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  1. Tbh, I genuinely don’t *care* what they are. I have male and female favourites every season. But I do think it’s fun to track trends, so here we go. If I think about any *specific* season, there are always more females that I really enjoyed listening to and was passionate about. But for my absolute all-time favourites, there are more males on that list. Ex: Cam is my #1 for S20 and one of my top tier favourites. But the next 5 people in my S20 ranking would be females, but they aren’t in my all-time favourites list... yet. I’ve compared genres and styles of my favourites over the seasons, but there’s really no significant conclusion I can draw from all this. I think the male trend for all-time favourites is an honest coincidence. But for liking more females throughout a season, I’d argue that generally speaking, the average female who comes on this show is more technically trained than the average male. Technical ability and competence *usually* matters to me. That’s probably why on average, I’ll enjoy more females.
  2. By the end of June, Ryleigh will be releasing a song called “mother”. I don’t think she has announced it yet, but this was posted on her website ️️ https://ryleighmodigmusic.com/
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQCHSIYggAj/?utm_medium=copy_link @d.love03 is one of Cam’s managers, so this is likely music-related. Hopefully we get some news soon!
  4. Finally got a chance to listen to the album in full! Here's my immediate thoughts. My Kitchen Floor My favourite single from the album. The songwriting is impeccable with an incredible concept. The lyrics sweep me away and I honestly forget to pay attention to the music aspect itself. Still Yours Even though MKF is my fav single, the other 2 are so close behind. Her voice could sell me a dime for the price of a million dollars. That's how convincing she is. In this song, I just feel that longing from her. I LOVEEEEEEE the mid-song vibe shift. It brings the song to a whole new level, even though it's already so good. Floating I have to commend the producer and the instrumentalists who worked with her because wow, this is so precise and pristine. It's so creative and I feel like I'm floating. Without the instrumental structure, it might feel "boring" to some people, so this is the perfect track to have tons going on in the back AND foreground all the time. Combined with her softer head voice, it's so masterful. Lion This song feels like it comes right from the heart and real experiences. It could be someone's diary entry after a long day. The buildup is beautiful. Man, the time it took to get this album is so worth it. Darlin' Okay, SLAYYYY, piano in the beginning. Oml, we're leaving the ballad and soft vibes behind. Yes, love the attitude the track possesses. Okay, I love the riffs and counterparts. Jamming hard. Okay, that bridge is a BOPPPPPPP even by itself. I... the musicianship present in this track is slaying my life. I Want to Homeschool My Kids I think because I can't relate, this track is going over my head. But the vibes I am getting are immaculate. She's my favourite type of storyteller. That makes me so happy. Whether you relate or not, she makes you feel it so you understand it regardless. Over You This concept is sometimes overdone, yet her take on it feels really fresh. Her songs are just diary entries spiced up with precise words and music behind them. This song specifically really feels like that. Love her mini-yodels in this. So satisfying to listen to. Nobody Knows The BGV on this complement her lead so well. Love hearing more of her fals/head voice here. OOOH, the bridge vibes from Darlin' are back in the ending chorus! Love the intensity right at the end. I Promise I felt her sincerity in this. Every repetition of phrases was different and it just felt so honest, authentic, and vulnerable. Someone tell me why I almost started crying here... The build up was so angsty and I loved that. It just felt like an outpour of emotion. The lyrics were so simple, but the way she sang them made me want to cry. Emma Adding this to the list of ICONIC songs titled as a female's name. I love the melody line so much and the riffs so much. So freaking convincing. Once again, this is a diary entry put to perfectly complementary music. What a songwriter. When the Morning Comes (OOH, title track coming up!) OML, the panning choices on this feel genius! Once again, some credit is due to the producers or whomever. This song is such a vibe, and as it progresses, it genuinely feel like night is turning into morning because of the background shift. (Maybe that's just because I'm typing this as morning is coming..) I love the conviction and the INTENSITY in the second half, both in the background and in her voice. Goodnight, My Love The last song? Awuhhh. Lullaby vibes! We need to get this certified as a legit lullaby BECAUSE IT ALREADY IS. You Are My Sunshine vibes, but better because it's less cliché. I feel so safe while listening to this song, almost a sense of relief. Conclusion: I love Addison's songwriting and vocals and everything so freaking much. She is a blessing of a musician. This is my favourite album of 2021. Period. I don't care if half of the year hasn't happened yet. Nothing this year can top this for me.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/get-first-look-new-voice-chairs-new-block-button-twist-141353656.html During the video (00:26 s), Carson says, “Only 1 block is allowed per audition.” So this scenario of a multi-chair multi-block audition is impossible.
  6. AHAH, same, though. He’s definitely active, but not as much as Gihanna.
  7. The mention of the live reminds me... I’d like to add that Gihanna has been more active with her fans from the beginning until now. (Consistent lives, making time to answer DM’s, texting on Snapchat) So if someone’s a fan of both Gih and Cam, but then Gih interacts with them more, that’s a booster for Gih. We humans are selfish creatures who long for acknowledgment and validation. (I’m not blaming Cam for not doing the same. Not am I saying Gih has fans just because she interacts with them. I’m just mentioning additional factors that add to the comparison.)
