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  1. 20. Nick Merico - Yeah, hard agree 19. Aliana Jester - Agree, also, her voice was just a bit weak compared to the other Top 20. 18. Louis Knight - Lol yeah, Louis was meh since his audition imo. 17. Faith Becnel - I liked Faith, but even I don't believe she merits much higher than #17. 16. Arthur Gunn - Anywhere out side of IDF, this would spark a worldwide protest. Lucky we're in IDF. 15. Sophia Wackerman/James - Yeah, I think she really fizzled out after quarantine rounds started 14. Cyniah Elise - Way too arrogant. And I don't think it's just the edit. Checko
  2. if she doesnt hit #1 its luke's fault Last 24 iTunes Sales Top 4: 1 Luke Bryan One Margarita 5341 2 Just Sam Rise Up (Performance Version) 3416 3 Jonas Brothers X (feat. KAROL G) 2630 4 Katy Perry Daisies 2185
  3. Random note: Remember when everybody said they made it a Top 5 because Just Sam was 5th place and they needed a girl in the finale? I think the actuality was she was in a very close 2nd behind Arthur for the entire season and they wanted as many similar guys in the finale to split the votes (they got four carbon copies of the same guy, !!!), so they cut it right where the second to last girl would be eliminated (Julia was likely 6th in the vote) to ensure maximum vote splitting
  4. Idk, you can be happy, screaming happy even, for being Top 2. I get that. But they were just like on top of the world, popping confetti, drunk, singing, even as they announced he lost the actual title. Gosh, Gabby and Madison respectively broke into heavy tears after finishing 3rd place. So...
  5. Yeah, I feel bad for him. Language barrier worsened by COVID. (I feel bad for Arthur, not his fans. (Most of) Those people are monsters)
  6. This is what I thought. I was cringing so hard at the end seeing them dancing all around with champagne bottles, drunk. Like if they were really celebrating him getting 2nd, great, but if not, thats mega awkward. Compile that with a possibly enduring misunderstanding of Arthur thinking he got 36 million votes, I don't know how how he's going to let them down from that.
  7. 1. Kelly Clarkson 2. Carrie Underwood 3. Just Sam 4. Maddie Poppe 5. Fantasia Barrino 6. Jordin Sparks 7. Candice Glover 8-17. The other men 18. Caleb Johnson
  8. OMG YES SAM!!!!!!! YOURE AMAZING!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!!! Side Note: Arthur fans on all other social media (Insta, Youtube, Reddit) make me want to VOMIT. ugh. So SALTY.
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