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  1. 1. Cassandra Coleman 2. Hunter Metts Indie artist for the win! They are current right now. 3. Casey Bishop 4. Grace Kinsler 5. Alicia Wray Girl power! 6. Willie Spence 7. Caleb 8. Chase 9. Deshawn They are good, not my cup of tea.
  2. Thankful that our last two indie artist are still here!! Hunter and Cassandra my two faves!
  3. Im so nervous for Cassandra, glad she made it.. that was her second best performance right after running with the wolves...
  4. Im really loving Cassandra.. she is the only one i can relate to
  5. Favorites..Awesomeness!! 1. Cassandra Coleman - just went up my list after the showstopper 2. Grace Kinsler 3. Casey Bishop 4. Hunter Metts Good 5. Alyssa Wray 6. Wyatt 7. Chayce 8. Willie 9. Alanis 10.Mary Jo 11. Caleb 12. Beane 13. Liahona 14. Ava The rest I can't remember...
  6. Thank you for this, i was always waiting for your reviews.
  7. I really like the personality of mary jo, reminds me of jennifer Lawrence..
  8. Sign me up on Cassandra Train.. shes my new favorite
  9. Chills with Cassandra... so my top 3 now is Cassandra, Casey and Grace.. the Trinity..
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