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  1. Jim being instantly eliminated would fill my heart with so much joy I'm actually feeling guilty and ashamed about it
  2. Joei Fulco - When Will I Be Loved - 10 Megan Danielle - Piece by Piece - 11 CammWess - Say Something - 13 Roderick Chambers - Redbone - 5 Todd Tilghman - Anymore - 37 Zan Fiskum - The Story - 69 Joanna Serenko - Angel from Montgomery - 18 Mandi Castillo - Stand by Me - 10 Thunderstorm Artis - Preach - 5 Arei Moon - You Don't Know My Name - 9 Allegra Miles - Chandelier - 9 Toneisha Harris - Diamonds - 69 Michael Williams - You Are The Reason - 14 Toneisha + Allegra -
  3. I like Ryan and would like to see him go forward but him leaving now gives Cami a significantly better chance to move on and I ain't passing up on that. Also the fact that Julia could move on instead of him! That sounds way too good to be true but we can hope I guess
  4. Not me getting excited everytime there are new posts expecting to see the song choices lmao
  5. This would actually be a really good choice for him and could definitely seal the deal, I read somewhere he is a big fan of Ariana but hopefully strays away from her catalogue on the show. I fear there could be few songs that would go over well with the audience and that he genuinely wants to sings so let's hope him and Gwen are gonna be smart about it
  6. I'm sorry but this just feels wrong. I know it wasn't ill-intentioned and many people talk about how attractive some contestants are (Maelyn and Ryan just being two very popular examples) but directly comparing two people is a big yikes.
  7. Marybeth Byrd Cami Clune Desz Tamara Jade
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