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Favorite Contestants of 2021


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I think someone did this last year so it would be cool to do the 2021 version.


I'll start:

1. Girl Named Tom

2. Jershika Maple

3. Wendy Moten

4. Savanna Woods

5. LiBianca

6. Cam Anthony

7. Joshua Vacanti

8. Corey Ward

9. Dana Monique

10. Gihanna Zoe


HM: Pia Renee & David Vogel

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in order:


1. Jershika Maple

2. Wendy Moten

3. Cam Anthony

4. Lana Scott 

5. Ryleigh Modig

6. Gihanna Zoë 

7. Gymani

8. Holly Forbes

9. Raquel Trinidad

10. Rachel Mac

11. Joshua Vacanti

12. Pia Renee 

13. Carolina Rial

14. The Cunningham Sisters 

15. Hailey Mia

16. Rio Doyle

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Putting just a few of the highlights based mostly on personality - not an extensive list or we’d be here til next season 😂


Corey Ward (right up my alley musically + is a delight in his lives, very sweet and down to earth)

Dana Monique (#TeamAunties for life, tbh, and she’s a hard-working gal as well as being fun to watch)

Cam Anthony (killer tone, nails anything he sings, and is way more put together at 20 than I was but still easy to relate to) 

Paris Winningham (consistent vocalist + a class act of a guy who does not tolerate BS towards his castmates)

Jershika Maple (can sing her a** off and has a really infectious energy that’s hard not to like)

Wendy Moten (top tier vocals and very appreciative of the opportunity she’s had on the show)

Shadale (killer stage presence and she’s hilarious)

Lana Scott (seems like a sweetheart and well-adored by her cast mates if the comments on her Instagram are anything to go by)

Sasha Allen (snowflake killer or not, he cracks me up & is a natural at the social media game)

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1a. Jershika Maple

1b. Corey Ward

1c. Girl Named Tom

4. Dana Monique

5. Samuel Harness

6. Zania Alake

7. Bella DeNapoli

8. Jim & Sasha Allen

9. Savanna Woods

10. David Vogel


HM: Cam Anthony, Wendy Moten, Libianca


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1. Hailey Mia 

2. Wendy Moten 

3. Rachel Mac.

4. Savanna Woods 

5. Gihanna Zoe 

6. Cam Anthony 

7.  Anna Grace 

8. Corey Ward

9. Jershika Maple 

10. Lana Scott


HM: Zania Alake, Ryleigh Modig, Bella DeNapoli (yeah, despite everything, nobody can deny that her audition and battle were amazing) and Girl Named Tom


Yeah,  it looks like that i liked Season 20 a little more than Season 21. I wasn't expecting that :haha:


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From S20: Cam was amazing, Corey was great before he flopped in the semis, and Savanna deserved better :((


From S21: Jershika, GNT, Joshua, Paris, and Wendy were definitely people I enjoyed throughout the lives.


HMs: Zania, Lana, Gihanna, Hailey, Samuel, RAINE STERN AND HALLEY GREG'S AUDITIONS

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2020: Todd Tilghman, Sid Kingsley
2021: Pete Mroz, Corey Ward, Joshua Vacanti

The Voice casting nailing it for the past four seasons, hope they continue their streak now that they only have one shot next year at giving me a new artist to fawn over.

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2 minutes ago, FloorWax said:


If you like Bekah's voice a lot, listen to the cover of "Little Green"

I've already listened to it. Will listen to Saint Honesty too.


Her voice is so angelic. She's right up my ally. I think I've said it before too but I have loved Bekah in every single performance. Her brothers in some of the performances though...

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