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  1. Black and White: 1. Nicole 2. Nik 3. Lisa 4. Bre 5. Kyle 6. Jayla 7. Cassandra 8. Coryn Pin Ups: 1. Nicole 2. Nik 3. Bre 4. Cassandra 5. Kyle 6. Jayla 7. Lisa 8. Coryn
  2. I need prayers. the bad news keeps hitting my family and I have to go to see my heart specialist asap Monday. Please be kind if I am not as active as normal.
  3. voted. Ready for auto claim for Stacy to come through now
  4. Photoshoot: 1. Nicole 2. Lisa 3. Jayla 4. Nik 5. Coryn 6. Kyle 7. Bre 8. Cassandra 9. Diane Commercial: 1. Lisa 2. Nicole 3. Bre 4. Cassandra 5. Kyle 6. Jayla 7. Coryn 8. Diane 9. Nik Interview: 1. Lisa 2. Bre 3. Nicole 4. Jayla 5. Kyle 6. Nik 7. Coryn 8. Cassandra 9. Diane
  5. Sent the most obvious choices of all time to you steven
  6. Lisa Rinna Me thinking "oh I'll be nice to Wally and not be petty and cut his favorite" only to realize I now left him the only choice to cut one of them and i oop. Sorry dude. I guess I could have cut Bindi. I love Jana but her mesniness lately doesn't really inspire me to be that petty so I'll just cut Lisa because to be frank, I never enjoyed her run on the show or her as a person so it's a easy choice to make as only one person from season 2 really matters so she should win so making this cut is one step closer to the rightful winner getting her justice for her robbery. Lisa danced with Louis (what ever happened to him?) and lasted till week 7. I don't remember her being terrible but I also don't remember anything she did on the show so that's that. I don't think she's a big loss at this point. Is this 100 words yet? Saving: Courtney Act
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