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  1. ..all I know is I asked for some holiday music and he delivers via IG here https://www.instagram.com/ryandgallagher/?hl=en This made me giggle, damn straight it did!! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIjydiZlqPK/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  2. ..and those are? Don't say he could have endangered ppl after being tested and didn't have covid to give it.. when the show has yet to say what rule he broke, what the time frame is if Kelly's crew can test pos only 2-3 weeks ago.
  3. ..So could of kelly Ppl aren't buying it!! He was tested for it and was negative!! What is the time frame the show is talking about https://www.nbcnewyork.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/multiple-staff-members-of-kelly-clarkson-show-test-positive-for-covid-19/2726521/
  4. If you like this show they should... cause whatever the facts are, ppl believe and agree with those comments. It's like combs and bathrobe 2.0
  5. Someone made a video of his song for top 13.. the comments on there are interesting! Again, no press is bad press when you need .. well press!! He needs to be singing up on insta and YT.. whoever did this, had the right idea imho
  6. You skipped my post before that explained why it was weird .. not surprising. Show can't have it both ways, and you cannot judge one by actions and others by intentions. What is done is done though.
  7. I think there was something else.. that's all I meant by my comment.. I get keeping everyone safe.. but that is a weird excuse the show gave to me.. that's all
  8. No your right, but he was tested for it and didn't have it. Someone on kelly clarkson show tested positive for covid.. she is still coach, They can't claim exposer here. Most ppl who have it show no symptoms anyway. Which doesn't matter cause he was tested for it and cleared. http://Today.com › popculture › kelly... Web results Staffers at 'Kelly Clarkson Show' test positive for COVID-19 - Today Show
  9. The reason I am calling this crap is cause what I believe the show is calling "covid protocols" Ryan would call " seeing my mother in ICU" His MOTHER!!
  10. ET is saying it has to do with shows covid protocols. I say crap to that he was tested and didn't have it.. The way carson was taking It like he knew everyone knew Ryan won KO... This is all nonsense, but the truth will come out, it always does https://www.etonline.com/the-voice-what-happened-to-season-19-competitor-ryan-gallagher-157094
  11. SOL thats what kelly's team is now.. who knew Ryan was was that important to team..
  12. Tamara got PV I think he should save Chloe and John wildcard
  13. I mean no press is bad press, he should try to preform as much as he can right now, but watch.. def gonna be out there cause her divorce.. gossip sells
  14. Hmm.. first one to find a " Ryan and Kelly are dating it's conflict if interest" post wins... I mean who know it's a theory, but those posts are coming.
  15. Yeah! I wondering what is going on now! Hopefully it's no covid related within his family. We know his mom had it, if another family member had it, maybe they don't want him in competition cause he has been re-exposed and needs to test again. That's what I'm thinking! Congratulations Taryn!
  16. We are all gonna know a little bit of Italian by the end of this! Ryan is like the rosetta store, we know the English so can translate the Italian. Another reason to listen to his beautiful voice!!
  17. I wouldn't be surprised is none did Team blake we have Jim Team Gwen we have Carter Team John there is John H.. but I am honestly wondering if he can get votes.. not cause he can't sing.. but I'm worried about his tone... Bailey could get country vote, but not team Blake.. Tamara who had two killer pre live performances team Kelly Ryan seems to have momentum.. and tanner again is country.. All three of the ladies on this team are deserving ..I will say Desz the most likely to get PV I honestly think
  18. I mean the two ify ones are Ryan and John H.. If Ryan wins KO gets PV or CS. With the base he has I can see him in finale. That is lots of ifs to judge now John H can sing all day, don't get me wrong.. but his tone .. to high doesn't work all the time.. Holding out there as well
  19. Right! I hope Ryan won, I think with the response of ppl I saw it's likely, but I don't know. If he did Kelly should keep him, but I think all the coaches should do that with whoever won that.. cause that was awesome. I mean we all heard Julia's song choice and went nah.. but ppl loved it! Was in no way a competition song, til it was .. you can pull that off, you should stay. You sing Opera no one understands, you should stay, your 15 and keeping up in the pressure, you should stay.. you have shaky start, but have fanbase to cover... You should stay
  20. I want to her him sing slow song, like Lonesome tears by Beck. It's kinda quirky song ..I mean Beck, but Sid has some fun quirk in him too I wish his luck!!
  21. We all seem to be assuming Ryan won 4KO...which I think he did as well, but you never know... If he did win, it mean he can snag votes, ppl are winning to vote for him..her team is diverse so don't have to worry about anyone stealing votes ...Ryan is a safe save.
  22. I was but now it's not liked by him anymore, now it's more a confused feeling lol How do you really feel John Legend!!
  23. This made my day!! How do I add it to signature on forum? Thanks I'm advance! https://photos.app.goo.gl/BDXSqabzZPFZMBVh6
  24. I am gonna post it here.. listen to this and his version of iris... He would kill it!! I mean he would be a dude singing this so not this high, but he was hitting these in iris..
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