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  1. I never fully understood why Rose mouthed an apology to John after her BA. I’ve heard that it was out of respect because it’s a tough position to be in when someone’s singing your song, but I’m wondering what y’all think.
  2. I’m probably the only IDF user who agrees with you. I think Preston was eliminated at a good time. His battle was my favourite performance from him and it showed a lot of potential. It’s just tough because Mendeleyev didn’t deserve to be eliminated during the battles, but Preston definitely earned his win and he stood out in that performance.
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4w46m_-_KMw Britton Buchanan’s Good Lovin’ Probably my favourite performance that’s vocally horrendous. I genuinely enjoyed it and rewatched it a few times.
  4. Just noticed this thread and spent the last hour going through the rankings. Love how much effort you put into explaining your pov and the clues were all really interesting and fun. You also have great taste. Thanks!
  5. Why are social media numbers so low for s19? I’ve only watched s18&s19 live, so I don’t have a bunch of experience with this, but I follow lots of contestants from s13 onwards on IG and these numbers are really lackingggg in comparison. Is it the late start to the season combined with the dwindling viewership and lower ratings? Initially, I assumed it was, but the popular s18 contestants had still managed to get 30k, etc. by their live shows. Now the contestants with lots of followers are the ones who already had most of them (Casme, Kelsie, Ryan).
  6. I didn’t watch s16 live. what did they say? that’s insane because they sugar coat everythingggg
  7. Queen had 300 people on her Live tonight It sucks that the livestream or the post people make right after they get eliminated is always their most interactive. There’ll be 700 comments saying “robbed” or getting mad, but very few of those people will interact with the account ever again. But I really hope Cami can overcome this. She deserves the support.
  8. Even though I’m on IDF, I never check the spoilers for rounds or search up artists because I want to be unbiased for Blind Auditions. And Cami was my favourite audition by far and her slayage has only increased since. First artist I followed this season. Add me, please!
  9. Are Tori Miller and Liam St. John dating or are they just friends?
  10. Zan talked about this in a live once. She said she was 100% expecting Carson to say “Allegra Miles” and she was completely shocked when he didn’t and she couldn’t hide her reaction
  11. S16: Maelyn (Invented singing. Period.) (Maelyn&Rod were my 2 favs and their performance is still my favourite semis duet.) S17: Ricky (off-the-charts musicianship with intriguing performances) S18: no one (First season where I loved everyone who made it to top 17. Sadly, as soon as “live” performances began, they were underwhelming and I didn’t have a favourite.)
  12. comment on cami’s IG post
  13. This was mentioned in another thread, too. What was her reaction like?
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