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  1. i think they’ve done this to a couple other people this season
  2. Just realized Jim & Sasha’s music after choosing Ariana is the same song as they did in the knockouts Does production do this for some reason?
  3. List your best and worst performance per BA Battle and KO
  4. This season has like 10 knockouts that are very high quality and GNT has prob one of the best knockouts in the shows history
  5. My top 10 knockouts are 10. Joshua Vacanti 9. Raquel Trinidad 8. Shadale 7. Wendy Moten 6. Paris Winningham 5. David Vogel 4. Holly Forbes 3. Jershika Maple 2. Jim & Sasha 1. GNT
  6. Describe your top 3/5 in the comments
  7. too many soul icons in the lives are never good because there are many others in that genre. people will want to pick one out of the 6 and it’s not like her knockout was good enough to send her to the lives
  8. the cunningham sisters and parker were like one of my favorite battles out of this season
  9. Do they post the leaks at the same time? Like 8am-12pm est (i’ll be in school so will it be uploaded once im home?)
  10. Max Boyle’s when the partys over is the best performance in all of The Voice ever
  11. she’s good but again the crowd is so annoying and the background music is also really loud. the stage they perform has just a weird echoey tone that makes everything sound off key
  12. I kinda really hate all of the UK the voices. The UK version was weird echoey tone for everyone and the crowd is way too loud
  13. Keileh Grace blind audition is top 3 of the season Episode 4 except bella was really bad Holly Forbes is overhyped and her audition was just okay Wendy Moten needs more views on youtube
  14. bella - 9.5 david 6.5 janora 5 kaitlyn 5 Cunningham sisters 5.5
  15. For some reason Blake feels kinda off this season. He has a lot of questionable one chair turns and only Wendy would really have a shot at winning for him, but aside from that his team kinda sucks. Peedy and Lana and good but won’t win so it’s really just up to Wendy. Don’t know about LiBianca or Manny but Blake is sufferin Hes blocked so many four chair turns such as: Bella Katie Raquel Keileh Vaughn (prob more in future) and then he turns for like the montages people who didn’t appear to be that good in the short clips or the joy reunion, or kaitlyn velez. Just seems odd and production placed Every other team is pretty strong with Kelly being the strongest but i’m heavily rooting for like everyone else’s finalists and then blakes wendy, but no one else from blake
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