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  1. Grace is my favorite of the five. The other four all have their positives and negatives. I like Caleb’s tone, but he can be karaoke at times. Chayce has a excellent voice but I feel like we’ve seen the same thing before. Casey has a great voice for her age , but I feel like her lack of experience is starting to show. Willie can slay any song, but he needs to change it up soon.
  2. Good results. Sad to see hunter go but the top 5 is pretty good. I don’t mid Caleb as much as idf does.
  3. Ehh. Looking at the wiki for this season it isnt really a negative either.
  4. I hope you’re wrong about grace. Casey is a good singer , just not my cup of tea, so I won’t be that upset if she leaves.
  5. He is a WGWG who went last. Vote anyways, but I don’t know how’d he be in danger
  6. Gonna just vote for grace. I decided to that even before her amazing performance.
  7. I mean there’s a slight chance boomers could have the same reaction @Solaris did about his hair and not vote because they think he looks like a “hippie”. However that is a long shot
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