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  1. based on tonight only Will: Kenzie Should: Rachael
  2. Still thinking about this, but Rachel Mac is definitely getting Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins
  3. Im voting devon, liked it most...im shook Thats it, that's the post!
  4. A is for audience B is for bias C is for country Kenzie wins the season
  5. I base this on my team in app.. Most artist I have are on team nick, least team Blake
  6. No imho I think reagan had a stronger fan base but wasn't the better singer out of the two. Deandre had been up for elimination twice at that point. Adams team was made up on anxiety and weak fan base. He tried to go with his best shot and it made his team weaker in following seasons. I mean what happened with his team in the following season was unforgettable
  7. Add me please Would love to hear him sing " cant helping falling in love with you" by Elvis...he would nail it!!
  8. ..all I know is I asked for some holiday music and he delivers via IG here https://www.instagram.com/ryandgallagher/?hl=en This made me giggle, damn straight it did!! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIjydiZlqPK/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
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