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  1. Here some contestant interview. I believe this batch has been done by the Voice and send to various media. At least that what it was in the past Individual Interview Here an other media that group all the video per team I believe some are the same but you have some other artist that are not in the previous video
  2. https://tvrev.com/the-voice-returns-quick-viewership-ad-insights/ Here an interesting analysis by VIZIO’s Inscape, Smart TV data. It has an increase in ads impression va last season. The 2nd hours has slightly more viewer.
  3. https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/tuesday-tv-ratings-tell-me-a-story-the-bachelorette-the-voice-the-fbi-declassified-2020-world-series/ Not bad beside baseball it won the night and only a slight dip vs yesterday
  4. Day 2 Update the full size Link https://imgur.com/a/gwrcGPl
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