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Rank the Blinds, Part 1 - Season 19


Rank the Blinds, Part 1, Season 19  

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  1. 1. Who was your favorite chair-turner from the Season 19 Premiere?

    • Tamara Jade
    • Lauren Frihauf
    • Joseph Soul
    • Ian Flanigan
    • Jim Ranger
    • Eli Zamora
    • Payge Turner
    • Marisa Corvo
    • John Holiday

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I'll plug my own:


  1. Tamara
  2. Marisa (surprisingly, though as a huge P!nk fan I admit I'm probably biased based on song selection)
  3. Jim
  4. John
  5. Payge (I love her, I just kinda expected more based on previous findings; had she lived up to my hopes I'd probably have switched her and Marisa)
  6. Eli
  7. Joseph
  8. Ian
  9. Lauren
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These were awkward to watch

9. Marisa Corvo

8. Lauren Frihauf


Just not my bag

7. Eli Zamora

6. Ian Flanigan


Decent singers, but needed more

5. Joseph Soul

4. Jim Ranger

3. Tamara Jade


Felt like a Voice blind audition in its truest sense

2. John Holiday

1. Payge Turner


OK premiere. Was expecting a lot more from certain contestants.

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1. Payge (She’s just really cool)


2. Tamara (There are things to work on but overall really enjoyable)

3. John (Not a fan but I can’t deny his vocals)

4. Jim (Same as John but less impressive)



5. Eli (the beginning was great but it got very karaoke)

6. Ian (intriguing tone but nothing exciting)

7. Joseph (snoozefest)

8. Marisa (love the song but it was pretty messy)


9. Lauren (karaoke and it wasn’t a good one)

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Payge was the only one that impressed me tbh, but I'm curious about Ian as well. I also think Tamara and John H didn't give their best performances so I'm hoping they do better in the next rounds.

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1. Lauren - 9.5: really spoke to me for some reason i can't quite explain.

2. Marisa - 9.25: very impressive range and she held out the first higher note for a very long time. 

3. Tamara - 9: put too much into her performance but very clearly has potential.

4. Jim - 9: very interesting voice, perhaps an inflated score because i am so surprised i liked male country.

5. Eli - 8.75: surprising that he's a one chair turner, his voice didn't go much anywhere exciting, but he was very strong in the range he remained. his voice was smooth and really easy on the ears.

6. Payge - 8.75: has a lot of potential. her high notes were way too thin to rank her high among these overall "solid" performances in the premiere. hoping that she relies on her lower register in the future.

7. John - 8.5: impressive range but i disliked his tone. i hope that he uses his higher voice less often, but this appears unlikely.

8. Ian - 8.5: impressed that i liked a country singer so much. he has an extremely interesting tone. 

9. Joseph - 7: hit all the notes well and had a really smooth voice, but i didn't feel anything.


Well, since I can't figure out how the spoiler tags work, for those who have seen the spoilers for the pre-taped rounds, it's interesting to note who moves on and who doesn't in respect to my list.



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I don't agree with many of the harsh criticisms tbh. I thought it was overall very enjoyable. Some of them felt middle-tier, but I don't think anyone was truly bad.


1. John Holiday (9.5/10) - I mean obviously I knew the spoilers but damn that was impressive!

2. Payge Turner (9/10) - Despite some questionable pacing, I loved the whole thing!

3. Tamara Jade (8.5/10) - She did fantastic!

4. Ian Flanigan (8/10) - That TONE! I really like him!

5. Marisa Corvo (8/10) - It took a while to really get into because the song's kind of a dud, but she nailed the last bit. Well deserved!

6. Joseph Soul (8/10) - Surprised that I liked it as much as I did

7. Jim Ranger (7.5/10) - Not my cup of tea, but I found his performance enjoyable

8. Eli Zamora (7.5/10) - A good performance throughout, but there's several better versions

9. Lauren Frihauf (7/10) - I can agree this was the weakest of the night, but I didn't find her bad at all? Just clearly lacking experience.

