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  1. Somewhat on the topic of these last posts: As someone who has always rooted for AA women to win or make it far into the show, I’m still a bit salty that Toneisha managed to make Top 2 over Thunderstorm. She was a great vocalist but that’s it, no originality or anything that we haven’t seen on the show.
  2. I wouldn't sleep on WTW. They seem to be Blake´s favorite, who usually makes finale (p.e Kirk, Kyla, Ricky...) Additionally, I wouldn't be surprised if they push for the "first trio to make finale".
  3. If the format is the same as S18, I think DesZ will make finale and either Worth the Wait or Taryn (leaning towards WTW). I’m always wrong when it comes to predictions so I expect some surprises.
  4. In terms of vocals, there is no denying Danielle is the best female country singer by a considerable amount, and I’m not even a fan (I think Keisha is a better vocalist but she doesn’t sound country at all). In general (vocals + artistry & tone), I would say Lauren is the best, but that’s more subjective. Taryn is certainly a great vocalist, but she lacks that WOW! factor for me. We’ll see how well she does on the show.
  5. Luke Wade from S7, although he flopped mostly because awful song choices. I thought Dave Fenley would win S15 by a landslide, but he was a horrible live singer.
  6. I would say Kelly and Blake have similar taste (most of the time), but Gwen and Blake??? Compare their teams in previous seasons and you’ll see that they are nothing alike.
  7. I like Demi and Jessie J but I don’t think they would add anything new or interesting to the show. I would love to see a rock or indie leaning coach (Florence Welsh would be great but I don’t think she would want to be a coach)
  8. My issue with this season is the lack of variety, which is the main reason Cami stands out to me. Last season had some problems as well, but it was undeniably varied, unlike S19. Honestly since S10 (excluding S13) the talent has decreased exponentially. Addison, Rose, Maelyn and Thunderstorm are the only contestants I would say are snowflake tier for me. I still enjoy watching the show (can’t say the same thing for AI), but its glory days finished a long time ago.
  9. I want Cami to move on, but I know Kelly by now, and she is not going to drop Tanner. Maybe it’s me being pessimistic, but rn I just don’t see it happening.
  10. Based on who made it on Team Kelly, I think Cami is 99% gone on Playoffs.
  11. This. I hate All By Myself, but strategy-wise it’s a good move if he managed to kill it.
  12. I think we could have a reverse S16 scenario here. A Team Blake member wins (Jim) while DesZ / John / Payge all split votes. The producers will probably push for an AA woman win (DesZ, Tamara or Payge) but it’s going to backfire. This is all speculation (and the season hasn’t even started) but it’ll be fun to see how wrong I was when we see the real thing.
  13. Well, this the unpop thread after all Kimberly being worse than Kennedy and Kymberli tho, that’s another level of unpopularity (it’s very wrong lol) Kimberly Nichole is imo the best singer and performer to ever be on the show (Idk if that’s unpop or not)
  14. As a coach, Usher is 10x better than Blake (who is the best coach in the current panel) so I would be really excited to have him back. Watch Adam return instead
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