voting later  


Tagging some people who could be interested in this:  

@Bk1234  @Misirlou @QueenMae16 @QueenCami @Someone648 @VintageVoice @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @Teraginn @Angeles @sydneysam @FloorWax @pauwis @Daillon @echoap @David68 @Rodney @British Man @thevoiceisthetop @colemanftw @VoiceFan! @Dalton Eduardo @Harmat  @season1

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Ok, guys, the voting is OPEN NOW! 

You have 10 votes for IDF's user, this means, that you can either give al 10 votes to one season on a matchup o you can give, for example 6 votes for one and 4 for the other, if you liked them almost equal.

Voting will close this Sunday August 15th, at 3 pm EST.   


Here is the form where you can vote, if you have doubts or there are any technical problems, tell me so i can help you or fix the issue: 



In this document you can consult how are the results going at the moment (no numbers, just how the tournament is going so far): 



Have fun!! Feel free to discuss your thoughts about the tournament on here   


 Tagging people who could be interested on this:


@Bk1234  @Misirlou @QueenMae16 @QueenCami @Someone648 @VintageVoice @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @Teraginn @Angeles @sydneysam @FloorWax @pauwis @Daillon @echoap @David68 @Rodney @British Man @thevoiceisthetop @colemanftw @VoiceFan! @Dalton Eduardo @Harmat  @season1

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11 minutes ago, QueenCami said:

I think I did either 10 or 11? Not sure. Also, I realized partway thrugh I had voted for the wrong one in S1 vs S5 the whole time so that's fun :haha:

You did 11, i deleted the last one, don't worry 👍

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I like this concept and would love to see which season wins(thanks for including me in your tags)


Straight forward opinions for now. Season 5 and Season 13 are on top of my list, so unless they are against each other, I'm voting for them all the way. Season 16 has Maelyn, but sorry girl, your whole season was a mess once X-Battles came forward(still love Queen Maelyn though :wub:)


S9, S4, S12, S15, S8, S18, I enjoyed for the most part. Its probably the Finales of those that I had a hard time watching(Jordan/Jeffery, Michelle, Lauren, Chevel, Sawyer/Koryn, Cammwess, saved those Finale's for me, but still hard to watch)


S10 was a good balance, but I enjoyed the other standouts in the previous seasons mentioned, much more. 


S11 we don't talk about-


Every other season is somewhat forgettable, but we'll see which one wins(I predict S5 or S4, maybe S10/S13 can be the dark horses since they were well received by IDF as well)

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Interesting idea. Some of these results are so obvious though. (S13 vs S16)


I’m all for S5 and S13 going to the Final. Hopefully S9 and S10 are separated next group


S20 and S7 are both in my top half, so it’s tough seeing one get eliminated. 


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Voting is still open guys! :teeheewave: I noticed some of you still haven't give 10 votes, remember, every user has 10 votes. (If you have doubts about how many times did you vote, feel free to ask me here)


There is one particular match-up with really...interesting results so far. Let's see how the thing turn from here until Sunday

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  • Gustavo527 changed the title to The Voice's Seasons Tournament 2021 (First round, Part 1. VOTING OPEN, NOW)

Hi guys!! 

A friendly reminder that you have until tomorrow at 3 pm EST to vote:thumbsup:. Remember, you have 10 votes per user.


I don't wanna spoil but i'm just gonna say one of the matchups is really close👀. So, your vote can really make the diference.

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Hi guys!! Finally, welcome to the results of the first round of the IDF´s The Voice´s Seasons Tournament 2021.  


The dinamic will be the following one by one: i will publish the match-ups one for one, and at the same time, i will post one performance representing each of the seasons that are competing on that match-up. Finally, after that, i will publish the result of said match-up.  


The total of votes only for this round, will be published either later tonight or tomorrow. After this round, all the numbers and graphics will be revealed after the finale 


So let's go!! Good luck to your favorites. 



Tagging some people who could be interested:

@Bk1234  @Misirlou @QueenMae16 @QueenCami @Someone648 @VintageVoice @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @Teraginn @Angeles @sydneysam @FloorWax@Jordan Smith Fan @pauwis @Daillon @echoap @David68 @Rodney @British Man @thevoiceisthetop @VoiceFan! @Dalton Eduardo @Harmat  @season1

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  • Gustavo527 changed the title to The Voice's Seasons Tournament 2021 (First round, Part 1. RESULTS, NOW)
  • Gustavo527 changed the title to The Voice's Seasons Tournament 2021 (Finale, Round 2 - Top 3. VOTING OPEN, NOW)
  • istersay changed the title to The Voice's Seasons Tournament 2021 (Finale, Round 2 - Top 3. Voting Open, Now)

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