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  1. Ahh crap you’re right he got left out, not on purpose. He should be on the short list of potential finalists.
  2. Cam, Rachel, and Kenzie seem to be locks, but 4th and 5th are very tough.
  3. Here we attempt to narrow down who'll be in the finale. Vote based on who you think will make it, not who's your favorite.
  4. Kelly will save Gihanna that's all I know
  5. People actually think Devan could go through?
  6. You forgot option 4 - it'll happen when hell freezes over.
  7. Kenzie, Rachel, Zae and Cam were excellent. The rest can go in the trash.
  8. Terrible season! One of the very worst
  9. So the peanut gallery believes Ryleigh will not make the finale, yet she’s still second in the voting. Who are we replacing Ryleigh with?
  10. I already know who wins, but just want to see what you plebs think will happen
  11. This song needs to be permanently ended.
  12. Is this even a question? Emily is and will always be the only answer.
  13. This is a totally objective opinion, and the only one that really matters because a lot of people in here just simply have poor taste, a bad ear, or are playing favorites. Anyone that has Pia ranked lower than 1st, Victor ranked lower than 5th, or Ciana ranked higher than 10th needs to clean out their ears, and stop posting here forever...you tone-deaf schmucks. 1. Pia
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