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  1. Hey Arnold! Welp I am left with 2 shows I could care less about I will save TMNT because I find it a little iconic it's lasted this long when originally forgotten about and not even in the initial list. That leaves me to cut Hey Arnold! Another Nick show bites the dust because of Diana. A pattern in this game I guess. Hey Arnold! is an animated series ( WHY are there so many left anyway?? ) that aired on Nickelodeon from 1996 to the summer of 2004. The show centers on a fourth grader named Arnold. The show depicts a lot of problems and obviously from his perceptive. At the time I think it's cool they had a kid living with his grandparents on a show like that. It had a good run here but it's time is up. Saving: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  2. My other choices To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Scoob! Mulan The Kissing Booth The Croods: A New Age
  3. Yall took all the good stuff . Sonic the Hedgehog to round 4
  4. We are cutting Aaron Kelly "My Girl" Tim Urban "Come On Get Higher" Michelle Delamor "Fallin'" Siobhan Magnus "Any Man Of Mine"
  5. New Years Day deserves better than this slander.
  6. We are moving on Siobhan Magnus "Superstition" working on our cuts though.
  7. 1. Yaya 2. Lacey 3. Brittani 4. Khrystyana 5. Courtney 6. Melrose 7. Alexandra 8. April 9. Fatima 10. Brittany 11. Laura 12. Anya 13. Matthew
  8. In for sure Also if anyone wants me to rank a certain character high on avatar I will just pm me. Outside my #1 as I am not too attached to the avatar
  9. I am too busy and probably wouldn't win anyway so I'll skip. Hope that's okay
  10. My group is cutting Christina - Aliens Tatiana - Zodiac Signs Tiffany - Zodiac Signs
  11. Aang Sokka Katara Toph Beifong Prince Zuko Uncle Iroh Appa - 3 (Sola, Alex, Diana) Princess Azula Mai Ty Lee King Bumi – 3 (Steven, Alex, Diana ) Princess Yue – 2 (Steven, Sola)
  12. 1. Tiffany 2. Claire 3. Hannah 4. Azah 5. Sarah Beth 6. Kyland 7. Derek X 8. Xavier 9. Britini 10. Whitney 11. Alyssa 12. Christian 13. Derek F. 14. Brent
  13. my group hasn't even responded to me and here all the other group's making their cuts
  14. Celebrity Death Match Although, they are my nominations this being saved over Cheers was a total curve ball for me and had me ??? So I'll cut it now because I don't think it should really last much longer in this rankdown but that is just me and that is why it's been nominated and nominated over and over again. I guess I better cut it while I have the chance. If Smackdown (and probably RAW soon if I am not quick enough to save it!) have to go then this take on it should go too lol. Celebrity Deathmatch is exactly what is sounds like it is lol. It basically showed varies big celebrities at the time "fighting". It was known for it's very high amount of violence. It aired on MYV for six seasons so it was definitely successful just not something I think belongs anywhere near the top 20 of a 90's rankdown. Saving: Home Improvement
  15. Cutting Celebrity Death Match Saving Home Improvement
  16. Aang Sokka Katara Toph Beifong Prince Zuko Uncle Iroh Appa Princess Azula Mai Ty Lee The Cabbage Merchant – 3 (Steven, Nico, Diana) Chief Hakoda Haru – 3 (Steven, Nico, Diana) King Bumi – 2 (Steven, Diana) Princess Yue - 1 (Nico)
  17. Road Rules I am cutting this because I think it's a fair cut and it probably shouldn't of outlasted the other Real World show of that time period because in my opinion real world was much more iconic show. Road Rules is half of the premise of the challenge which I cut before so I guess this is fitting. This aired on MTV for 14 seasons. Airing from 1995 to I believe 2007. So yeah no denying it's longevity. I just liked mostly everything left. Gigi is never nice to my favs haha so I just went with the one I could easily write 100 words about. Saving: WWE RAW
  18. Pinky and the Brain If there are 2 cuts left and only one extension asked then I will make a another cut I guess if someone needs to. I actually could make a argument to cut any of them but King of the Hill so I will cut the one I liked least or not one I know Victoria likes.. Pinky and the Brain is an American animated show that began in 1995 and aired for 4 seasons. Like I said before if Magic School Bus is cut I am going to cut any kid friendly animated series when I get the chance sorry if it has any fans. Saving: King of the Hill
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