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  1. Who wants to be Caitlin Caporale fake boyfriend https://www.backstage.com/casting/nbcs-the-voice-artist-seeking-lead-male-actor-345131/
  2. Yep for me it's been confirm by Alan Carter video I've made a screenshot of it here . They say the 4-way K.O. happened "Tonight" ie During the last filming session of the K.O.
  3. https://parade.com/991899/paulettecohn/the-voice-season-18/ So the first of only 3 weeks of lives is essencially the playoffs. Morrissey said it. She the executive producer, the showrunner. So there you have it. Direcly from the Playoffs to the semi-finals
  4. ^ That why I tend to stay away from pre show contestant spoiler. Well I don't look too much into it. I don't want to hate the season before it starts. Plenty of time to hate it after it starts
  5. The voice Raw footage with contestant. I haven't watched it all I have to go to work. I only preview it and saw some contestant
  6. Dany

    Songland 2.0

    Songland is back for Season 2 April 13, https://www.nbcumv.com/news/media-alert-alternative-series-premiere-dates
  7. The only info we have of the schedule is the general press release a few months ago where they told us about all the premiere date. Initially there were no Tuesday which is no longer true. So now the 3 live show is very up in the air. Who knows what they decided.
  8. https://www.nbcumv.com/news/nbc-primetime-schedule-02102020-monday-february-10-2020-sunday-march-1-2020 And We have Tuesday
  9. If I remember correctly from earlier spoiler is the 4 battles saves that goes into the 4way K.O. so they don't get normal KO round only a 4way. My guess is it's going to be a bit like the wildcard last season except it's before the playoffs. Then I guess they get normal playoffs except one team with 1 more artist but after playoffs it may even out with 3 going thru for each team or whatever the format is this season.
  10. From the video above confirm that we will vote for the 4 way K.O.
  11. I did not even notice this. Tues is on the official Twitter. So either we have 1st week Tuesday, Tuesday are back or NBC forgot to inform the graphics guys Intern about the canceled Tuesday
  12. So contestant error ? Most probably. or we have Tuesday? Edit: but them how they got the graphics. NBC error?
  13. We may have a Live Playoffs. Behind the scene by staff,Alan Carter, the Director. We hear Carson Daily say live playoffs. around 5:00 mark at 4:58 you can see a bit of the teleprompter he talk about the 4 way knockout and the live playoffs
  14. OMG They have some time to waste 1 hours long Blake /Nick Jokes how much did they pay Blake to sit there for an hour. Nick appear 4 times and he say different thing each time so it's not all loop I haven't watch it all so I don't know if they much loop
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