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Rank the Battles ~ Night 1 ~ Season 19


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  1. 1. Favorite Performance from Night 1 of Battles?

    • Taryn Papa vs. Worth the Wait - Little White Church
    • Tamara Jade vs. Olivia Reyes - Hard Place
    • Madeline Consoer vs. Eli Zamora - Nobody Wants to Be Lonely
    • Payge Turner vs. Lauren Frihauf - If The World Was Ending
    • JusJon vs. Payton Lamar - Dancing With a Stanger
    • Sid Kingsley vs. Bailey Rae - Tennessee Whiskey

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  1. Sid Kingsley vs. Bailey Rae - I'd have preferred Sid to win and Bailey getting stolen, but this was the runaway strongest of the night and both deserved to move on.
  2. Payge Turner vs. Lauren Frihauf - Lauren's tone + Payge's lower register = I played this about 60 times on YouTube this weekend. Lauren 1000% earned the steal.
  3. Taryn Papa vs. Worth the Wait - Blake, why? C'mon, man, not cool. At least Taryn's still on the show.
  4. Eli Zamora vs. Madeline Consoer - This was better than expected and the pair's behind the scenes friendship stuff was quite wholesome, but the other three battles were better for me.
  5. Tamara Jade vs. Olivia Reyes - Olivia managed to keep up better than expected with Tamara, but based on both auditions it was kind of just a "meh" for me.
  6. JusJon vs. Payton Lamar - They should've montaged this.
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1. Taryn Papa vs. Worth the Wait - Little White Church
2. Payge Turner vs. Lauren Frihauf - If The World Was Ending
3. Tamara Jade vs. Olivia Reyes - Hard Place
4. Sid Kingsley vs. Bailey Rae - Tennessee Whiskey
5. JusJon vs. Payton Lamar - Dancing With a Stranger
6. Madeline Consoer vs. Eli Zamora - Nobody Wants to Be Lonely

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17 minutes ago, thevoicefan12 said:

If you haven't noticed I will now on use a tier list because its cool lol

Note: Artist on the left is the artist I preferred, i.e Sid, Payge, esc.




You need to share this tier maker so we can all do it. Just an idea. ;)

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1. Sid vs Bailey: Sid should have won and the fact that Kelly stole him worries me a little thinking about the KOs¬†ūüė¨¬†Kelly‚Äôs team is full of my favourites¬†ūüė≠


2.  Payge vs Lauren: Great battle! Lauren deserved that steal 

3.¬†Taryn Papa¬†vs Worth The Wait: Taryn should have won or got¬†stolen (Gwen come on)¬†ūüė§¬†I read spoilers about 4WKO and it will be a massacre...

4. Madeline vs Eli: Madeline is one of my favourites and I am so happy for her, Eli tried his best and I feel sorry for him 


5.  Tamara Jade vs Olivia Reyes

6. Jus Jon vs Payton: I liked Jus Jon in this performance!


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1. Lauren vs. Payge - This was one of my favorite battles that I've ever seen on the show. Their voices just worked together so perfectly, and I thought they both showed really good instinct as to what to do with the song. I would probably choose Lauren, but both were fantastic.


2. Sid vs. Bailey - I thought Sid won this, and it wasn't even close in my mind. Bailey's not a bad singer, but she didn't give a great performance in this battle. Sid was just on. His vocal was so effortless and yet it had so much depth to it.


3. Taryn vs. WTW - Taryn improved massively from her blind audition. At first, she kind of struggled to hit the high notes, but towards the end of the song she really opened up. WTW sounded good, but none of the individual members performed as well as Taryn.


4. JusJon vs. Payton - JusJon was really good on this. His tone is very rich and smooth and he displayed good control. I didn't think Payton was as awful as everyone else seems to, but I still think JusJon was the clear winner.


5. Eli vs. Madeline - This was a decent battle. Eli sang with a lot of emotion but he was pitchy at the beginning. Madeline was more consistent throughout but ultimately, in my opinion, didn't stand out as much. I would have gone with Eli, but it was close.


6. Tamara vs. Olivia - I thought both were sub-par compared to their blind auditions. A lot of the runs they did were messy and both of them had some pitch issues. I thought they were equal but I would agree with choosing Tamara just based on her blind audition.


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1. Bailey vs Sid - I think we all know Sid is the obvious choice, but Bailey surprised me. She got her moments to shine and she owned them. 


2. Payge vs Lauren - This was such an amazing, heartfelt battle, but Payge had minor pitch issues so it gets knocked down a spot. I actually think Lauren was better from a technical standpoint, but Payge is more unique and artistic, so I would pick her for the long-term.


3. Taryn vs Worth The Wait - First of all, Taryn SLAYED. She was the clear winner of the battle in my eyes. Her tone is rich and her high notes are amazing. Worth The Wait were decent, but they ended up sounding like Taryn's backup singers.


