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  1. Not even worth trying to explain when you're obviously trolling/trying to trigger or simply being delusional
  2. No Todd fan by any means here but implying they pimped him heavily is just delusional, he was liked by the general audience and also worked hard to rally his fanbase and instructed them how to vote. That's why he won. He got one pimp spot in an episode that mattered less than the ones in which Camm and TStorm got it and they placed below him. Pimped more than Micah? Sure. But more than TStorm, Toneisha or even CammWess? Absolutely not
  3. Next season I feel like they'll want a younger winner, at least someone in their 20s and they definitely won't want another country winner, in the last 4 seasons we had 2 country winners and one that occasionally dabbled in it
  4. Not a diss to Alicia but her highest-placing contestant from each season she was on was HELLA pimped. I love her and agree that all of them deserved finale in their season but no denying they were heavily pimped. She also got a lot of talented people in the Blinds each season
  5. Kelly just didn't have any consistently good singers or "minivan bait" contestants this season. Megan kinda flopped in the PO when she needed to shine to become a frontrunner, her KO was good but not THE moment she needed. Micah was good with some missteps but never really realized his full potential that his battle hinted at and in the end riding in the similar lane as TStorm doomed him.
  6. dont wanna be negative but this season had like three memorable performances
  7. Todd gave Jermaine and CWB some real competition for that last spot lmao
  8. The short season and these remote live shows kinda hurt Toneisha in my mind so it's hard to compare her to three most mentioned divas in this thread. It might be the recency bias but I enjoyed Rose's run on the show the most. Not taking away from Kyla and Kymberli, I think they did well each week and had great performance but there are only two performance from each I'd replay when casually listening to music while I would have no problem listening to any of Rose's performances on repeat.
  9. No disrespect but I feel like these "while we wait" ones are getting in the way of the current one from being solved
  10. Lauren and it ain't an opinion
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