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  1. The Power That Be. English idom meaning whoever control everything. So producer staff etc.
  2. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/american-ninja-warrior-premiere-date-replaces-the-voice-nbc-fall-schedule-1234733477/#article-comments Small news but American Ninja Warrior will Officially take the Monday 8PM timeslot for September. Confirming that the voice premiere will be delay vs previous season probably until Oct 19h like the spoiler
  3. --Set to premiere October 19th That 4 weeks after the usual September 20ish start of all the other fall season. They can't extend it after Christmas so shorter season. So maybe battles to playoff after all EDIT: I don't follow closely this thread so apparently this was known days ago
  4. We don't see anything Drew here embedded.
  5. Is it just me or the video is very dark. Other than that Chevel is good
  6. ^ I understand keeping people from stealing the stream but they make this way too complicated and keep actual paying people from watching. Not a good way to get returning customer.
  7. Ok I think I got it this time. I have to cast the whole desktop and not just the tab which switch to the video only then kick me out.
  8. it keep kicking me out I cannot Chromecast correctly on my big screen Fu 2 factor authentication.
  9. check the link iin your I connected with the link in the email when I bought the ticket now it keep doing the 2 way authentification
  10. No just when you click on reserve they bring you to an other page where it say they need faces. I didn't get ticket. I'm working during the time slot and I'm not in the US not sure if it matters or not.
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