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  1. I think so, too. Also, it seems John is smirking at Blake probably because he's the only one who can turn for her
  2. Obviously we haven't seen this season yet but of those we have seen S16 was definitely her best, I'm talking only about post-blinds though
  3. I meant the camera work can really help build a performance, also when they show the judges, the opponent. It all matters. I think they could've made CammWess' KO look much better even though they didn't want to bus him, I think. I just think they focused too much on John there
  4. I'm almost certain John H will open the premiere. Kelly getting blocked will probably create fun bickering and banter between the coaches. Unexpected voice and probably a very polished performance.
  5. I don't think they'd tamper with their vocals but definitely editing the performance in a certain way or just coach comments can do the trick
  6. Tamara and DesZ won't close back to back episodes for sure. WTW filled Blake's team meaning they'll most likely be aired in the last episode which they obviously cannot close
  7. IDF depressed and infuriated because they don't see anyone winning but Blake during the preseason? I'd be surprised if it were any different tbh lol
  8. antikid

    Voice Madness

    Literally couldn't vote against Maelyn.. feeling terrible though
  9. Blake's team is very country heavy this season. I really hope he takes James Pyle to the Lives and also makes a good steal to add more diversity.
  10. It isn't all about the winner though. There were many more country finalists than any other genre. For some we can definitely unanimously agree that weren't deserved at all
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