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  1. It’s easier for a contestant to become my snowflake if their genre matches my personal taste, that’s for sure. But there are exceptions (I am definitely not a fan of singers like Justin Timberlake, but Chris J is one of my favorite contestants)
  2. Oof, I didn’t think the female version would be as bad as the male one but here we are I’ll go with Ashland. I’m still salty about Moriah, but she wasn’t awful, just really boring.
  3. I voted Corey, because he was a country guy on TB who had the decency to leave early His elimination being as iconic as it was also makes me “like” him more.
  4. Kirk Jay - Lady Marmalade Colton Smith - In Case You Didn’t Know This is fun
  5. I had to endure more Jake performances so I pick Gyth.
  6. I’ll admit that calling any Voice coach “strategic” is a bit far-fetched, but to me she’s the only one who comes close to having an actual strategy. That “strategy” only works if she chooses the right person, and she has been pretty good at predicting who has better odds (Jej aside). So I think that, while it has big drawbacks, that strategy has been for the most part successful.
  7. She’s by far the most strategic coach right now imo. Maybe ever.
  8. Wasn’t a fan of Hoot, and I didn’t think he was winner material tbh, but I voted for him.
  9. Thunderstorm also won every IDF poll he was ever in, but it was clear that people were more passionate about the girls.
  10. Pretty sure she was a contender since the blinds. 4-chair turn from Team Legend + aired on the premiere was a really good position to be in. Probably my favorite from S1. Her blind is just ok, nothing exciting, but Heartless and Losing My Religion are so good. Definitely recommend watching those.
  11. My theory is that Cam is one of those contestants who has a lot of fans but very few “stans”
  12. Being better in the lives means by default that they were worse in the pre-lives
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