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  1. Has there ever been a draw on the app before?
  2. i am honestyl surprised at idf's love for ian. he sems like the typical contestant idf loves to hate. i think he sounds good, just not my style, but just shocked hes getting so much love on idf
  3. as much as i love this song, this song is getting overdone on this show.
  4. exactly. they say it every season, even when it isn't true. I learned just to tune out the pessimists.
  5. This is so unexpected. I never would've thought a steal or a save would've been used in the last battle of the episode.
  6. Is John Legend reading IDF? He just said "trying to figure out who to compare him too"
  7. Imagine ruining a potentially amazing battle with two great singers, with a song chocie that doesn't fit either of them.
  8. These two contestants are good, but as a Texan, I think you can find them anywhere in Texas tbh
  9. I asked Arei moon who’s stream we should join and she told me hers or Jamal’s. I’m going’s to just use hers.
  10. I think it’s pretty cool that they’re doing this today. Time: (11-1PM PST, 2-4 PM EST) Contestants singing/features (correct me if I’m missing anyone): Allegra Miles Arei Moon CammWess Cedrice Chelle Darious Lyles Gigi Hess Jamal Corrie? (Not sure if he’s singing or just hosting) Jared Harper Jon Mullins Kevin Farris Micah Iverson Michael Williams Nelson Cade III Samantha Howell Samuel Wilco Todd Michael Hall Toneisha Harris Zach Day
  11. Mostly same as me as well, except for Kelly ad a FEW of the Jonas brothers songs, except I enjoy some of the other coaches well known songs (If I Ain’t Got You, All Of Me, Don’t Speak, etc.)
  12. That’s true, or people in general who try to rile others , I’d also be better off ignoring rather than defending my opinions from. That’s true. A good distinction is this Unpopular but Civil opinion examples. 1. I think contestant a should’ve won over contestant b. 2. While contestant c is a good technical singer, I prefer contestant d’s tone rude/mean/jerk opinion example: 1. Contestant E sucks so bad that anyone who likes them is an idiot 2. Contestant F is the best contestant ever, so anyone who thinks Contestants G-J are better are o
  13. I’d just ignore it. That comment made no sense.
  14. Exactly! But I’m being civil with my opinions, and trying my best not to offend anyone. I agree I went slightly off topic, but so is calling someone a troll and it hurts me when people call me a troll , because that’s not true, but yes, a private message to the person calling me a troll asking why, or asking a mod would be more helpful than trying to defend myself, sadly. But yeah, I won’t focus too much more on it directly in this thread.
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