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  1. Maelyn and Sarah McLachlan on Angel Billy Gilman and Kelly Clarkson on It's Quiet Uptown
  2. I just noticed all the blocks are still in it, interesting
  3. Guy - Timothy and... Johnny? (only by default tbh) Delta - Stellar and Clarissa George - Siala and Angela Kelly - Despina and Mark
  4. Soma wasn't even too disrespectful or rude, they really hyped it out of proportion
  5. I adore Stellar and she's my favourite this season but through her entire performance I was just on the edge of my seat because it seemed she'd fall apart any second
  6. Losing Caleb and Siala flopping this round definitely weakened George's team a LOT
  7. I agree that Johnny is simply just fading into the backround. The talent is there and all but he just isn't exciting or unique in any way. Wolf had a really rough performance but was still way more memorable.
  8. Melanie has had quite a few hits in pop music so you can't simply compare numbers but she definitely had more success
  9. Kelly and Jake in recent memory for sure
  10. Kelly with Rose is a big toss-up. She adored her since her knockout and after that performance I think the only one she would eliminate her for is Jake. She seemed very interested in her during the Blinds but now blown away, she could've easily paired her up with Damali and give them a soft song and simply choose Damali because of her more unique tone or she could see her right away as her frontrunner and give her the upper hand in her battle.
  11. George 100% SNAPPED this season. Song choices and pairings on point. I think Elyse would've been a better steal than Masha but still pretty decent.
  12. I know I said I'm done but just to clarify, someone getting themselves in a situation or making a bad decision means at least some of the fault falls on them for it happening so no, I'm not putting words in your mouth
  13. There's a difference between believing a woman she got raped and realizing there's NOTHING she could've done to deserve it or 'ask' for it (unless obviously literally wanting to do it which then isn't rape) but that's it from me. I don't want to go back and forth about this
  14. So if someone isn't the sharpest tool in the shed it shouldn't be a wonder they got raped? There isn't anything a woman can do to deserve to get raped. Obviously you should take care of yourself and avoid sketchy people and places but it 100% isn't her fault no matter what she did that night
  15. Delta should've paired her people differently, this is a mess. Her team would've been much stronger if Matt and Janie advanced separately
  16. I really hope that's it and they didn't make Delta do something more controversial. Enough of the drama this season!
  17. @IAN27TAY the #AllLivesMatter hashtag. Yikes. Sorry but that ain't it
  18. I'm not following too closely but they've really been giving Guy the villain edit this season. How is he okay with that? The Wolf thing was a painfully obvious set up. Also he didn't help with the pairing, arrangement of Johnny vs Bukhu battle and fighting with Kelly and Delta so much. They must be paying him extra for all this
  19. I'm interested if there are any performance online where Maelyn belts more/goes for a bit more explosive diva performance? I bet she'd slay that
  20. If they want an AA woman to win the show they have to be on Blake's team. Kelly's country artists are seen as more unique than they'd be if they were with Blake. The same goes for Blake's divas. Highly unlikely that they'd want another Blake win. They might want John to win with an AA. I think that seems likely with everything that's happening
  21. In S17, who they pimped on Gwen's team was weird. It seemed they were going for Kyndal, Jake and Rose as her Top 3 in the prelives then they completely bussed Jake and as well as Rose did with the song choice it was kinda a bus for her. Uptempo, going first, giving the person who is most similar to her on that team a really good song later on. I thought they wanted Joanna to go forward with Kyndal cause Gwen kept talking about wanting to work with a young girl during Blinds. However, Kyndal crashed and burned in the Playoffs and Joanna next week for they went for Rose by default
  22. I think the reason why Gwen did so well with Rose is that Rose could sing literally anything and really connected well with the material. Her performances were always built impeccably and she didn't belt full force through the entire song.. not saying an artist did that week after week on her season or anything
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