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  1. #1 Tom Williams & Alexandra Vladimirov - "Love Runs Out" (Tango): 9 Bec Hewitt & Craig Monley - "Titanium" (Foxtrot): 16 Lincoln Lewis & Lily Cornish - "Hit the Road Jack" (Quickstep): 12 Kyly Clark & Gustavo Viglio - "Candyman" (Jive): 25 Schapelle Corby & Shae Mountain - "At Last" (Viennese Waltz): 8 + Kyly & Gustavo - Tom & Alexandra
  2. Tanner & Josh Tanner Kloven and Joshua "Josh" Ahern are a team of Best Friends on The Amazing Race 27. I have no idea if they have been nominated before but with what's left for me to chose from I think this is the decision I feel most comfortable with making at this point. Tanner and Josh are just another pair of best friend attractive males that this show always casts. They don't deviate from their script a lot do they? They started out as frontrunners, finishing in first and second for the first few legs. Due to a U-Turn and other drama they took apart in they
  3. Willa Ford & Maks Chmerkovskiy - “You Light Up My Life” (Waltz)
  4. It says nominate 14 then states 12. So I hope I did it right
  5. Never Nominated: John Vito & Jill Lori & Bolo Debbie & Bianca Megan & Heidi Joey "Fitness" & Danny Dennis & Isabella Nominated Before: Paul & Amie Leo & Jamal Erin & Joslyn Bergen & Kurt Brodie & Kurt Cody & Jessica
  6. Gethin Jones Ricky Whittle Jason Donovan Joe Sugg Charles Venn Patsy Palmer Will Thorp Jaye Jacobs
  7. 1. Dominique 2. Bianca 3. Lisa 4. Shannon 5. Allison 6. Angelea 7. Bre 8. Brittany
  8. Alex Jones Welp but I have to take the opportunity to cut Alex as I think she's someone who has the most potential of being a risk to my favorites. She seems like someone who people would keep around so I am going to take my chance here. Alex danced in the ninth series of Strictly Come Dancing with her pro James Jordan. She lasted the entire season. Her best dance was a Tango to Relax that I have always felt those 9s were not deserved at all lol. It was an okay dance but not as great as the judges hyped it to be. The only two dances I liked from them was their Waltz and to some extent th
  9. Cutting Alex Jones Saving Katie Derham
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