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  1. 1. Melrose 2. Michelle 3. Brooke 4. Amanda 5. Anchal 6. AJ 7. CariDee 8. Megg 9. Eugena 10. Megan 11. Christian
  2. 1 Waltz - "I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Loved You)": 10 Rumba - "Take My Breath Away": 17 Tango - "Hernando's Hideaway": 3 + Rumba - Tango
  3. Maria Menounos I thought about leaving her alone again but then I checked her twitter and saw the fangirling for Trump supporting Tom Brady and said Nah let's stick with it. I mean Maria did dance with Derek who we all no is no favorite of my mine. Also I found them both extremely insufferable and unlikeable that whole season but I am bias against both of them which I will admit. She was good averaging most 8's and 9's and rarely any 7's. Good for them. Like most Derek partners, she did get over scored and favored because of who her partner is and I don't think she was good as her t
  4. Saving Katherine Jenkins Cutting Maria Menounos
  5. Yall literally cut and saved before I did so don't come for me.
  6. Jase Wirey Jase the one who keeps coming back for more only to lose. Kinda like how he is always being nominated in this rankdown. Guess it is time to take him out after nominating him before I think. He did 3 seasons I think? 5 and the first all Stars when they voted him in? I am too lazy to check exactly. Wait why did they vote him in? Am I missing something america??? You shouldn't be trusted clearly your taste is questionable most of the time. Apparently he was Jase was later a candidate for Big Brother Canada 4 but lost a public vote to Tim Dormer. So good job Canada. The downf
  7. Zach Rance Look Zach coming out was awesome and I will always admire people who share their truth and he should be proud of himself but based on his run on big brother its time for me cut him. It's no secret I was not a fan of Frankie Grande (or his blackface sister) and he along with his minuns made that season pretty insufferable. Zach was pretty popular all season long and almost won America's favorite player. That's pretty cool for him but considering others who have won that it is questionable if its really America's favorite player or Allison's most of the time. He was either liked o
  8. Jerry Rice Making me pick between Maris Menounos and Jerry Rice? I can't ! I am going to cut Jerry though because this man ROBBED the true champion of Season 2. I mean well at least she deserved 2nd to Drew. They were both great dancers (there Elliott I didn't shade Drew for once, I am growing!) Growing I tell you! Back to Jerry? The first of MANY many many times sadly that the joke happens where a completely untalented male robs a very talented female. I will never ever forgive Tony for that freestyle that made Jerry Freaking Rice beat Stacy Keibler. Still makes me mad think
  9. well I see other controversial house-guests are always being saved so
  10. well damm, I put Nicole in there for a easy save, flopping already
  11. 1. Lori Olson 2. Amanda Zuckerman 3. Nicole Franzel 4. Cody Calafiore 5. Mark Jansen 6. Cody Nickson 7. Jessica Graf 8. Josh Martinez 9. Alex Willett 10. Marissa Jaret Winokur 11. Ross Mathews 12. Ricky Williams 13. Tom Green 14. Dina Lohan 15. Liza Stinton 16. Jordan Parhar 17. Johnny Colatruglio 18. Jared Kesler 19. Ramsey Aburaneh 20. Raul Manriquez 21. Mitch Moffit 22. Loveita Adams 23. Dre Gwenaelle 24. William Laprise Desbiens 25. Jesse Larson 26. Derek Kesseler
  12. Leah Remini WAIT WALLACE NOMININATING LEAH? I am shook. I thought he was a fan of hers and Nene too. These nominations are weird lol. Anyway I'll make a controversial cut here and cut Leah although she is one of the stronger dancers in this nominations list admittedly but my dislike for her is no secret. I made it pretty clear last time I cut her so I won't rehash it. We all have dancers others love and we don't like. She is mine. I didn't expect anyone to nominate her but me so I expected her to stay far too long so ill take this chance to cut her. My personal favorite dance she and Tony
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