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  1. Ok, so here I go with some opinions no one asked for: - What @disney1024 said about the harsh ratings applied perfectly to the blinds, but no one has been harsh in the battle rounds so far, so in this case it doesn't even out IMHO. - It's fine if you want to give everyone 10s, but just be aware that giving people a 6 or a 7 doesn't mean they are being harsh. I would say a 5-6 is equivalent to a meh/passable performance, not necessarily a bad one. - As I said yesterday, these ratings are for fun and reading into them is pointless (talk about using your own a
  2. to everything. Fun fact: Connor/Aaron is the only battle in which my rating is higher than IDF’s.
  3. The one that puzzles me the most is RTS considering it’s not only a shortclip, but Zae was pretty lackluster (Lindsay slayed, but this is a duet not a KO lol)
  4. Seems like it’s not really unpopular after all
  5. I haven’t added your ratings yet, so those changes are fine. I’ll probably add them in about 2 hours.
  6. I know one for sure but I have no idea about the other one.
  7. Good point. I could have worded my comment differently (I edited it) I don’t really care about standing Os. But if there is only a single standing O in the whole round, I’m expecting that performance to be at least great, or among the best battles, and for me that wasn’t the case. FWIW, I still think it’s a good battle, and they both improved so massive props to them. I think of myself as someone who gives more importance to “the other things” than the vocals, but this one didn’t give me any thrill in the non-vocals aspect.
  8. Rachel vs Bradley being a standing O instead of Corey vs Savanna (or Ryleigh vs Gean) is pretty random. I can already tell people are going to jump down my throat when I post my rating on the ratings thread on Monday, btw.
  9. If I do that, I would have to update Zae’s blind rating as well, since a lot of people seem to want to change it (he would probably lose his #1 )
  10. I’m actually expecting both steal/save battles to be the worst of the episode.
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