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Who will be in the finale?


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Knowing what we know right now (post-blinds), who do you think will be in the finale. I know it's way too early to tell, but I think it would be cool to look back and see how close/far our guesses were. My guess is:



Thunderstorm Artis

Todd Tilghman

Toneisha Harris 

Mandi Castillo 


I'm not really sure how I'd place them because among these, I think the one with the highest chance of winning is Thunderstorm, but I also don't think he will end up winning. Also, I know right now Mandi doesn't seem like she's great enough to make the finals, but I feel like she didn't perform at her best in her blinds, and furthermore, they'll probably want to push for her to make it far for the "representation" thing.

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Megan Danielle (she will probably have the same trajectory on the show as Jake Hoot. Also, Kelly always manage to sneak one in except for that one season we don't talk about) 😉

Thunderstorm (he is undoubtedly good) 🙂

Todd T (he has everything team minivan loves) 🙃

Zan Fiskum (she has the lowest chance out of 4 of them and even a few others I didn't mention, but hopefully team Minivan suddenly have taste and vote for her) 😍


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If I had to pick 4 at this moment based on overall feedback of the artists + pimping thus far...


-Thunderstorm Artis (artists like Thunderstorm rarely go far but his audition received the most buzz by far, and for good reason.)

-Todd Tilghman (Team Blake always has someone in the finale, let alone the top 2. All he has to do in order to be in the runner-up position is to make the playoffs, unless Blake busses him for...)

-Toneisha Harris (She's 2/2 for being leaked and so far both of her performances were very well received. She also has a very emotional story that singing show fans love. Blake was very serious with his pitch for her, I get the impression that he really wants to get her far.)

-Allegra Miles (this one's up in the air but they're obviously going to want Nick in the finale or a winner, and Allegra is his best shot at this current moment.)

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A while back, we had a poll that asked which round is most important. If I recall correctly, it was...


1. KO

2. Blind audition 


I don’t remember the rest. 

I think Thunderstorm’s blind was good enough to carry him to the finale, barring a total collapse. Although a few others were well received, I don’t believe they were in the same class. I need to see the KO round, and know the top 17 voting rules, before attempting to predict the rest. 

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A lot of people are saying Thunderstorm, but he hasn't shown enough to warrant that yet imo, I've heard better auditions.


Joanna, Zan, Allegra, and Toneisha SHOULD all be there, but I can't realistically see all of them make it...that would mean no country artists.


I don't think Cam Spinks is a great singer, but a Voice finale without a country male is just unheard of.. Todd isn't good enough either...


3 of those 4 + random Blake Artist





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Okay, so tallying up what we have so far (I probably made one or two mistakes, but nothing that would change the rankings):


Allegra: 14

Todd T: 10

Toneisha: 10

Thunderstorm: 10

Joanna: 8

Zan: 5

Samantha: 4

Joei: 3

Megan: 3

Mandi: 2

Micah: 1

Mandi T: 1

TMC: 1


Of course, take these with a grain of salt 'cause this is IDF, and IDF is as a whole very heavily biased. Furthermore, there's voluntary response bias and a bunch of other issues regarding this, but I just thought it would be fun to see. 

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Any Final 4 with Allegra and Joanna in it works for me. 😇


Realistically speaking, Thunderstorm has the best chance atm, but his coach might very well ruin it. Allegra slayed last week so things are looking great for her as well.


I'm guessing Team John will have a strong R&B/soul frontrunner but I need more time to figure it out. Team Blake has a couple of interesting contestants but not winner material so far, maybe if he steals someone... 


Team Kelly isn't competing this season. I'm expecting it to get wiped out before the finals, so I'd say 4th place at best. 3rd place would be a miracle. 


22 hours ago, Starman1 said:




Todd T.

Final 4 Thunderstorm will fade like Matthew S. S5

He's great but that would mean either Allegra or Joanna is winning the season, so here's hoping :wub:

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For the Queens of the season, I will rank based on their chances if I may.

4th - Joei = While Joei has a cool tone and unique rocker/country vocal, I don't think the audience has warmed up to her yet and needs a breakout by the KO's or Playoffs.

3rd - Zan = Zan has a cool Indie-Alternative vocal and her tone is ethereal like Maelyn's, she isn't come off as strong as Maelyn did at first. Zan will need a breakout I would say as well, but has a warmer voice that will appeal to Minivan.

2nd - Joanna = With that unique vocal and heavy appeal with her smooth tone, I think Joanna will find it easy to get votes, especially if she crosses over to a Country-Folk lane later. Joanna seems to just need a progressive journey and not necessarily a breakout since she has a bit of approval already.

1st - Allegra = This girl has the appeal, but unique tone, steady pitch, Allegra will easily be Nick's chance in the finale because of her accurate and natural head voice, steady chest tone and I could just say "Another Brynn" but she's an even better version of her that will knock this competition easily if she doesn't flop with song choices lol.

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