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  1. I think if Ryan or Kelsie was the Team Kelly representative, they would have gotten runner up
  2. I’ll just say Desz for S18, Thunderstorm/Megan for S17, Kymberyli/Mackenzie for S15, Kyla for S14, Brooke for S13, Matt for S7, Juliet for S2, Trevino/Amanda for S3, Sasha/Amber/Michelle for S4.
  3. Just realized Desz technically opened all episodes she was in because she had a tomorrow night reveal which showed her coach pick and moments of the songs.
  4. I think Team Kelly is due a pimp spot. The last time her team closed an episode was in the auditions with Desz/Tanner.
  5. I just realized there was never a time John didn't close an episode (I don't think he'll close this ep tho) And there was never a time Desz didn't open or close an episode (assuming she'll get pimp spot which I think she will)
  6. I think Desz is gonna close bc TPTB knows that John Holiday will get PV over Tamara even though she's so much better. They're gonna pimp her tomorrow by putting her either opening second hour or going 7th/8th. Whoever gets the Semifinal Pimp Spot is guaranteed a place in the finale. So it can't be Ben, Jim, Cami, Bailey and Tamara. Out of the 4, John Holiday has already gotten a pimp spot last week so it's not him. Ian doesn't have that closing performance imo. So it's either Carter or Desz. Whichever of these two don't get the pimp spot THIS week will get it in the finale.
  7. Funniest thing is that he said and I quote "even 3 people can't beat her" but Worth the Wait (trio) beat her in the battles.
  8. Without saying spoilers I went to tapings 2, 4 and 7 (I know...I got rly lucky) and the talent was decent. Kinda like S17.......people with a lot of potential and their blinds didn't showcase their FULL TALENT! Was surprised to not see Gwen, I like her better than Nick and John who have 0 personality. Gwen - quirky, cool, fun Blake - grumpy, funny, "uncle" Kelly - hella energetic, entertaining, kind Nick - ???? John - ???
  9. I doubt it's gonna be 3 PV + 1 IS. They'll probably confirm it tonight. Also, if it is 3 PV + 1 IS, I think the finale will be Carter, Ian, Cami and Desz/John H/WTW.
  10. I rly rly wished Kelsie was in Playoffs. Her cover of "I Dare You" was posted on her YT and it was SO GOOD! Maybe even better than the original.......Madeline rly flopped.
  11. Blake's order of saving will be WTW > Jim > Ian > Sid > Taryn
  12. I was talking about coach quotas actually. The format this season is EXACTLY the same as last season. Nothing changed (except live shows are live). I think in the Semis Cami will win the WC, not the PV. And I think coach saves will get the PV (like Tamara and Desz)--but I'm just guessing. The results haven't even been announced yet.
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