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  1. Julia’s cover of Alaska-Maggie Rogers will be featured on an episode of The Good Witch (a show on Hallmark)! The episode airs this Sunday at 9 pm EST/8 pm CST. Julia’s Announcement
  2. Cam Cover: Mirror - Madison Ryann Ward Cam Cover: Blessed - Daniel Caesar Two of my favourite off-show covers I keep going back to. Also... Cam&Ciana TikTok Why was this lowkey so satisfying to watch? They’re both great dancers.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ_1e25NZGn/?utm_medium=copy_link Cam with @flotus These photos with fans are so great, but they make me sad because I can’t be there. Also, can we talk about how Cam owns the coolest outfits? On the show, we credited it to the stylists, but even now, he’s slaying the game.️
  4. For anyone who missed it, here’s Cam’s performance from the event! https://youtu.be/1vznNipEbE4 Cam sang a full version of Stand Up. It was half the tempo and had a *darker*/ more serious vibe compared to his The Voice version. It made it more real and less “vocal competition”- esque, which seemed appropriate for sure. ( even though I love BOTH versions.) Cam went acapella with a choir for the second half. I thought this was great for signifying the unity and community the song portrays. But the choir really drowned out Cam sometimes. As a sucker for Cam’s voice acapella, it wasn’t my favourite decision. Yet, King Cam’s presence was off the charts 🕴, his vocals were killer , and he looked hella fly . What more can I ask for? Looking forward to more Cam news, hopefully soon!
  5. Here's some notable info Cam said during this ^ about the Wawa Welcome America: Cam Anthony and The Philly Pops Big Band: JULY 4: 7 PM EST event. Cam will be joined by dancers from @jasminyahneschoolofdance during his performance. His sisters will be part of the dancers and Cam used to dance at this studio. Some other people who will be there are "family friends" from The Voice. Cam will read the Declaration of Independence. Fun fact: Cam performed with Flo Rida when he was 12! Apparently Cam has been "going to auditions... getting in the studio..." __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Side Notes: Important Advice from Cam (to high schoolers, but really, applicable to us all) @Spideyhypnosis 's message to Cam (He was a contestant on Showtime at the Apollo during Cam's season)
  6. Feeling Good Rehearsal Footage KING CAM ANTHONY! Slaying as per usual.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQd3bxSNZSN/?utm_medium=copy_link Here’s an article about it! ‘Voice’ winner, Philly Native Cam Anthony to Kick Off Wawa Welcome America Concert “The entire event will be televised on NBC10 and streamed on the NBC10 apps and website.”
  8. On Bended Knee- Boyz ii Men (Cam Anthony and Stevie Mackey) Currently on an IDF break, but I absolutely had to come post this. Y’all, if you want to bless your ears, listen to the whole thing! Some of those notes both of them were hitting were absolutely sensational! Cam’s transitions from fals/head to chest = . And the blend of their voices and the raw emotion protruding from both of them! Absolutely phenomenal. I just got my second vaccine yesterday, so I feel a little gross, but this made me feel so much better. Wth. Best way to start your day, too, so go listen!
  9. 1) PERIOD! I have never loved a commercial as much as I do that one. Cam saying “This is where everything changes” + Cam’s vocals were flawless + the visuals of Anna, Victor, and Ryleigh doing that same step/stumble movement out of disbelief and emotion . I don’t think a commercial has ever made me feel something like that one did. 2) Here’s the reaction for reference. 3) Facts! I’ve never seen that many posts and stories from contestants for the winner. It was so incredible to see. I remember Jose said something like this after Cam won: “You guys all wanted Cam to win because of his undeniable skill. But what you don’t know is who Cam is as a person. All of us contestants wanted Cam to win because we know how genuine and kind-hearted Cam is.” If you’ve ever been on a Jose Livestream, y’all know he doesn’t say anything but the honest truth as he sees it. 4) This write-up is *chef’s kiss*. You should post it in Cam’s fan thread like you did with Carolina’s! OML, (you know this but others don’t) Cam followed me back on IG and I just *couldn’t* believe it. So I honestly refused to believe it, even though I could SEE him in my followers list! But then when I was forced to believe it was when I got to talk to Cam face to face. Y’all, I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t because I was TALKING TO THE CAM ANTHONY! Everything you said is so freaking true. Cam’s a class act and a world class performer on top of that. Utter icon. King Cam’s raw impact
  10. Okay, Kelsie is obviously a firecracker on powerful songs, BUT can we just appreciate how soothing her vibrato is here? Cruella De Vil Reel - @kelsiewattsmusic
  11. Lisa Ramey's Cafe Confessions-Episode 16 This is from December, but I just stumbled upon it while stalking The Queen 's IG. Lisa Ramey, who was also on Team Legend in Season 16, had Maelyn on for her IGTV series Café Confessions. They played Would You Rather. They seem to be great friends! -They were talking about how your survival instinct shelters you from embarrassing/bad memories over time and from that, they went into "Like the entire time we were on The Voice" and Maelyn was like "Oh I wasn't on that show" *jokingly*. -Maelyn's coffee confession was that she had never watched The Voice before going on the show. All she really knew was the Blinds format. So when they switched KO to CB, they were more worried about what a "knockout" or "cross battle" even was than they were about the format change. -After CB, everything was easy for our Queen. For CB, since none of them knew when they'd sing, it was easy to overwork the voice in anticipation. Also, they couldn't drink any water or go to the bathroom because they didn't know when their turn would be.
  12. I love your writeups so much. They're always so well thought out and you manage to outline the flaws and strengths of the contestants fairly. Oooh, my reasoning was wrong, but Cam being your #1 is the only prediction I got right from your top 3.
  13. I think it's Rachel because he said her and Bradley's battle was PERFECT. And he's usually the one on the panel who likes giving constructive criticism.
  14. Chevel is live on Instagram RIGHT NOW! She's doing one of her casual lives she does every once in a while.
  15. Top 3 - no order: Chevel Shepherd Sarah Grace Rod Stokes HM: Max Boyle, Gihanna Zoe, Cami Clune, Desz
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