4. Olivia vs Tamara - After listening to it a second time, I think Tamara is the obvious winner here. Olivia was controlled, but she isn't a very exciting singer or performer. Tamara's lower register is actually better than I expected.


5. Madeline vs Eli - I thought this was a mess, but I didn't really hate it. The song choice was horrendous imo, but they did what they could with it. I would pick Madeline because her voice cuts through more.


6. Payton vs JusJon - I missed this battle earlier because of my internet connection, so I (mistakenly) decided to watch it on Youtube after. Couldn't even finish it. Payton's upper register is like nails on a chalkboard.

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1. Payge vs Lauren - One of my favorite battles in a long time! Both were fantastic but I choose Payge based on personal preference. 

2. Bailey vs Sid - Bailey was way better than I was expecting, but Sid clearly won that, and he’s the reason I enjoyed this battle as much as I did.


Pretty good
3. Taryn vs WTW - WTW were good but Taryn demolished them imo, both vocally and in stage presence. Overall it was a fun battle.



4. Madeline vs Eli - Song choice didn’t do Madeline any favors but she did a great job. Eli was ok.


5. Olivia vs Tamara - Both were pretty average and it was kind of an unexciting battle. I will give it to Tamara because of her blind ig.

6. JusJon vs Payton - This screams montage to me. JusJon was good but generic, Payton was pretty bad.

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I think it was a good first night, none of the battles was bad for me. I actually enjoyed all of them to a certain extent.


1. Payge vs Lauren: This made me almost tear up watching it for the first time when it was leaked. I liked Lauren's audition, but here she sounded completely unrecognizable. Her head voice is so beautiful, I don't really know why she didn't audition doing pop because she's got the voice for it for sure. Payge was amazing as well, it's just that my personal bias leans towards Lauren's tone a hair more.


2. Eli vs Madeline: This is such an ironic song to sing on two separate stages. Overall it was a good duet in my book, and they both had good stage presence. Madeline delivered even though the song couldn't be further from her comfort zone. Eli was good too, but he kinda faltered a little during the lower parts, and when they harmonized together he just sounded a bit muted in contrast to Madeline's tone.


3. Bailey vs Sid: Maybe unpopular but I kinda cringed every time Sid got to his solo part in the verses. He was too growly and a little shouty for my taste, like he was forcing that gravelly sound. The chorus where they harmonized was alright though. Bailey was solid throughout for me, and showed improvement from her lackluster audition.


4. Taryn vs WTW: Taryn won this easily, even with one voice she had no problem overpowering the trio. She gave me some Faith Hill vibes. WTW, well, their choreography at the start was cute, but for a trio their voices still sound a bit thin and weak together. 


5. Tamara vs Olivia: I enjoyed the battle but it was a clear step down for Tamara from her blind. Maybe it's the song, I do think she tried to do too much with it like she would in a bigger, more bombastic number where that'd have worked. Olivia, while not exactly great, edged out Tamara IMO, but I can't say that she was robbed or anything. 


6. Jus Jon vs Payton:  Payton's high notes weren't that pleasant to listen to, but she did redeem herself somewhat with the lower notes. Still, Jon easily took the win here. He might just be KO fodder though.

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1-  Bailey Ray (B) VS Sid Kingsley (A) _ What was John thinking like c'mon Sid was clearly better. I liked her and I think she had some good moments as well but Sid is Sid, he was definitely my winner.


2- Madeline Consoer (A) VS Eli Zmora (B+) _ OK I agree with Blake that Eli didn't hit any single bad note but man Madeline is definitely more interesting and polished out of the two. She easily won that  for me. I hope she gets the recognition that she deserves.




3- Worth The Wait (A-) VS Taryn Papa (A-) _ Woah!!! Is this the same Taryn that we had in the blinds? It felt like we are having an Alisan 2.0(The look, The style, The Sassiness). I think WTW improved A LOT from their BA, They had some great moments( Mainly Mia) throughout. Overall I think Mia Worth The Wait took this one but Man I'm a sucker of singers singing in 6th octave, that's why I gave Taryn and Worth The Wait the same grades.


4- Payge Turner (B+) VS Lauren Firhauf (A-) _ Both did great but I found myself more connected with Lauren and also she technically better as well. I agree Payge is the better choice for the longer term but this was definitely Lauren's moment.




5- Tamara Jade (B) VS Olivia Reyes (B-) _ I was expecting more from both Tamara(Knowing she was great in her BA and one of the only four-chair turn this season) and Olivia but both disappointed me.


6- Jus Jon (B) VS Payton Lamar (B-) _ An overall OK performance. Payton's high notes were kinda unpleasant for me to hear.


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1.  Payge/Lauren - Great battle.  Payge is special and I preferred her here but Lauren was much improved from her blind imo.  Both deserved to stay.


