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  1. Y'all are really going off on an assumption huh? There's literally no clue as to what happened, so maybe we should avoid blaming anyone. Just saying...
  2. Ryan's gone, time to focus all my attention on queen Cami. She did great tonight.
  3. Not anymore. Something seems to happen that pushes his views ahead of her.
  4. I think y'all are overestimating Desz's chance of winning. She's good but minivan is loving Ryan, and so do I. I do wish everyone in team Kelly advance though. They all deserve it.
  5. Both Charli and Owen from Julie and the Phantoms shared Chevel's new song on their stories. I wonder how she knows them?? Anyways, that's good for her.
  6. All I've seen is how hot he is. Not sure where you see that
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