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Rank the Top 5


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Honestly this is hard

 HunterGirl is great. I also think Leah Marlene is talented and Nicolina did amazing on Disney night, and her second performance etc ugh was great. Fritz has talented artistry. Noah is great


if I HAD to rank, maybe


1. HunterGirl 

2/3. Leah

2/3. Nicolina

4/5. Fritz 

4/5. Noah  


rankings  subject to change 



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1. Leah

2. Fritz

3. HunterGirl

4. Nicolina

5. Noah


I'm in a tough spot with my rankings at the moment. Leah is the only one I'm realistically going to follow post-season, and Noah is the only one I would be upset if he won (that being said, I still will give him credit for being good at what he does.) Fritz, HunterGirl, and Nicolina are all pretty much interchangeable for me, so I ranked them based off how deserving they would be of the win. 

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1. Leah


2. Nicolina

3. Fritz

4. Noah


5. Hunter


Unpop but I can't really get into HunterGirl's tone. Noah is pretty bland bit I at least enjoy the texture of his voice.

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I'm really struggling with this final group, as really everyone in the top 10 were all talented in their own right.  I just go back to with such limited success for contestants beyond the show, who really has a shot of having a legit career in music.   


1.  Fritz - but I feel like he's becoming a 1 trick pony with his tone and way he sings.  Shy indie guy with a legit theatre background prior to idol, but maybe he's in that Gavin Degraw lane (not a super star, but can make a living).

2. Leah - I really struggle with her.  Her over-the-top goofiness just comes off as inauthentic.  Wildly talented, not my favorite voice, but easily could make a living in indie.

3.  Noah - despite the lack of energy or charisma, he has show flexibility to sing pop-country style songs and deliver.  

4.  Hunter - great old-style country voice, but would limit her long-term potential (see Scotty McCreary)

5.  Nicolina - Huge power, but she is 100% a theatre kid.  That's where she got her start, and likely could make a solid living there, but I legit question her marketability beyond this show.  Her and Christian were the last two with sob stories that tug at heart stings, but not sure she's mainstream pop beyond that.  


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1. Leah Marlene

2. Nicolina Bozzo

3. Noah Thompson

4. Hunter Girl

5. Fritz


Noah gained A LOT of points with me last night. I have never heard him sing so well!  I don't understand the appeal of Fritz.

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