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We got our finalists. Without seeing song choices or performances, predict the final order just for fun.


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5. Jacquie

4. Mara

3. Lila

2. Ruby

1. Huntley


I can't remember all the way back but at least in the past few seasons I think the person called first is pretty high in votes. So I'm gonna put Lila there too.

I think Huntley has the edge on Ruby after these past few weeks of live performances.

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Winner - Huntley

Runner-Up - Ruby Leigh

3rd - Mara Justine

4th - Lila Forde

5th - Jacquie Roar


Huntley's the only male in the finale and he's dominated with Facebook grandmas all season. I don't see how he doesn't win.

Ruby has always been the only one to challenge him, and she hasn't been very consistent live. She'll need another breakout to win.

Mara's in third because she has a huge fanbase, and has better capability to deliver on finale night.

Lila got carried by a pimp spot and casuals. I think 4th is her ceiling.

Jacquie deserves better than 5th, but instant save be instant save. Maybe she cracks top 4, but no further.

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Winner: Ruby - TPTB wants a Reba win so she is their TCO.


Second: Huntley - He's been consistent with viewers and giving great performances throughout.


Third: Mara - She has been consistent that I see her placing her third as I don't see her placing ahead of Huntley or Ruby.


Fourth: Lila - She's an unexpected surprise and has people rooting for her. I think the one vote rule help her but she is still lacking support from Minivan as they don't seem to like her that much or care for her. I see her placing fourth just for being on John's team and Minivan hating him.


Fifth: Jacquie - She's an instant save winner and majority of them are usually fifth placers even if they have great performances. I don't think she will get Minivan's support in the finale. 

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Another stat that is 100% accurate.


A person that is called safe last has never won the show. Of course, there's always a chance, but it hasn't happened once in the last 23 seasons.


But they can become runner-up depending on their performance quality, and the performance quality of others.




1. Huntley

2. Ruby

3. Mara

4. Lila

5. Jacquie 

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