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  1. KO round 1 1. Marybeth Byrd “Remember You Young” vs. Brooke Stephenson “Stars” Marybeth wins 2. Royce Lovett “She Loves Control” vs. Melinda Rodriguez “You Are Not Alone” Royce wins. Stevie and Ava/Taylor attempt to steal Melinda. She chooses Ava/Taylor. 3. Khalea Lynee “Nobody Knows” vs. Lauren Hall. “Turning Tables” Khalea wins. 4. Rose Short “Workin’ On It” vs. Katie Kadan “Who You Are” Katie wins. All other coaches attempt to steal Rose. She picks Ed. KO Round 2 1. Ricky Braddy “Confidence” vs. Jake HaldenVang “Gravity” Ricky wins 2. Mendeleyev “The Sound Of Silence” vs. Jared Herzog “Bubbly” Mendeleyev wins. Stevie steals Jared. 3. Kiara Brown “You Belong With Me” vs. Jessie Lawrence “Attention” Kiara wins. 4. Max Boyle “Fix You” vs. Matt New “ DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” Matt wins KO Round 3 1. Alex Guthrie “Budapest” vs. Calvin Lockett “If We Never Met” Calvin wins. 2. Dane & Stephanie “I’ll Stand By You” vs. Destiny Rayne “It Will Rain” Dane & Stephanie win. 3. Zoe Upkins “Keep On Loving You vs. Kat Hammock “Your Song” Kat wins. Camila steals Zoe 1. Will Breman “Wild Things” vs. Injoy Fountain “Price Tag” Will wins. Camila and Ed attempt to steal Injoy. She chooses Camila 2. Ricky Duran “Waterfalls” vs. EllieMae “What Part Of No” Ricky wins. Ava/Taylor steak EllieMae 3. Gracee Shriver “Temporary Home” vs. Myracle Holloway “The Way I Am” Gracee wins. 4. Steve Knill “See You Again” vs. Josie Jones “Girl In A Country Song” 5. Kyndal Inskeep “Scars To Your Beautiful” vs. Joana Martinez “Lonely Generation” as you can see there are eight Ko steals.
  2. Xfactor22’s Voice Season 17 Redo-Battles Episode #5: “Give It All You Got” 1. Stevie:I enjoy both but I wanna see more EllieMae Camila:EllieMae advances to the knockouts 2. Ava:Both did great. I liked Marina better, but Taylor preferred Khalea Stevie: I think Khalea dove into the emotion better, but Marina was good too. I pick Khalea 3. 4. Stevie: Myracle, you’re tone is infectious. I like your voice and style Cali Camila:Both of you are great, but I’m going to pick the voice we don’t hear much of on singing competitions. Myracle wins 5. Stevie: Hmm, I think I preferred Royce on this, but Zach did well even though this song was out of his wheelhouse. Camila: I pick Royce. 6. Camila:Interesting choice. I fee like Matt did stronger, but that could be because this song fit him like a glove. Joana’s talent is undeniable though. Ed: Matt wins Ava and Taylor steal Joana END OF BATTLES
  3. Xfactor22’s Voice Season 17 Redo-Battles Episode #4: “Believing” [/b] 1. Stevie:I enjoy Preston’s style but adore Calvin’s tone Ed: I pick Calvin 2. Ed:Both have their strengths but I prefer Gracee Camila: Gracee wins 3. Ava:You guys did I decent job but we both feel like Alex did better Ed:Alex wins Stevie steals Jessie 4. Camila: WOW, incredible. I prefer Melinda but Kat did awesome also! Taylor: After discussing with Ava, we advance Kat Camila steals Melinda
  4. Xfactor22’s Voice Season 17 Redo-Battles Episode #3: “IDF’s Nightmare: A [Mostly] Countrifried Episode” 1. Ed Sheeran: I enjoyed both of you, but I really liked Kyndal’s interpretation. Ava: After discussing with Taylor, we agree with Ed and are advancing Kyndal 2. Camila: This was pretty good. I don’t know who I’d choose Stevie: Both of you have strengths, but I’m gonna advance Josie. 3. Taylor: Me and Ava thought this was a great performance but were moved by Ricky so much Stevie: I have to advance Ricky. 4. Camila: This was nice. I preferred Elise Ed: Both were great so it’s hard. I advance Marybeth 5. Taylor: We thought both sounded lovely. Ava said she prefer Max but I preferred Hello Sunday. Ed: I’m advancing Max
  5. Thanks. They should’ve stayed longer for sure, but calling them robbed is a bit of a stretch imo.
  6. [ b]The Voice Season 17 Redo-Battle Episode 2: “Steal-Psycho”[/b] 1. Kiara Brown vs. Zoe Upkins “I Just Called To Say I Love You” Ed Sheeran: WOW. That was special Ava/Taylor: We enjoyed that. Both of you have distinct voices, so we’re gonna toss this up to preference. We pick Zoe. Ed Sheeran and Stevie Wonder both attempt to steal Kiara. She picks Stevie. 2. Will Breman vs. Lauren Hall “Rewrite The Stars” (James Arthur and Anne-Marie version) Stevie: That was a great performances. Will that song fits you like a glove. Ava/Taylor: WOW that was heartfelt. We decided we’re gonna pick Will (Ava) Camila steals Lauren 3. Dane & Stephanie vs. Mendeleyev “Tequila” Camila: That was wonderful. I could hear the emotion in all of y’alls voices. Ava/Taylor: Both did well, but we decided we’re advancing Mendeleyev (Taylor). Ed steals Dane & Stephanie.
  7. Xfactor22’s Voice 17 Accurate Updated Schedule Sorry for the delay. Anyways here is my accurate schedule Dec 26- Battle Round #2 Dec 27-Battle Round #3 Dec 28-Battle Round #4 and #5 Jan 2- KO Round #1 January 3-KO Round #2 January 4-KO Round #3 and #4 January 5 Top 24 no elimination Christmas special January 5- Playoff Round #1 (24 to 20 contestants) January 10-Playoff Round #2 (20 to 16 contestants January 11- Playoff Round #3 (16 to 12 contestants plus wildcard for top 13 January 12- Top 13 January 16-Top 12 January 18-Top 10 January 19- Top 9 January 27-Top 8 January 28- Top 6 January 29- Top 5 February 3 -Top 4 February 4-Top 3 Finale Performances February 10-Top 3 Finale Results Show. *The only way this schedule is likely to change is if the IDF update happens before it’s finished. If anything else happens otherwise I’ll give you a notice.
  8. I think it’s a conspiracy theory of naira’s at best Also I’m not too familiar with the user tide but that’s just mean
  9. After this season I wonder if a female will ever win on this show again.
  10. Just because your favorite this season didn’t win with John doesn’t mean John is fake. Tbh, John seems to be one of the most genuine coaches. He’s not bland, he’s simplistic. He doesn’t need the shenanigans used by Blake or Gwen to get artists on their team, and doesn’t need to talk 100 miles a minute like Kelly
  11. Whoy hasn’t this been moved to the politics section? Not that this isn’t an important discussion, but the main voice thread doesn’t seem the place for it.
  12. I was 100% sure Gracee was blonde
  13. No redheads? That’s hairsay and hairest!
  14. I hope not. The lives should be a diverse cast with one of every popular genre of contestants (rock, pop, country, Christian, R&B, and even hip hop) with the remaining 6 or seven being each of the some of less popular genres (reggae, Latin, indie/singer-songwriter, Jazz/crooner, etc.) with a diverse set of ethnicities and a semi-balanced gender ratio.
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