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  1. My Fav for Episode 2 was Oxygen and Styles & Emma
  2. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    Commercial before the winner annoncement. So are they going to do a mash up?
  3. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    Compleatly different. I'm not sure I like either version.
  4. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    Good job. I like the 2nd version Bone sound nothing at all like the original.
  5. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    Seem like a weak show. We will see what they do with those songs.
  6. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    For the 3rd song, what the pannel did with it sound nothing like the original she brought
  7. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    Pre-recorded and they talk about the Olympics 2nd song it could work for Olympics not sure.
  8. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    I agree with the pannel, The hook is good the the rest need to be trash
  9. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    So I'm I the only one watching?
  10. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    Next week is Bebe Rexha
  11. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    Love struck won but they are recording all 3 songs
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