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Best Instant Save Performance?

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There is a lot of options, some of my favorites are: 

-Kat Perkins "Barracuda"

-Chris Jamison "Georgia On My Mind"

-Koryn Hawthorne "If I We're a Boy"

-Jeffery Austin "Make It Rain"

-Ali Caldwell "Sledgehammer" (Robbed Queen)

-Deandre Nico "All Of Me" (Can't believe that he lost to a girl who didn't even sing) 

- Rose Short "Natural Woman"

These are some of my favorites, i am curious to know which are yours



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I'd say that "Aint no Way" by Davon Fleming was good (idk if im remembering this right)

Of S18 Semifinals, I'd say "Joanna > Toneisha > Zan = Megan > Allegra" despite Allegra being my favorite (I HATE Shawn Mendes 🤣)

Of S17 semifinals I'd say "Rose > HS > Kat" but I honestly liked all of them (unpopular opinion lol)

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Season 6: Sisaundra Lewis - "Natural Woman" (HM: Kat Perkins - "Barracuda" because while I would've preferred Sisaundra I can definitely see how Kat won over her)

Season 7: Chris Jamison - "Georgia on My Mind" (HM: Luke Wade - "Stand By Me" because it's the only other one I remember)

Season 8: Kory Hawthorne - "If I Were a Boy" (HM: Joshua Davis - "I Won't Back Down" because it was a way better fit than the song that landed him in need of a save)

Season 9: Jeffrey Austin - "Make It Rain" (HM: Korin Bukowski - "She Will Be Loved" because it's the only other one I remember)

Season 10: Laith Al-Saadi - "All Along the Watchtower" (HM: Owen Danoff - "Lego House" because it's one of two Instant Saves from the season where the artist I preferred won and the other one is Laith's)

Season 11: Ali Caldwell - "Sledgehammer" (HM: Aaron Gibson - "Budapest" because I don't know what else to put)

Season 12: Vanessa Ferguson - "For Once in My Life" (HM: Hunter Plake - "Love Runs Out" because this is what he should've done for the semifinals rather than U2)

Season 13: Davon Fleming - "Ain't No Way" (HM: Noah Mac - "Sign of the Times" because he deserved to make the finale)

Season 14: Britton Buchanan - "Dancing on My Own" (HM: Christiana Danielle - "A Thousand Years" because it was the first one besides Britton's that came to mind)

Season 15: DeAndre Nico - "All of Me" (HM: MaKenzie Thomas - "Up to the Mountain" because she got robbed of the finale)

Season 16: Andrew Sevener - "Simple Man" (HM: Mari - "Latch" because Team Adam deserved to win that Instant Save)

Season 17: Rose Short - "Natural Woman" (HM: Myracle Holloway - "You Are So Beautiful" because America saving Shane Q over her was a crime)

Season 18: Toneisha Harris - "Lovin' You" (HM: Allegra Miles - "In My Blood" because I liked this song choice better than Stevie Wonder for her as an artist)

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I saw Overjoyed mentioned earlier regarding Allegra (I know it wasn't her instant save lol)


and I think that Overjoyed woulda been great for Joanna (she has a stunning cover on her YT), rather than Allegra imo, but Joanna's IS was great in S18

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