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  1. Are there any chance Shakira and Cee-lo Green replace John and Nick for S19? It just feels random that they are performing in the finale in S18.
  2. This season proves that John really got lucky with Maelyn and Katie. He sucks at choosing songs.
  3. She sounds really good on some parts, but also struggles on a few other parts
  4. CammWess is killing it right now on Facebook. I'm worried for Zan tbh. It would be such a short run for someone so talented
  5. That's what I like most about Megan. Her vocal is always so raw and vulnerable.
  6. I'm calling it now. Michael will take Allegra's spot tomorrow.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that was live.
  8. Neither the coaches nor the contestants have too much power over song choices. From what I heard, they are only given a few songs to choose from. Sometimes these options are all bad and that's probably what happened with Jej.
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