2.  Taryn/WTW - Blake made the wrong choice on this one.  Taryn won I don't think it was close really.


3.  Bailey/Sid - Sid is good but I liked Bailey better on this song.  Almost felt like it was a bit too much from Sid.


4.  Madeline/Eli - Madeline gave me some serious dark horse vibes here.  Pretty clear winner imo.


5.  Tamara/Olivia - Love this song but this was kinda sleepy.  Tamara by a tick for me.


6.  JusJon/Payton - Coulda done without this one.  JusJon was tolerable I guess.  Payton sounded screech to me.

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Payge Turner (9) vs. Lauren Frihauf (8.5) - Fantastic growth for both of them! Payge is solidifying herself as a frontrunner for Gwen and Lauren hopefully shut down some of the negativity from her blind.


Bailey Rae (8) vs. Sid Kingsley (9) - Bailey stepped it up from her blind for sure, but Sid still absolutely destroyed her here. Feeling more and more confident about Sid's chances going further in the competition, even though he is a steal.


Worth the Wait (8) vs. Taryn Papa (8.5) - Both the family and Taryn stepped it up, but Taryn's big notes definitely won that for me. Looking forward to seeing their next performances to see if they can keep up this momentum.


Madeline Consoer (8) vs. Eli Zamora (8) - Oh wow I didn't even realize that I did know this song deep in my memories. This was honestly pretty dead even for me, but I'd give it to Madeline just because this song choice forced her out the country lane into a Christina vocal (even though she obviously couldn't match her). Props to her for nailing that Spanish part, too. Eli did well and I felt he should've gone further than battles.


Tamara Jade (7.75) vs. Olivia Reyes (7.75) - This is a bad song choice for battles so the iffy ranking here is John's fault. Tamara didn't get to soar like she can, and Olivia stayed generally in one area (she did it well, frankly). It wasn't bad at all, just a letdown for both really. Honestly Tamara/Sid and Olivia/Bailey would've been reasonable pairings as well, with Tamara/Sid getting some big number that allows them to both just let loose while Olivia/Bailey could've been given something soulful, obviously leaning country and Olivia would've still been capable.


Jus Jon (7.5) vs. Payton Lamar (6) - Payton's voice is unique and she has potential but this was an awful song to give to her. Jus Jon mostly delivered here. Easy decision, but Payton deserved a better song pick.

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Payge vs. Lauren (9.75 / 10.00) - Lauren killed it here. Payge killed it here. If we had gotten to hear another one of those super low notes like in her BA, then Payge would be a 10 for me, but her tone itself gave her a 9.75. This was absolutely incredible and I will be shocked to see another battle match this.


Sid vs. Bailey (9.75 / 9.25) - Sid did really great here, showing off his power and gravelly tone. Bailey really stepped it up as well, making this closer than expected. Overall a great performance.


Taryn vs. WTW - 9 (9.75 / 8.00) - Taryn did really amazing here, showing off her power and also relatively softer notes at the beginning. The only reason I am giving it a 9.75 and not a 10 is because when the song ended, at her super high note, I didn't even hear it the first time. This is of no fault to her, really, and I think it's probably because there were three other voices drowning out that note. I would have loved to hear it more clearly because that was the note of the night for me. WTW pulled this down for me because their harmonies were good, and individually, none of them got close to even half as good as Taryn (in fact, I preferred The Bundys' harmonies in the battles to WTW's). If WTW had stepped it up and not drowned out Taryn's final note, this could have been a higher ranked overall performance. 


Madeline vs. Eli - 9 (9.00 / 8.75) - This was surprisingly good. Madeline didn't show much power in her BA, but she did really well here! I preferred Eli's BA to his performance here, but he did good too. It was pretty much dead even but Madeline's improvement from her BA pushed her over for me. 


Tamara vs. Olivia - 8 (8.00 / 8.50) - Bad song choice. Olivia did well with it, and Tamara didn't. I'm disappointed that Tamara repeated a messy performance in the battles, just like she did in the BAs. I was hoping that her BA was just her throwing out a bag of tricks and that she'd give a more cohesive performance in the battles, but she didn't. Olivia was much more polished - ironic considering how little experience she has. I was impressed and think Olivia should have won.


JusJon vs Payton - 7 (7 / 6.75) - Bad song choice again. JusJon is pure RnB and Payton is pure pop; they didn't mix. JusJon had some impressive vocals, but Payton didn't really have a place to use her powerful voice. In general, from what we saw in the BAs, Payton's voice is powerful, but somewhat thin. I would have liked something that would emphasize the power in her voice. JusJon did better for the poor song choice.



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1. Payge Turner vs. Lauren Frihauf - If The World Was Ending

2. Taryn Papa vs. Worth the Wait - Little White Church
3. Sid Kingsley vs. Bailey Rae - Tennessee Whiskey
4. Tamara Jade vs. Olivia Reyes - Hard Place
5. Madeline Consoer vs. Eli Zamora - Nobody Wants to Be Lonely
6. JusJon vs. Payton Lamar - Dancing With a Stanger
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