  8. @itscarolinaaaaaHEYYY, QUEEN! I’m so happy that you are singing with Shoshana Bean! She’s such an icon and so are you. I’m so excited for the surprises!!
  9. Y’all, I can’t. That was too much slayage for one live. What can Gih not do? Belt Fals&whistle Head&mix TONE Riffs Breath control I’m actually deceased.
  10. During S16, when did IDF start believing Maelyn could win? And then when was IDF “confident” on Maelyn winning?
  11. Since You’ve Been Gone IG Reel I’ve never heard Addison cover a song and not liked her version ... This gal’s voice is pure magic to my ears.
  12. Talking to Tu’Kala interview! Here’s the podcast version! His mom starting teaching him how to sing. She says he “took it and he ran.” This was funny because a) he ran with it = he went along with it. b) he ran, meaning he did riffs and runs. He said that sometimes in the music industry (alluding to his own past), people try to mould you musically and how you express yourself, but Blake and the show gave him freedom to explore and discover his artistry. He says this a lot, so I’m really happy for him. Feeling Good was the performance he was most worried about because it’s such an important song and because of learning that iconic scat (especially in a week!) He plays piano by ear and he said he wants to learn how to read music. (Bruh, he has developed his musical ear to be PHENOMENAL and so creative. I’m astonished that he can’t read music! ) The Voice experience in 1 word: transformative. He would take an instrument if he could choose one item to take to a deserted island. Probably a trombone because it’s loud enough to get someone’s attention nearby.
  13. I’ve been rewatching all the Blinds lately, so: My List for Best Auditions of Season 20 (not in any order): Cam Anthony (He’s one of the only 2 contestants whose fan thread I asked to join the same day of their audition. Period. His tone, delivery, belts, riffs, everything was on point. Plus, this audition is such a *replayable* one. It was exactly what an audition should be: powerful enough to warrant 4 chairs, but subdued enough that you KNOW it’s nowhere near the person’s best.) Raine Stern (Raine is an artist and a half and more. She brought such flavour to this performance that it was undeniable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the guitar riff at the beginning.) Dana Monique (This was so enthralling and I just wanted to get up and dance. My favourite Dana performance. I don’t think we appreciate how well she did upbeat songs. The speed of ballads gives you LOTS of room to do complex riffs and to flip songs and emote. That’s another factor for why so many of the buses on this show come from upbeat songs. You have to navigate them before you can personalize them and most artists just don’t have that level of proficiency. That’s okay in the industry because you can write music that suit your strengths, but when you’re on this show, you only have so much creative freedom. ) Avery Roberson (This audition is the only audition since S13 that has made me cry. I cry every time I rewatch it. Say what you will about his vocal delivery, but if he can make a perfectionist like me ignore missed notes, I’d argue that’s really special.) Carolina Rial (#toocoolforIDF) (Y’all complained about the runs and I kind of get that. But with this upbeat arrangement, her runs drove and conducted the performance forward. That’s why I would argue that they were all well-placed. It takes lots of proficiency to do that and her performance was exhilarating for me.) Lindsay Joan (I spent 1.5 hours one day trying to find a better cover of this song because I was hoping someone had a full version. Every single cover paled in comparison to Lindsay’s. Yes, I agree that the beginning and ending low notes weren’t perfect, but she was sick at the time. She said that when she’s sick, her lower register disappears. Despite that, I thought it was a brilliant and nuanced interpretation.) Halley Greg (This arrangement really spoke to me and I loved it. I thought the bridge was subdued in an impactful way. Her tone just shined and some of her riffs blew me away. The ending almost made me cry a few times. I believed her when she was singing and I really felt it.) Victor Solomon (He achieved it impossible. Gotta commend him for that + the beautiful vocal.) Deion Warren (His TONE, OMLLLL. His riffs are so creative and he really told the story of the song, ESPECIALLY the beginning.) Savanna Chestnut (Her TONE is magical. I agree with everything @Bk1234said in her S20 ranking.) Savanna Woods (Right away, I felt an abundance of personality + the IDGAF attitude that I love so much. Sometimes when artists are auditioning, I feel bad thinking about how they’ll feel if no one turns. The show pre much sets us up to feel that way by giving us backstory beforehand. But with her, even if she’d gotten no chairs, I genuinely don’t think she’d be phased and I don’t think I’d feel “sad” for her (I’d be enraged instead.)The performance was just so confident.) Durell Anthony (The first note by itself was enough to warrant a spot on this spot. It RANGGGGG in such a piercing way and I was shook. He has so much control over his vocals and this performance really showed that.)
  14. Her vibrato works SOOOO beautifully on the riffs! I am in utter awe. I LOVE her mix voice when it’s more chest heavy and she belts. Stunning.
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