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I would like to base it off on who surprised me the most and who I think have potential to do well in the competition and who overall did the best.


1. Payge Turner (10/10)- Yes her pacing and some of her notes were not clean, but I just love her stage presence and man that very low note at the start, ooh chills girl! I am going to watch out for her. I also love her cool stage presence, sucker for her voice. She's got some Vanessa F. vibes on her but with a lot of differences (love them both). 


2. Jim Ranger (9.4/10)- IDK but he was probably the artist that I did not think I am going to like, but I actually loved his voice! He's got so much soul with a little bit of country. He can be a HUGE threat to the competition. Better keep your eyes on him.


3. John Holliday (9/10)- I'm gonna be honest, I was kind of disappointed? He was just so overhyped here in IDF to the point that I was expecting more, but his tone was screechy-ish. However, I couldn't deny his potential and that voice ooh church.

I really think he nailed really hard his Battles and Knockouts, so I can't wait.

He's got so much Davon Fleming vibes with a higher range and jazzy type for me.



I'm too tired to comment but here are the rest:


4. Ian Flennigan (8/10)

5. Marisa Corvo (8/10)

6. Tamara Jade (7.5/10)- unpop opinion but whatever, I'm not too keen of her voice, but I love her personality though, would be interesting to watch her.

7. Lauren Firhauf (7/10)

8. Eli Zamora (6.5/10)

9. Joseph Soul (5/10)


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1. Tamara Jade - 9.6, I really liked her vocal technique. She killed it.

2. Jim Ranger - 9.4, his voice is so cool and I was so impressed towards the end.

3. John Holiday- 9.3, just wow. Giving me Davon Flaming vibes.

4. Marissa Corvo - 8.5, liked her tone and range.

5. Joseph Soul - 7.9, have a nice tone, love how he sang a Bob Marley song.

6. Payge Turner - 6.0, I like the low notes but I'm not impressed. I expected much because I like that song.

7. Eli Zamora - 5.6, It's good just I don't know what he's singing about.

8. Ian Flanigan - 4.0, boring country singer.

9. Lauren Frihauf - 3.9, I expected more because of the spoilers.

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Helloooo Snowflake

1. Payge Turner - Her low notes were obviously amazing, and the performance was refreshing and unique. Even her "shaky" high note sounded good to me. If I had a problem, it would be the weird phrasing in the chorus, but I believe with Payge, there's gonna be even better to come.


Good, but I felt they could've done way better

2. Jim Ranger - He's really good, but I'm not sure if he's the vocal threat people made him out to be.

3. Tamara Jade - Decent diva performance, rap singing needed work but I don't feel like she's gonna do much of that later on anyways.

4. John Holiday - His tone can get really screechy at times, I wish he would tone it down a little bit, but otherwise, this was pretty impressive.

5. Ian Flanigan - LOVED his tone, but the performance as a whole was a little too stagnant. I just wanted MORE.


Not my cup of tea, but good vocalists

6. Eli Zamora - I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Still not wowed though.

7. Joseph Soul - No complaints about the vocal, it was very clean, but pretty plain.

8. Marisa Corvo - Something about her tone irritates me. Maybe its the song choice as well idk


My cup of tea, but subpar vocals

9. Lauren Frihauf - She has lots of potential, but this performance was too raw. Enunciation needs work, high notes need work. She has a good tone, and hopefully Gwen can help her improve.






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20 minutes ago, antikid said:

Y'all say things like their vocal was messy, they ran out of breath, the highs were thin when in reality you just don't like their lane lmao

John H in my humble opinion is THE BEST vocalist to ever come to the voice stage.  His high and low notes were fully supported he never ran out of breath also never strained. I know y'all don't agree with me but tbh I was getting laughs by seeing people here complaining about John like seriously  he was perfect in that performance. I know tone is subjective  but that doesn't mean you derail the contestant by saying things like HIS VOICE IS SCREECHY OR WHATEVER. 

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