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  1. So proud of and happy for him!
  2. The Top 12 was solid, plus Andrea and Anilee who both got robbed. Then the boot order fell off a cliff after Top 12.
  3. 1. Casey Bishop - “Live Wire” (Mötley Crüe) 2. Casey Bishop – “wish you were gay” (Billie Eilish) 3. Willie Spence - “I Was Here” (Beyoncé) 4. Casey Bishop – “Love Me, Leave Me” (Casey Bishop) 5. Grace Kinstler - “Father” (Demi Lovato) 6. Grace Kinstler & Willie Spence w Finneas – “What They’ll Say About Us” (Finneas) 7. Casey Bishop & Chayce Beckham – “Break My Heart Again” (Finneas) 8. Willie Spence – “Glory” (John Legend & Common) 9. Chayce Beckham – “23” (Chayce Beckham) 10. Willie Spence – “Never Be Alone” (Willie Spence) 11. Grace Kinstler – “Love Someone” (Grace Kinstler) 12. Chayce Beckham - “Wish You Would Leave” (Chris Stapleton) 13. Chayce Beckham – “Colder Weather” (Zac Brown Band) 14. Grace Kinstler – “A Moment Like This” (Kelly Clarkson)
  4. Yeah, even as someone who will be solely voting Casey tonight, I agree. Could be anybody going home. Although I think Chayce has the least chance of going home (10%) while the others are all 30%
  5. To be fair, what Hannah did was definitely not on the level of this nor the amount of attention this got too.
  6. This.^ No one is ruining his career. No one is saying he is inherently a bad person and can't change. But giving letting him go scot free and potentially actually win the competition would be so incredibly disrespectful to the centuries of oppression people of color faced in America to a terrorist organization. Also Franzel is very on brand for you. Just saying.
  7. Literally. These people are beyond ridiculous I'm so over it at this point
  8. Almost sure they'll disqualify him and just make it a Top 4. No one's being brought back. So many dropouts/disqualifications this season, gosh. Wonder what Benson, Wyatt, Cecil, and Caleb have in common... Hopefully it'll give AI a bit of a scare for casting nine white guys originally into live shows.
  9. 1. Casey Bishop 2. Hunter Metts 3. Arthur Gunn 4. Grace Kinstler 5. Chayce Beckham 6. Willie Spence 7. Caleb Kennedy
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