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  1. I love how her best songs are the ones she wrote herself
  2. The lyric video for Jane is up I don't know how to embed. Can someone bring it over?
  3. I thought her live version of "Love You in my Mind" was great, but this studio version is immaculate I love "Imaginary Stranger" as well. Especially after listening through again concentrating on the lyrics. "Jane" is crazy personal and beautiful. And "We Belong" is actually up there for me. It reminds me of summers with my friends and it makes me warm and happy Brynn is just a really gifted songwriter
  4. Ahh I remember that initial snippet as well! I was absolutely obsessed with it! I can't wait!!
  5. 01. Casey 02. Grace 03. Willie 04. Caleb 05. Chayce
  6. I looked through Spotify and saw that for some reason, they have "If I Could" as an album that includes "Long Way Home". So unfortunately, I think the 800k+ streams is the combined count for the two songs.
  7. Woah! Didn't expect that many streams! Good for her!
  8. I love the song too! It's on the New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify btw. A little lower on the list but still there.
  9. Brynn posted herself singing some of that song on TikTok a few months ago and I was obsessed with it then. I listened to so much that I'm actually getting tired of it now before it's even released LOL
  10. This is a random thought. I don't know if anyone is familiar with the Life is Strange video game, but Ava has an uncanny resemblance to one of the main characters, Chloe. I can't not think of this whenever I look at her Picture for reference.
  11. 1. Casey 2. DeShawn 3. Willie 4. Beane 5. Hunter 6. Grace 7. Madison 8. Ava 9. Cassandra 10. Chayce 11. Alyssa 12. Caleb
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