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  1. Honestly Kailey Hill doesn’t ring a bell (then again I don’t remember half the contestants from S14-16, [no offense to them], and usually I have a good memory of singing show contestants) while Kailey Abel did have an interesting audition, her battle round was very different (not bad, just not what I’d expect to hear based on her audition)
  2. Good battle round! Still no one I can really stan over (though Roderick is coming close from last week), and nobody I actively strongly dislike. In fact two of the people I assumed I’d eventually dislike due to either genre preference (Cam), or inexperience (Levi), ended up surprising me in a good way!
  3. Bachelor, cheaper to produce? I enjoy the bachelor but it’s got to be one of the most expensive shows to produce
  4. Yeah those are probably most of the main conspiracies tossed around. Sadly, there’s more conspiracies that just those. But sadly, conspiracies somehow gain what you’d call “traction” in times of crises, which then will spread misinformation, which then will endanger many more people. the coronavirus is, dangerous as it is, but leave it to needless political fights and overly skeptical tin-foil hatters and such to make the pandemic even more dangerous by causing misinformation to be spread across the globe.
  5. I mean, there’s usually a backyard in each house...and Idol could always help a few of the top 20 who need it for fresh equipment.
  6. Hey guys, I hope y’all are safe and following guidelines about healthy and safety and quarantine. Also important:just be careful with where everyone is getting their information from. I’ve seen countless false information on social media such as false claims of cures such as saying garlic or drinking water kills the virus, rumors about countries such as that Russia released lions on the country’s streets to force people to stay at home, and many other ridiculous assumptions/bad or misleading advice. Make sure you check Snopes or other fact check sites, CDC, WHO, and other trusted news sources for information you check on social media/hear on tv/etc.
  7. I’m watching the living room concert live right now, and it seems to be going great so far. I think having contestants film their performances from their home could be a safe way of still doing the show without causing harm to contestants if they wanna try that. As Alicia Keys the Backstreet Boys showed, you can easily also do a performance by Using the piano or moving around in your own home respectively.
  8. I see. Well, it’ll help others not get infected, when it develops. But hopefully there’s also a way for those already ill to heal also. anyways if the estimates for a covid-19 vaccine is a 12 months minimum I assume that could mean all non-essential services and people will remain home for at least a year. It’s sad, but if it’s safer, than it is what it is. also, I’m not sure if it’s even a good idea for the contestants to perform without an audience considering the close contact they’ll be within the band and coaches. I think they should just Instagram video it from each of their own houses or something if at all.
  9. Hey everyone. I want to apologize with my thread behavior. It was never my intention to hijack the thread, and I have no problem with the image Samantha puts out there for herself. On the contrary i am glad and happy Samantha represent herself as she wants, and I misinterpreted all of y’all’s actions, and thought you guys were objectifying her when you weren’t, and I guess I was unknowingly got carried away by what some people call “Kite Knighting” her, assuming she would be offended if she sees this thread, when she obviously wouldn’t be. I sincerely apologize for getting carried away, and would like to be added.
  10. It’s too early to tell, but Thunderstrom has a good chance (as long as he doesn’t get Casi’d or Terrence’d), as well as maybe Samantha and Todd MH
  11. Then I’ll people do what there supposed to—actually practice social distancing/isolate themselves in their home/outside not around people for a few weeks, so the impact can die down, and during the time when life is able to go back to normal, the vaccine trials keep running and are complete before the next time we need it.
  12. Maybe they could livestream performances from their houses/wherever there quarantined if this Is still happening by then.
  13. Maybe. I’m going to pray that a vaccine is developed ASAP, and sooner than everyone expects, so most importantly , everyone still ill, especially the ones most at risk at dying from it, can heal, and secondly everything go back to normal. And I’ll also pray that the U.S., and the rest of the world learns from this, and comes up with a better way for handling crises like this, and other crises, that still keeps everyone (especially the most at risk) safe, without halting the world.
  14. So you hope she does win? That’s cool. I’m not hoping for a winner just yet, cause I don’t know if I’ll stan anyone right now.
  15. Great voice and singer. However this isn’t my favorite song, but she sings it well.
  16. I’d like to see him try again next season, hopefully he’ll be a little better next season if he auditions again. . He has potential.
  17. His voice sounded nice, and I like the genre, but I wasn’t feeling it.
  18. It’s not a lie if it hasn’t happened yet. It’s a prediction. Whether he’s right or wrong, time will tell.
  19. Loving her uniqueness and talent, but just not my style.
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