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  1. Julia Cooper, Gean Garcia, Marina Chello, Savanna Woods
  2. unpopular opinion i think all except maybe 1 or 2 battles in s19 were good also has the most forgettable people i feel like like who is jusjon or i don’t even know
  3. unpopular, i don’t like big powerful singers like for example if i were to choose between toneisha, tamara, katie, and like max boyle i would choose max boyle big powerhouses i don’t tend to follow, i feel like everyone wanted desz to win but she was not my fav
  4. maybe unpopular, i dislike all of katie kadans performances, i just can’t stand her voice idk why
  5. If you want to can list multiple of the best ones but my favorite would probably be… Max Boyle “when the party’s over” OR Corey Ward “Already Gone”
  6. 4. Corey Ward knockout (prob top 3) 5. it’s a mans mans world bryan and malik 6. burning house chris kroeze
  7. unpopular, Sam Stacy of S19 was my favorite audition and top 3 in past like 4 seasons max boyles when the partys over is my favorite performance on the us voice ever Cam Anthony’s it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday is either my number 3rd or 2nd best here are the top 3: 3. Cam Anthony S20 “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” 2. Sam Stacy S19 “Fire and Rain” 1. Max Boyle S17 “when the party’s over”
  8. at the time of the auditions, was olivia rodrigo sour album released yet?
  9. what’s with the groups this season, there’s the sisters, kck3, girl named tom, and who else? there’s like 4 that’s alot
  10. agree, Cali was good but Marina was great, Kelly was much into the performance
  11. overall I liked Micah more, durell was one of my favorite auditions from that season, and Marina Chellos knockout was probably my 2nd favorite after Max’s
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