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  1. If Carter was a girl with the same exact voice, would she win? I don't think so.
  2. One of the worst seasons without question imo...but has a lot to do with format. 3 live shows is rushed garbage.
  3. S17 - Shane Q S16 - Carter Lloyd Horne S15 - Tyke James S14 - Kaleb Lee S13 - Ashland Craft S12 - Mark Isaiah S11 - Darby Walker S10 - Nick Hagelin S9 - Braiden Sunshine S8 - Brian Johnson S7 - Ryan Sill
  4. A lot of people are saying Thunderstorm, but he hasn't shown enough to warrant that yet imo, I've heard better auditions. Joanna, Zan, Allegra, and Toneisha SHOULD all be there, but I can't realistically see all of them make it...that would mean no country artists. I don't think Cam Spinks is a great singer, but a Voice finale without a country male is just unheard of.. Todd isn't good enough either... 3 of those 4 + random Blake Artist
  5. She is finale material for sure. Listen to this!!
  6. Let's all give compliments because to say anything negative at all, ever, would just be too awkward in 2019 the year of the snowflake
  7. Now watch as Carson shakes the guys' hands but never the women
  8. Started off good. Then he forgot the lyrics and it was downhill after that. :wave:
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