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  1. I never noticed this but he's passed 150k followers on insta. He's now at 153k.
  2. Yeah it's so angelic. I normally don't like big vocalists but Jordan is one of the very few exceptions. I remember when he came for auditioning I initially thought it was a female. But when Blake turned his chair and they showed Jordan's face I was like .... Holy Sh!t. He's man(Kinda like Gwen's reaction).
  3. Btw his new ep is awesome. Be still and Know and Love Lives On are my favorite songs from it.
  4. I voted for GNT but Chloe would be m #2 pick. Maybe it's recency bias but I think GNT overall gave a slight stronger performance There were so many amazing moments during their Ko.
  5. They were in my top 2 during their seasons 1. Wendy Moten 2. Ricky Duran 3. Michelle Chamuel 4. Britton Buchanan I respect them a lot 5. Jacquie Lee 6. Billy Gilman 7. Addison Agen 8. Adam Wakefield 9. Toneisha Harris Meh... 10. Chris Blue 11. CWB Nah... Terry McDermott Jake Worthington Meghan Linsey Emily Ann Roberts Chris Kroeze Gyth Rigdon Jim Ranger Kenzie Wheeler
  6. They were my picks during their seasons 1. Thunderstorm Artis 2. Christina Grimmie 3. Hannah Huston They were in my top 2 during their seasons 4. Chris Jamison 5. Will Champlin I have tons of respect for them 6. Paris Winningham 7. Kyla Jade 8. Katie Karan 9. Brooke Simpson 10. We Mcdonald Meh... Vicci Martinez Tony Luca Nicholas David The Swon Brothers Joshua Davis Barrett Baber Aliyah Moulden Kirk Jay Dexter Roberts Ian Flanigan Jordan Mathew Young
  7. Top Tier 1. Jordan 2. Girl Named Tom 3. Maelyn 4. Matt McAndrew 5. Lauren Duski Winners I Love 6. Cassadee 7. Chloe Winners I Like 8. Sawyer 9. Brynn 10. Chevel 11. Cam Winners I Respect 12. Tessanne Chin 13. Alisan Porter 14. Josh Kaufman 15. Danielle Bradbery 16. Javier Colon Nah... 17. Sundance Head 18. Jake Hoot 19. Todd Tilghman 20. Carter Rubin 21. Jermaine Paul
  8. Did we really need a poll on this???
  9. Is this even a question? imao Jordan would most probably win. GNT, Danielle, Cassadee, and Sawyer would be in the top 5 as well.
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