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  1. not a fan of arthur's voice ( good voice , just not my cup of tea), but he said himself it was because of his morals and i respect that. what good is life without morals?
  2. Why are Casey fans complaining about her singing with Luke? It’ll give her a chance to embarrass luke and sing circles around him
  3. She will likely slay 1 or maybe 2 of them, but nobody does well on "I Have Nothing." Also, these songs are so overdone, and rarely produce good results for the singer singing them.
  4. Sad Grace chose those songs of all possible choices, but maybe she realized Idol treats their winners bad and is trying not to win
  5. -i hope they are better. Also, besides the label, the way the show treated maddie is disgusting -true, but one of my top favs is in the top 3, but still, it is a good idea to not get upset. For example, don't be like me in my immature days when i made a thread complaining about Joey Cook's elimination. -true. i don't get the coldplay hate.
  6. I mean, I liked the majority of the top 12 (and even quite a few top 24), so I don't know if I'd consider any boot order particularly "shitty", though I do wish Hunter and Graham lasted longer.
  7. please add me. I wish she lasted longer
  8. I don't think so, but hionestly the way that American Idol treats their winners, I am not sure if I want her to win, as I don't want her to get run over by idol like maddie got run over.
  9. I mean, no matter if Idol had a "Modern" (which is a stupid term) winner that could guarentee them success and relevance, I doubt they'd treat them properly. Also, I think Grace is quite versatille and able to sing modern and nonmodern songs.
  10. Regardless of whether Chayce has “picked up” votes or not, he likely is the winner.
  11. I like chayce well enough so I won’t be upset if he wins (which is likely but anything could happen ig). When the top 4 was revealed my opinion was Grace is far and above the rest but the other three are very talented in their own and have their strengths, there’s just something that Grace has that the other 3 don’t IMO. However I do think Chayce, Willie, and Casey have talent too.
  12. I mean Casey is a belter, but honestly,as much as IDF likes to "Pretend" votes transfer from one artist to another, let's be real, most people quit voting when their favs are eliminated unless they have multiple favs.
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