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  1. Chris Jamison & Adam - Lost Without You
  2. Alisan & Adam - Angel From Montgomery
  3. Kimberly Nichole was arguably the best contestant this show has ever had and she only got 6th, so she gets the #1 most robbed by default. Juliet Simms, Amanda Brown, Kyla Jade, Toia, Troy Ritchie, Team Adam in S4, Domenic Haynes, Emily Keener and Ali also come to mind as being brutally robbed.
  4. IMO S4 and S8 had a better overall cast than S13 and S18 (S13 had better results than the ones I mentioned tho). My answer to your question would be S4, it had a better T12 even if season 8 had more talent right after the blinds. Finally, I enjoyed S18 but its cast isn’t among the best (specially since we didn’t hear them live)
  5. The show’s audience is the one in charge of choosing the winner, not the producers. Kennedy was pushed hard by TPTB, and on top of that she obliterated the other three on finale night, and she still ended up 4th, so I think the power of the producers is overestimated. And knowing the audience of this show, it’s safe to assume that an AA woman won’t ever win this show.
  6. TPTB will probably push for a Gwen win, but she’ll need someone like Sawyer or Jordan to make that happen. In fact, I can’t see someone else other than Blake or Kelly winning this show at this point (hopefully I’m wrong).
  7. In no particular order... Florence + the Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials Amy Winehouse - Back to Black Adele - 21 Killers - Hot Fuss Killers - Sam’s Town Vetusta Morla - Un dia en el mundo (Spanish band) Oasis - (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Queen - A Night At The Opera Beatles - Abbey Road I am pleasantly surprised about most users’ music taste (almost all my choices have been mentioned in a previous post)
  8. This season was the first one (and hopefully the last one) to not have live performances, and since the lives were usually my favorite round (as of lately not anymore bc of the decline in talent), I wanted everyone to post their favorite live performances. My Top 10 would be... 1a. Kimberly Nichole - House of the Rising Sun (iconic) 1b. Amanda Brown - Dream On (never get tired of this one) 3. Alisan Porter - Let Him Fly (some country fans might kill me, but I find this even better than the original) 4. Jordan Smith - Somebody to Love (duh) 5. Koryn Hawthorne - Make It Rain (probably the Voice performance I listen to the most) 6. Kimberly Nichole - What's Up (it was awesome, entertaining and emotional all at the same time) 7. Maelyn Jarmon - The Scientist () 8. Tessanne Chin - Redemption Song (underrated af) 9. Amber Carrington - Sad (see #7) 10. Matthew Schuler - Hallelujah (magical) HM: Jordan Smith - Mary Did You Know (very underrated) Alisan Porter - Somewhere Rose Short - IWTKWLI Addison Agen - Tennessee Rain Matt McAndrew - The Blower's Daughter Chris Jamison - Cry Me A River & When I Was Your Man Matthew Schuler - Wrecking Ball Maelyn Jarmon - Mad World Juliet Simms - Roxanne Josh Kaufman - Stay With Me Amber Carrington - Skyfall Jacquie Lee - IPASOY & Love Is Blindness Mia Z - Ain't No Sunshine Tessanne Chin - Bridge Over Troubled Water
  9. Legends 1. Addison 2. Thunderstorm 3. Michelle 4. Jacquie 5. Matt Great 6. Lauren 7. Ricky Good 8. Meghan 9. Britton 10. Toneisha Meh 11. Billy 12. Emily 13. Adam Trash 14. Chris 15. Gyth Absolute and utter garbage 16. Jake Didn’t watch S1 - S3.
  10. 100% deserved winners 1. Alisan 2. Maelyn 3. Tessanne 4. Jordan 5. Josh Very good 6. Chloe 7. Sawyer Ok 8. Todd 9. Danielle Meh 10. Chris 11. Craig 12. Chevel 13. Sundance Trash 14. Brynn (based only on her run on the show, otherwise she would be higher) 15. Hoot Didn’t watch the first 3 seasons.
  11. Josh >>>>>>>>>>>>> Todd (and I actually like him)
  12. Brandon Flowers being a coach would be a dream come true. Him, P!nk, Florence Welsh and Frank Ocean would be an amazing and balanced panel.
  13. robbed queen Jokes aside, Kim is my favorite, followed by Rose, Amanda and Kyla.
  14. Her problem is that she gives the impression of being able to doing more than she actually can.
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