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Rank the Top 5 (S24)



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1. Huntley

Can't think of a round where he wasn't one of the best.


2. Lila

Consistently great run as well


3. Mara

Vocally, probably the most talented of the 5. Not as consistent, Her weaker prelives hold her back.


4. Jacquie

Same as above, except her weaker performances have been live, so she gets slotted lower.


5. Ruby.

Such a weird contestant. At her best (PO, Blind) arguably the best performances of the season. But her other performances, while decent, are much weaker in comparison. Lives particularly.


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The reach winner

1. Jacquie Roar


The more realistic possibility for a winner

2. Ruby Leigh


Did not expect you to rank this high but deserved the finale spot regardless

3. Lila Forde


The most realistic possibility for a winner, just not for me personally

4. Huntley


Has had good performances, but I think is overrated as hell

5. Mara Justine


damn i'm such an outlier with these takes lmao

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9 hours ago, FloorWax said:

Consistent slayers

1. Mara Justine

2. Huntley


Don’t love them all of the time, but very talented

3. Lila Forde

4. Jacquie Roar


She’s not as ready as her competition 

5. Ruby Leigh

omg Mara at the top of your list!! i’m pleasantly surprised

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7 hours ago, Someone648 said:

Please win:

1. Huntley

2. Jacquie Roar


Understandable win

3. Ruby Leigh


I don't think their runs deserve a win, but they're fine, too.

4. Lila Forde

5. Mara Justine


Solid top 5.


I did not expect you to be a nonfan of Mara TBH.

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