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  1. I'm dying of laughter right now.. where did you go to HS? Geez around here parents would have rioted. We have parents who didn't want to put their kids in lil league cause it was competitive, you know unlike real life
  2. I like those!! I'm curious cause I think I would be biased if someone did do it.. it's older song now though so slim chance
  3. What was it, if yes who sung it? If single what would yours be and has anyone sung it? Just curious Nope for me .. 'I do' by Paul Brandt
  4. She probably is anyway, just want her to have big moment she hasn't had yet..she deserves it
  5. She needs big song. This comes to mind for me, don't know if it's something she would do, but parts have her smooth style while there are big moments in there are will... anyway this kind song setup. She is def go big or go home...
  6. Chloe just showed how you take a song not so competition leaning, and make it one..
  7. My phone is killing me tonight! I agree I meant john said he would kick Kelsie cause Madeline is competition for Bailey
  8. Nope she was better then Bailey..why not try to remove competition
  9. Madaline top female country for me, enjoying this.. like Tayrn but now no reason to vote for her in 4KO
  10. I hear you but it don't matter, also Payge was leaked KO.. and john's up to this point was kinda stacked. She had a lot of one chair turns as well.. which as a coach, I like about her.. Love chloe, so if she hadn't..
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